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BB&T / bb&t class action lawsuit

1 NC, United States Review updated:

What is there NOT to complain about at this point?? Browse this forum and you will find it all. Just how low will one bank go? BB&T will show you.

My post on this complaints board is at this link:

Here's a link you may find of interest:

They are investigating BB&T complaints now. Share your story with them for a class action lawsuit.

With all that BB&T has done for us??? We should return the favor don't you think? What's that they say..."Turnabout is fair play"?

Best of luck to us all,
D. Garner

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  • Ci
      19th of Jan, 2010
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    I just wanted to advise everyone to do this. BB&T really needs to change the policies they have. I have been told it was because they would get bad checks and not know until the money was out, however because of that then that is the reason they charge someone all of these fees. They always hit debt before credit so even if it is your fault you are negative you can not deposit to catch it because everything that is pending will get a fee. They say they pay the biggest amount first for the customer because of home and car payments etc. However they REALLY do it so they can get more fees. If they had taken the smaller charges first, I would have gotten one fee I got 7 because of them! They need to be sued. Here was my letter to the lawyer! Please send your story to and hopefully we can change it!

    I am a customer of BB&T and they have charged me unjust fees in the past however this recent incident was the last straw:

    I am currently in Bankruptcy and they are aware of this. I had a medical bill company try to garnish my account. I let the bank know as soon as I was aware and was told that it was a mistake and would be released. It was released, however because they took $700.00 the day after Christmas on hold then my other checks out bounced. They charged me $560.00 in FEES and even charged another 200 in fees the same night I made a deposit of 2900.00! They take the biggest check or purchase and put it through then the little ones so they will have more fees. They should have only had 1 fee and there were 7. They also deposit debt before credits so if you make a deposit to cover yourself you are still screwed. They advised me that they could not refund any of the fees because they have helped me in the past. I have had this account for 15 years. Not right and they should be sued!

  • Me
      10th of Feb, 2010
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    I have had many issues with BB&T in the last year due to their policies on posting payments and posting overdraft fees. Sometimes companies take out money before they are supposed to or without authorization. Last month I had to file a fraud report to get them to stop releasing money each month to some fraudulent insurance company that continued to take money out of my account each month despite my notification to the bank that I did not authorize it. Finally they refunded the last month only. Well this week my school took out my payment before I had authorized a transaction and before I had the money in the account. I went over to BB&T and deposited enough money to pay for the item and the overdraft fee. The lady at the counter guaranteed it would cover both. Well that was on a Friday. I had one pending transaction for 3 dollars from Thursday as well. Well Tuesday morning when everything finally posted they posted the more expensive transaction from Friday before the one from Thursday and posted two overdraft fees. I called to complain for being misinformed and for the transactions being posted out of order and they told me because they had refunded money last month that they would not refund the fee. It is rediculous. I have also had BB&T charge me for the authorization and the charge on the same item. The bank definitely does not care that they are ripping people off.

  • Ro
      23rd of Feb, 2010
    +1 Votes

    You're right they are full of it. Fraudulent purchases made on my debit card and they still charged me over draft fees. ###-holes! Crooks!

  • Ca
      6th of Mar, 2010
    +2 Votes

    Ok so last friday I look at my account and they had hit me with 2 overdraft fees. The thing is, when I looked the day before I had a positive balance of $70+. They had made "available" to me an automatic child support deposit, but lo n behold that same available balance didnt cover 2 small atm purchases that posted the same date (next day)as my deposit. For $14 they charged me $70. I was livid. So I called. 3times! Each time I was told that the atms were before the deposit. I explained that they had givin me access to my deposit (available balance) on thursday morning so why would that not cover fees that posted thursday night? Again same answer they were done before the deposit. Called 3 times talked to 3 people, and also went thru bank web site with 2 emails which garnered the same response of "MY ERROR" charges stay. (also got charged $4 for calling, $2 for 2 of the calls, maybe i should push my luck and get THESE charges back too).
    Came to the internet and found info (this site possibly?!) Alot of people saying the same thing about bb&T. 1 site directed me to Lieff Cabraser Heimann & Bernstein (link above in article)
    AND ALSO NC commissioner of banks (Link above in article)
    I contacted both thru internet, filed complaint with both, sent signed form to NC Com. Of banks.
    GUESS WHAT, I found a lovely refund of $70 this morning, of course I have recieved NO correspondence from the bank and Im not sure which method got the job done but I am very pleased to have my $ back.
    I advise (especially if it has to do with automatic deposits) to contact the above links, It worked for me even though BB&T told me NO 5x's .

  • Lm
      20th of Jan, 2017
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    @catchick30 I know exactly what your talking about my son just had this same issue.

  • Re
      5th of Jun, 2010
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    I have never know a more stinky sleazy bank.

  • Ma
      5th of Oct, 2010
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    I agree with all of the above. They need to change their policies before they invite major trouble. I am a victim of multiple OD fees and believe they are misleading and borderline criminal.

  • Pu
      5th of Oct, 2010
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    I am soo MAD at BB & T - Like many of the people who have posted here, I have been a BB & T customer for many years (over 20) and I have had enough of their charging multiple Overdraft fees. I am pulling ALL of my accounts and moving them to another bank. I cannot not afford to deal with them any more. Please count me in for a class action lawsuit!

  • De
      11th of Jan, 2011
    +2 Votes

    I have had the same problems with direct deposit into my account and available balance posted. But as soon as i used my debit card I had 400 in overdraft fees and got the same response as all of you. They need to be stopped!

  • Bb
      15th of Feb, 2011
    +2 Votes

    I had BB&T tell me that Cash no longer counts as Cash in the account. Had them send me their policy booklet, which states that CASH is always IMMEDIATELY deposited into an account. Doesn't say only on business days, doesn't say only during the week, says that so long as you deposit CASH into their account it counts as cash.

    I had multiple overdraft fees pulled because I made a deposit in cash on Saturday morning thinking that it had gone through (According to THEIR policies.) and into my account immediately. Monday I come to find out I've been charge over $300+ in overdraft fees because they held the cash as if it were a check!!! They refused to refund my money and offered to resend a policy pamphlet to my house. Read it again, only to see...guess what... CASH IS STILL FREAKIN' CASH!!! They still refused to refund me.

    I've been with BB&T for over 15 years, but I am leaving them forever. Absolute crooks and scammers. I have had so many issues with them taking money out of my account when I have a positive available balance, because they're "holding" charges. So I get hit with extra fees, and they hold the charges until they're able to charge me additional overdraft fees.

    I hope somebody goes after them. I plan on joining in on the class action lawsuit if somebody ever does!

  • Lo
      14th of Mar, 2018
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    @BBTSUX what is listed on the bank services agreement is that any deposits made on Saturday do not count until Monday because Saturday is not considered a business day. While it may not be listed in the bank services agreement as exception in "cash being immediately available" dection, it is listed inarea that talks about Sautrday banking. I agree that it should count immediately. I know it doesn't because of banking technical constraints. Maybe they should just be closed on Saturday?

  • Mc
      15th of Mar, 2011
    +3 Votes

    My husband and I own a small construction company. We took out a loan with them and built a spec. home back in 2007. The home appraised for over $760, 000 at the time we were building and we were told we could borrow up to 80% of that amount. But, we only borrowed $460, 000. After we finished building the spec. home is when the bottom started to fall in the building industry. The house sat for 1 year and we made every monthly payment on time. The interest only loan came back up for renewal, and I don't understand exactly why but the only way you all would renew was if we put up our lot next door toward the loan. The lot next door was purchased for $122, 500. So we did it because we had no choice. Well another year past and the home is still sitting and the loan came back up for renewal. This was in August of 2010. This time they wanted the interest payment of $1, 582.00 plus another quarterly principal payment of $8, 000. This came up to a monthly payment of $3, 582.00. We couldn't afford it. So we asked the bank if we could do a deed in lieu of foreclosure. They came back and said no. We wanted to do a short sale and they wouldn't except. No one wants to deal with us at all. We offered them the house and the lot next door but now BB&T says the house appraised at only $440, 000 and the lot next door is at $39, 000. If it appraised at that much and I am willing to sign off on both the house and the lot why won't any one deal with us. This is the deal we received: they are taking the house, taking the lot, and want us to sign a note for $60, 000. I'm sorry but we are already struggling. My husband was without any work for four months. That's why our credit card bills are so high. I have three kids, a mortgage on my personal home, credit cards out the ying yang. Our debt to equity ratio is so bad, I don't think anyone has even checked how much we owe. The building industry has been at a basic stand still. We are competing with foreclosures so that's why we can't sell the home for what we owe.
    I can't believe we are being treated this way. If the loan had been left the way it was we could have rented the home and paid the payment. But they went so sky high there is no way. We have been with BB&T for 18 years and have paid off several loans with them. I would love to join a class action law suit!

  • Sc
      7th of Apr, 2011
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    I made a purchase on Sunday morning and wrote two checks for it. On Monday morning I called the bank and asked when checks post. They told me at midnight. At three pm I made a cash deposit. I asked the teller if this was applied to the account immediately and she said yes. The next day I had a $70 charge for NSF. When I asked how that was possible, I was told that the person deposited the checks before I deposited the cash by 2 hours. When I said their check wasn't suppose to post until midnight, they said that they go by times. Yet, I know when I make a deposit into my account from another bbt account, they put a hold on it at least until 12 am. Now I have multiple fees mounting up because my account is shorted. Even if I try to cover the returned checks, they are still going to charge fees because the date they were originally deposited is before the date I put the money in to cover them. This is a no-win situation for me.

  • Ey
      21st of Apr, 2011
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    We are complaining the wrong way if you go to this link you can send your information to a top attorney and if enough people send them detailed, good information maybe we can get a class action lawsuit started against BBT Bank.
    This link takes you to a law firm that handles cases nationally, so you can contact them with your information no matter where you live. Pass the word on to anyone you know that has had an issue with BBT. There is power in numbers.

  • Na
      25th of Apr, 2011
    +1 Votes

    Ladies and gentleman, this has really gone too far. I'm looking at my transaction history and it shows overdrafts for items that should have been paid. The account balance was positive and had sufficient funds to cover the alleged overdrafts even after the fees were posted! They responded that they have a different view of the activity on my account and that the fees were justifiable. Five different fees were charged and yea, they posted an electronic direct deposit the next day after it was received the previous day before 2pm. They have held transactions from the ledger and posted them after I took advantage of funds that were available to me. The list goes on. A class action suit will be do better, but I am personally going to pursue them for what has been illegally taken!

  • Ma
      15th of Oct, 2011
    +1 Votes

    I bank with Bb&t I been with them for a year now I’m sure that I paid over $3000 worth of unfair overdraft fees.I get charge those fees on pending transactions, posted transactions while my account in the positive. there’s time I’m in the positive which include my pending transaction, I got $175 worth of overdraft fees for posted transactions while I’m in the positive, I went to the negative due to that overdraft fee and then more overdraft fee for my pending transaction. When I check my balance I’m negative overdraft fees. I went to the bank I ask the teller why did I get charge these fees she looked and said she don’t see why I spoke to the branch manager she claimed the fees are for posted transaction from the previous day, I’M IN THE POSISTIVE PEOPLE.I have my statements to prove it. This happen multiple times. The other scenario, I was in the negative for 6 different transaction worth $1 each from Redbook movie rental it was a Holliday I also had a pending ach deposit of $200 which was my highest transaction, all these transaction were posted together, the highest one first like the policies claim, in my case that will be the $200 and then rest, they still charge me $35 for each $1 transactions even after my deposit was the first one posted. This is not right I strongly support a lawsuit against them.

  • Fr
      13th of Dec, 2011
    0 Votes

    you're wasting your time with a class action lawsuit. The only winners here are the attorneys. You will receive the amount of 1 overdraft fee by joining. If you have the money or a attorney friend, file a individual lawsuit adding punitive damages, you will win and get more!

    DO NOT use these guys

  • Fe
      14th of Jul, 2012
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    My name is Fernando Padron. I am currently an soldier assigned to Fort Lewis Washington. I have been trying to get my bank to help our family avoid foreclosure in our Florida residence for the past few months. This is a loan acquired by the USDA in 2008. The bank has not offered any help and is seeking a foreclosure. They want me to move my family back to Florida so they can begin to see if I even qualify for a home loan modification.
    Under the new Making Homes Affordable Plan there is a provision for service members who had to leave their homes to serve even stateside. BBT does not take this provision under consideration

  • Ro
      14th of Jul, 2012
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    You wrote "They are investigating BB&T complaints." Who are "they"?

  • Gc
      26th of Oct, 2012
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    BB & T has held my mortgage until 2010 when i was having a hard time making payments. they would send my checks back if i was two months behind and tried to pay one month. They offered no direct assistance, no direct contact person. They sent me a foreclosure notice in Nov 2010. I moved belongings out to repair floors and walls and repaint so i could short sale property. In Feb 2011 they changed the locks on home and i had no means to get inside. after several calls and 900 mile trips to try to get into property it sat for a year until i received another foreclosure statement having thought it had already been foreclosed. this whole time they have tried to add interest to the balance. in June 2012 i finally was granted permission to enter the home and make repairs for short sale. in August i finished repairs that had occurred also while i was locked out of home. house went on market end of august 2012, today oct 26th 2012 i get a letter they are selling home at court house steps on November 8 2012. their communication dept and means to help the consumer who is diligently working to try to settle the debt and get the highest possible return for them in this economy is terrible and un professional. totally stressed out about the matter for the past two years, cant sleep, lose of weight and terrible migraines, where do you turn now. i have all but given up.

  • Ke
      29th of May, 2013
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    I see the following transactions in my pending folder! This disturbs me because those payments have been coming out after my deposit on the 3rd of each month. That is the way I have maintained these transactions for some time. If I look at next month's transaction dates they show up on the 3rd of the month. With the pending transactions showing up on the first. I fear that I will be charged an overdraft fee in the future because you surreptitiously change information in my account! Please tell me what's happening and why did your system change my information?

    05/01/2013 Debit BB&T ONLINE BILL PAYMENT - Household Credit Services $185.00
    05/01/2013 Debit BB&T ONLINE BILL PAYMENT - COMCAST $128.71
    05/01/2013 Debit BB&T ONLINE BILL PAYMENT - SPRINT $ 86.43

  • El
      26th of Aug, 2013
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    BB&T charged me over 1.500$$$ in 1 month!!! Everytime I put money in to bring it in the positive they claimed oh well that was the next day and it wasn't enough and we don't know how your card worked, it shouldn't have but oh well give us another 500$$ I bring home about 2, 500/month so I worked almost a month for BBT. This is ridiculous. One of the times, and when it all started is when they gave us a temporary card and linked it to the wrong account which somehow linked my business card to the wrong account and my personal card to my wifes personal account (which is the account that the temp card was SUPPOSED to get mapped to. The guy at the bank said that this would have happened anyways (the overdrafts, that is) and that it was not their fault. I don't see how, if i'm looking at 1 account before I spend and go spend money that I think is there and coming from the card I'm using, but in actuality it is getting pulled from a different account that doesn't have enough money to cover the charges. We are on the verge of getting evicted because of BBT!!

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