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BB&T / bb&t history

1 NC, United States Review updated:

I have banked at BB&T for almost 10 years. I have my morgage thru them as well I was until this week a loyal customer that even recommended them after dealing with what your about to read. Not anymore...

First I opened an account with BBT in my name alone I was married but didnt put my wife on the account. After a year or so the local BB&T we used got to know us well, and my wife was able to go in and take money out and use my account WITHOUT her name being on the account. At the time I didnt mind cause our relationship was fine. I also had a credit line attached to my checking as well. I went in and added my wife to the account because when she called in the 800 number she was unable to help maintain my account. No prob so far.. Well 9 years later we get a divorce. I went in to remove her name from the account for my financial saftey because she had created some charges after we split that went on to the credit line. I also told the branch manager to put a comment only I could access the account. Since I was going to deal with my wife about the money, and I was not broke, I had the credit line froze and removed the overdraft connection from my checking account and paid off the credit line. How ever I also found out at this time that the credit line is in my name alone still no one ever asked does her name need to be on it. I thought since it was attached to the checking that was automaticly done when I put her on checking. I was now responsible for her charges on this account completly. Thanks BB&T..

I refinanced my house to get her name off of the loan. My wife had no credit before marrying me. My wife also had no income comming in at all hardly to account for real income however I was told that I was a higher risk being single and my interest rate would be higher. um I even had a very very nice credit report with only 2 late payments in over 15 years all other accounts paid in full. After threating to take the loan else where they lowered my interest down to somthing i agreed to.

While refinancing and using money to put into the house to raise the appraisle I requested to unfreeze my credit line for safety on my checking. The person that froze my credit line accidently closed it instead. "No problem sir just reapply" they say. I got denied for a new credit line, I originally had a 2500.00 credit line i only wanted a 500.00 to be safe. Nope! so I complained the branch manager who called a regional manager who said reapply and Ill make sure it goes thru. Ok I reapply I got denied again this hit my credit report twice.

Well while all this is going on my car breaks down. This causes me to not have a few hundred dollars to pay a loan that the refinance of my house was going to pay off. The BB&T moragage advisor I had told me not to worry about paying it because the refinance was going to pay it off in a few days. Then there was a delay in my refinance from BB&T. I get another hit on my credit line because BB&T took 5 days longer to get everything to go through on my refinance (I think i recall it being due to somone being on vacation). Now I have the first late payment in a long time. Where was this financial institution when I really needed them. The day after I get a late payment hit on my credit report they paid the loan off.

A week later bb&t sent me a coupon for 150 off a morgage loan. Um well thats nice but BB&T even though 7 days had only passed they would not give me the 150 dollars back or a credit. Nice way of really keeping track of your customers this was an insult. I see now that other people that are new to BB&T loans are more imporatant that an existing ones. Well now to the fun part Overdrafts.

I waited a few months later and went back and told BB&T that I do not appreciate being a customer that had a credit line I chose to freeze to protect my financial stability taken from me becuase of someone elses mistake in closing it. I do not like feeling uncomfortable with out a credit line. I also do not want to add more credit cards or go around applying for new ones. Well low and behold I admittingly made a mistake on my checking and yep I get a 35.00 charge on a $5.00 mcdonalds charge. Then come more charges from a few more items. I wound up spending 105.00 on about 40 dollars worth of items. This charge is rediculous. I was able to get the bank to reverse half of this charge however I was treated like a ### in the way the relationship banker told me I should do better at my register. I made a human error, You made me feel small and stupid BB&T by making this comment you think I dont know after dealing with this that I MADE A MISTAKE. I again complained this wouldnt never happened if I had my credit line.

I later got another charge I ignored it I made another mistake. I didnt want to complain over a process I knew about I ignored the charge. About 4 months later I lost my job I used money I had saved and paid my house 4 payments in advance to keep life easy for me. Yep see BB&T I care about my actions towards you still and my responsibilities. However I made another mistake right when I got my new job and over spent my checking again about 20 dollars and got that 35.00 Overdraft fee. Mainly due to high gas rates. I had no option but to get gas to get to my new job. I carry a check into the bank and deposit part of it guess what I walked out of the bank not knowing i was in the negative at the time BB&T chooses to send me a letter 3 days later??? I paid two bills and get what more overdraft fees and have not heard anything from my bank. I get my payroll check while this is happening and BB&T has held it giving me 100.00 credit leaving me in the negative by the time the overdraft fees finish and my check goes through Ive lost about 380.00 of my check due to 60.00 worth of charges. Yet my debit card still works with no credit line. Go figure sounds planed to me..

I had a Centura account 10 years ago. If you had no credit line and no money you card was denied when you swiped it. If you had a credit line but no money and chose debit you charge was denied Basically the cards worked better. BB&T says they allow these charges to occur because they say we their customer dont want to be embarrased when purchasing, they think we would rather pay $40.00 for a bacon egg and cheese bagel. I dont remember being asked this.

Heres my suggestion BB&T if your going to allow charges to occur when there is no money and they are going to be this high. Either make one charge per day not per transaction. Or how about hold the charges block future charges on the card after holding the first ones. Conact me and tell me what occuring, Its only a phone call heck it could even be automated. "Danger Wil Robinson your account is in danger" Anything would be nicer. Not a feeling that you are grinning bending me over. Even by putting a instant block on my card to signal me to contact you is better hell this would protect against theft or fraud (hmmm are you really protecting me at all?). Charge a overdraft fee thats a percent of a charge up to 35.00 that would be nicer. Damn I can come up with many more than this...

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  • Ih
      6th of Oct, 2008

    I must add a follow up, even though it took alot of complaining and alot of phone calls. I still will leave my history posted but, BB&T refunded every bit of my overdraft fee's. I was givin back 350.00 worth of overdraft fee's. Thank you BB&T you have saved me as a customer.

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  • Da
      7th of Jul, 2009

    Anyone interested in participating in a class action suit against BB&T please contact me.

    David Benson

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  • Bg
      2nd of Jun, 2010

    Glad they helped you out.

    One thing with any bank you have to understand is this: The person you are talking to rarely has the authority to refund fees or change bank policy. Sometimes, it's simply the fact that the software WON'T LET THEM. Time, patience, and the right person can often get it done.

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