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First off, I want to say that over the years I have been with quite a few banks (7 to be exact). And some have been bad, and some good, but none compare to BB&T.

I opened this account 6 months ago because their new branch was close to home, and with gas prices, I figured I would save money by banking closer to home. I opened the account online, which I thought was excellent because it was a real time saver, and a representative called me the next day to let me know my account was funded and official.

The next week I made my first deposit, which was my paycheck from xxxxx. They are not a huge company, but they are big enough that their checks are accepted everywhere without a question. The deposit was accepted, however it was after 2 so it would not be available until Tuesday (Monday night processing). This caught my attention, because I thought everyone was doing all-day-banking now, at least my last two banks had.

From that point, over the next couple of months, I made regular deposits with my checks (payroll and comission) from TM Co. Some checks were for a rather large amount, but no questions were asked, they were accepted and deposited. Now, like everyone, I had a family emergency and my funds ran tight, so I was glad I had linked my savings account to my checking for overdraft protection, or so I thought. BB&T let a charge of 8.00 go through which was a meal bought at McDonalds. For that 8.00, they charged me 35.00 overdraft charge and another 10.00 'processing fee' for moving the money to cover the charge from my savings. So, I was charged 45.00 for an 8.00 charge.

I called BB&T customer service and didn't wait on hold for long, and explained to the rep my problem and that I felt that since I was charged 35.00 for the paid item, I felt the 10.00 was excessive. I was told that this was their normal operating procedure and that it was in the fine print in the agreement I electronically signed when setting up the account. So, I asked them to remove overdraft protection. That way, if I tried to charge something and there wasn't enough money, I would be told the charge was declined; a little embarrassed, but I wouldn't have the pay 45.00. I was shocked to hear that I couldn't un-enroll in overdraft protection.

I shook this bad experience off, which I regret now, but soon incurred four more charges similar for small transactions that BB&T let through. I later found out their policy is to deduct your charges because crediting your account with a deposit, that way they get to collect all their fees.

The final straw was when I went to the Newton Grove branch. Up to this point, I had always used the Smithfield branch. I went it to make my normal deposit from TM Co. and the teller told me she was going to put a 5 day hold on the deposit because I was a NEW ACCOUNT. At this point, I had been with them 5.5 months and had made numerous deposits. I explained this to her, but she refused to let up. I asked for the manager, but she wasn't available at the moment. So, I walked out of there with a 5 business day hold on my paycheck. WTF!!!

I closed my account, which was an ordeal in itself and went back to my previous bank, KS Bank, which is awesome, especially since they have built a closer branch also.

On a side note, their internet banking is a joke. Every bank I have had to this point using a 3 column reporting feature, Debit, Credit and Balance. That way you know EXACTLY how much money you have. BB&T only has Debit and Credit. So you can't keep track of it as easily, and they are able to charge more fees.


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  14th of Mar, 2009
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welcome to the club.

Ya BB&T is a horrible bank when it comes to your account. I ended up being charged twice buy my Auto Insurance for a months payment. Long story short my AUTO insurance refunded me one of the payments. But these two charges ### up my account to no end. Nothing like waking up to find out you are -$186.00 in the hole.

Any other bank would deny one of the charges from my auto insurance saying I didn't have the money. But they are more than willing to allow the transaction to go threw and charge you for it. I had to borrow $225 to get myself out of debt and have the money to cover a doctor payment that still was coming.

The next day I found out once again I was over withdrawn. But the thing that was strange was the two charges that did it, I had the money in there to cover it. So they charged me with a $70 overdraft fee then claimed it was the two small charges that did it.

When I went to BB&t to try to explain what was going on and my Auto Insurance said it was there mistake that it happened and they where refunding a payment if they could put my account on hold until I got the refund to stop any more overdraft fees from happening and they could call my auto insurance company to talk with them that it was there mistake. All I got from them more or less "oh well ### you, it's you lose. We don't care if it was a mistake"

  7th of Jul, 2009
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Anyone interested in participating in a class action suit against BB&T please contact me.

David Benson

  2nd of Jun, 2010
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"At this point, I had been with them 5.5 months and had made numerous deposits. I explained this to her, but she refused to let up. I asked for the manager, but she wasn't available at the moment. So, I walked out of there with a 5 business day hold on my paycheck. WTF!!!""

The teller has to do the hold if the computer says so. While a manager can override it, and probably should have in this case, if a teller overrides a hold and the cehck is returned they can be FIRED. While you know your check was OK, from the teller's perespective, you're not worth getting fired over.

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