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BB&T Bank / overcharged

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I have been a customer with BB&T and needless to say that this bank is very unprofessional with the way they conduct business, and with the way they treat their customers (Especially the customer service call center).

I have been slammed with outrageous NSF fees. The problem is that I had placed CASH in my account to cover charges that I had did on my credit card. I asked the teller if this was going to cover anything pending. He lied right to my face and told me yes. The very next day the money was gone and I had several NSF fees. This is not the first time that BB&T has done this. I admit I have made mistakes in the past regarding my account and took the blame when need. However the past two times this has happened was not my fault. I made sure there was money in my account to cover my ###. Appearantly cash is not good enough to BB&T until they make sure they can get their damn hands in my honey pot.

When I call into the customer service center of BB&T to try to handle this situation; I was basically told 'Oh well, perhaps you should conduct your business elsewhere' What kind of customer service is this?? I am highly pissed and because I can't trust my money in BB&T hands, I have already switched bank accounts. I have been with other banks in the past and have never had issues like this. I highly recommend anyone who is a customer with BB&T seek other banking methods.

It is completely understandable that people, such as myself, make mistakes. I made a mistake by banking with BB&T. They lie, steal, and commit fraud. I have already begun making a report to the FDIC; and I will also be filing a report with BB&T Corporate headquarters. If someone would like to share with my their situation- please do. I feel that people should stand up for them selves regardless of how big a company is. This is what companies want- they think people will just blow hot air; but assume nobody will do anything about it. So these compnaies ( BB&T included) continue to get away with unprofessional behavior.

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  • Di
      5th of Feb, 2009
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    I wrote several checks around the first of January. It was quite a shock to me when I checked my online banking around the 18th or 19th of January to find that there was $590.00 worth of overdraft fees accessed to my account. These fees were accessed as follows: Overdraft fees in the amount of $210.00 to cover Checks in the amount of $97.00 which were paid by the bank; $30.00 unexplained overdraft fee; $350.00 in overdraft fees on checks in the amount of $214.01 returned to payees as not sufficient funds. Four (4) of the checks had been charged overdraft fees twice.

    I had made a deposit of $337.50 on on the 5th of January because I knew I had to write these checks. The total amount of the checks was $311.01. I talked to the branch manager in Charlottesville about this and the impression I received from him was 'thats tough'.

    In the past several months I have had a few instances of overdraft fees. At the time I did not pay any attention to them, but after this instance I have given BB&T a second look and am very disturbed by what I am seeing.

    I have been a customer of BB&T since 1969 when my wife and I were first married and have remained a customer of BB&T through the many name and owner changes, that have occurred over the past many years. In 40 years I have never had a check returned to the payee for insufficient funds, until the last few months.

    The one thing I did notice was that, problems with BB&T began after their new posting process began, and even had BB&T tell me that they could post things however they wanted to. It didn't matter in which order they were received. Also, I have checked my account many times by BB&T's phone 24 and received information about my account, and then checked my online banking within a few minutes and the online banking told me a completely different story.

    After looking at complaintsboard I can see that I am not the only one complaining about this travesty of justice.

    BB&T doesn't seem to realize that customers are what makes them strong and not the bank itself. If it weren't for the customers, BB&T wouldn't exist. This problem doesn't seem to end with just BB&T, but seems to be the attitude of most of the big banks. The small local banks have a completely different attitude about customer service, as did BB&T a few years ago.

    The first of next week all of my business dealings with BB&T will cease to exist as I am closing all of my accounts with them.

  • Ch
      6th of Jun, 2009
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    Letter to BB&T regarding modification attempt since December 2008:

    April 24, 2009

    BB&T Loss Mitigation
    P.O. Box 2067
    Greenville, SC 29602-2067

    Christine Konar

    I am writing this letter to BB&T requesting pertinent information regarding my tentative modification. In the body of this letter there will be a summary of the contacts, content of them, subordinate’s in this forum, details discussed, and relative documents to any and all parties subject to control or information regarding Federal/Government TARP monies and conditions. It is my opinion that the summary of fee’s and charges should be disclosed much like a mortgage origination; whereby, a quasi-HUD statement be provided prior to any agreement being approved by “both” parties for their perusal, under the law. BB&T’s behavior in this regard and the pervasive, lack of concern attitude to its consumers and customers is emotionally draining and cumbersome, making positive outcomes near impossible and very time consuming.
    It is my stated opinion BB&T is making a modification extremely difficult or maybe impossible due to the financial demands they have made on me to perform this modified mortgage, given their lack of timely and relative communication, and the pervasive attitude of BB&T and its subordinates, condemning the mortgagee, and changing all of the rules of conformity. I have filed a “formal complaint” with the FTC, as the date of this letter.
    BB&T Credo: "John William’s extensive commercial knowledge and career accomplishment make him an excellent choice to succeed Dixon as president of our Blue Ridge Region, " Brown said. "As a longtime senior manager at BB&T, John has a keen understanding of what it means to deliver the BB&T brand of highly personal and competent client service."

    My first communication about the arrearage was in November 2008. At that time I received an offer of modification which raised the payment over $300.00, which they said was “just an estimate and could be higher”. (See enclosure) I wrote a written response and asked for the payment to be lowered, maybe by lowering the interest rate or extending the time frame of the loan. Currently, I have a jumbo loan for $300, 000 and an adjustable ARM, interest only for five years @ 6.75%. I also questioned the validity of the appraised value @ $498, 000, given the current value being 50% less than the original appraised value.
    I waited about 4-5 weeks before contacting BB&T to elicit their responses and I was told “you refused our modification offer”, so we are proceeding with the default and subsequent foreclosure. That was in early January 2009. This statement is completely untrue. (See enclosure) I have a letter, signed and dated with a receipt of mailing, proving this is incorrect. Since that time I have been getting forms for financial statements and letters saying we have tried to contact you and have gotten no response, “we are here to help” please fill out these forms and send them back to loss mitigation, SC and we will reply promptly. Since January 2009, I have sent the paperwork 5 times. Every time I sent one of the forms back I get the same form again and again. The last time I sent one of these forms and followed up with phone calls was in early March of 2009 and flat out refused to send them again, as they kept me chasing my tail.
    By late-march I finally contacted a fellow named Adam Mills over the phone he offered me a modification, in which the payment seemed fair, so I tentatively agreed. The date to submit the papers and monies was April 06, 2009.
    Prior to remitting the monies and final paperwork, it came to my attention that BB&T was asking for 2 months mortgage, which I thought was fair, but also wanted up front fees of $1425 for the attorney and $300 for an appraisal, plus late fees, interest etc… At that point I asked for a reasonable accounting of these monies.
    I immediately called BB&T and left a message with this request for Adam Mills on April 05, 2009, he did not return my call. It is my opinion the call was not returned due to the resistance of BB&T to be honest about these fees. As the days went by, I left several messages and finally left a final angry message stating “I guess if I do not comply with your demands, you are going to continue the foreclosure. Why don’t I just bring you the keys and let me get my belongings out! The original message included these questions:
    1. In the past, I have paid for full appraisals, which include an interior measure; upgrades, lot size, etc…cost $350.00. To my knowledge their, BB&T”s appraisal was only a drive by. Why is this fee so high?
    2. As far as the attorney fees; I questioned my personal attorney and he stated “if all you have gotten to date was the registered letter”, it should have only cost $300.00; hence $1, 425.00?
    3. Additionally, I have called HUD, the FDIC and the FTC and have been told there should be “no fees” of this kind upfront, and the amounts seem out of range as well as the payment structure set forth in the modification (1st payment 23 days after the $3, 000.)(See Enclosed).
    I never heard back, so I called BB&T again and this time I spoke to Tiffany Whitmore. She relayed to me that I left a message agreeing to give up the keys and I no longer wanted a modification. Well, somehow the other messages either got deleted or were not relayed to Tiffany, which escalated the anger regarding the message about giving back the keys, etc…this was wearing me out! These things were said in frustration and emotional distress, as this has been going on since November 2008. And further, why can’t I ask/contest the fees, interest, the appraisal cost and the attorney’s fees?
    After some dickering on the phone with Tiffany we were finally able to come to a conclusion. We agreed to a modification with a payment of $3, 000.00 on or before April 22, 2009 and 3 monthly payments of $1, 700, till July of 2009, totaling $8, 100.00. The $3, 000 was made on April 22, 2009, and then the next payment of $1, 700 is due on May 14, 2009, 23 days after the $3, 000.00 payment. I did the math on this and when I complete the modification contract BB&T has asked for (with some of the monies being put at the back of the note), with accruing interest and the additional attorney fees, I will have paid over $23, 000, to them by July 2009. Also, my flood insurance which was late due to this whole process taking so long and never knowing the outcome was not paid on time. I got a letter from BB&T placing the insurance, knowing full well I was in loss-mitigation, for the premium of $1, 235.00, a 410% inflated rate, as the original insurer’s premium was $309.00. Harley Insurance, the original insurer states “It is 99 ¾% unlikely in the location and district of this property there would ever be a flood”, and it is on 15 ft. of pilings.
    In the conversation with Tiffany, she specifically advised me that there would be no further foreclosure advances by the attorney or BB&T if I agreed to the modification; verbally I did, on April 14, 2009. I received an email with the terms on April 15, 2009. She said she would make contact with the officer in loss mitigation and have the attorney contacted and hold off further work on the file, until the time period had elapsed by which I was to perform. The agreement was made April 14, 2009 and I had until April 22, 2009 to supply the paperwork and funds. Until that time expired had I not sign the modification or remitted the fees, all bets were off, and they would proceed to acquire a court date. Well, I performed; on April 21, 2009 a fax was sent to BB&T with the signed modification and on April 22, 2009 a payment of $3, 000 was taken over the phone by, DEE conf # 475647 @ 10:26 a.m. EST.
    Can you believe, on Thursday April 22, 2009 I indeed did receive a court date, by certified mail! The attorney and BB&T went ahead after our agreement and filed the date and time of hearing, which is May 21, 2009. On April 22, 2009 I also received a letter from BB&T thanking me for my payment to “my account”. There was never any mention of the modification/new contract payment and it did not come from loss mitigation it was generated by the loan customer service office. When I realized the attorneys’ were still working on this and the monies may not have been put toward a modification, I immediately started calling BB&T for clarification. I left messages for Dee on 04/23/2009 and 04/24/ 2009; Tiffany 04/23/ 2009 and 04/24/2009; sent emails to and spoke with Glen Milsap on 04/24/ 2009. No one has done anything to quell my distress and clarify the situation. I subsequently have spoken to my personal attorney, Jeremy Williams and contacted John Ceruzzi of Jacksonville, NC for advisement on how to proceed, alas I do not have the monies for this and the ongoing fees associated with their counsel and interest running at $54.20 per day. This lack of due diligence, timeliness, feedback and consideration is unconscionable.
    Since the inception of my job/income loss and the tragic events that have besieged on me, I have done my level best to accommodate those I am indebted too. I have reduced my life style and spending to bare minimums, sold every worldly possession, (even thought everything I had was paid for) except my credits cards and mortgages, which I used for business. I have availed myself of counseling at GreenPath Debt solutions, as requested by HUD and its affiliates. I have remitted over 450 resumes and flyers to retain gainful employment. FYI: I hold an MBA, 2002, a BS in Marketing and a Paralegal Designation, in addition to 15-18 years of HR experience/Management and for 18+ years I made six (6) figures consistently. I “do not” expect this situation to continue and I do believe it is not my fault employment opportunities are not readily available.
    At this point I need someone’s help. The reason all parties are being sent copies of this letter is because this situation is dire for many of this countries citizens. The banks are not “helping people”. They are helping themselves at the expense of consumers. Even though President Obama has flooded the banks with funds to alleviate this situation, the banks continue to make it next to impossible to get assistance in a timely, honest, and favorable manner. Foreclosure is a lose-lose situation for all and I wonder if they have and or are receiving TARP monies, saying they are suffering losses; why would they continue to exaggerate those losses by continuing practices that are unnecessary? A modification should allow the banks to recover any past due monies, and if done properly the bank should not suffer any loss on accounts receivables. Even if they did lose a small percentage of the monies, isn’t that what the taxpayer’s monies were for “to clean up the toxic assets”? I have to wonder, with all this foreclosure business…could these foreclosures be the “toxic assets” they speak of…all SELF CREATED and By DESIGN? There must be some reward for this behavior!

    In closing, I request BB&T supply me:
    • With an exact accounting of legal fees, before and after April 14, 2009, broken down to hours, minutes, and any subsequent associated court fees.
    • Interest due
    • Late fees or misc fees
    • A copy of the full appraisal done

    One Final question: Is anyone out there overseeing the way taxpayers monies are being used, and are there any rules imposed on the distribution of these TARP monies? Why should I pay all of these inflated fees when this modification has been requested since November 2008?

    Christine Konar
    CC: Hutchens, Senter, & Britton
    President BB&T Bank/Dixon Whitworth, John Williams,
    Kelly King, Fed Reserve of Richmond, Jeff Nichols, PR…BB&T
    Rep. Kay Hagen
    US State Senator Richard Burr
    Rep. Carolyn Justice
    Head of Finance Committee Washington, DC Rep. Barney Frank
    Star News
    Washington Post
    Huffington Post
    NY Times

  • Bb
      27th of Jun, 2009
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    fight back!

  • Ma
      2nd of Sep, 2009
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    I so agree with you!!! This is the worst bank I have ever had the misfortune to deal with!!! We moved here to VA from MI. BB&T doesn't do business there so I was unaware of their reputation. They were close so we tried them. I am very, very careful with my finances and no matter what I do I cannot have a complete billing cycle wihtout getting overdraft fees. Its the way that apply your deposits and debits that is the problem. They are crooks!!! They have this set up in a way that they can screw you every time. And you can forget about their customer service, its non-existent!!! They are very rude and not at all interested in helping you even when it is clearly THEIR fault. I really wish that a class action suit could be filed against them. I think its about people stood up and refuse to be screwed over anymore. BB&T gets a bailout everytime some poor, unsuspecting person walks in the door!!!

  • Pa
      1st of Dec, 2009
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    BB & T pissed me off the most today. i go on my online banking and see that my account is in the negetive $120, WHICH IS OUTRAGES!!! i mean i can admit that i overdrew my account only $20.00 and got 3 OVERDRAFT FEES for one overdraft.

    I calld the customer service center just like you did and this girl representive answered and i told her the problem, she contiuned with "well you should be more careful with your money and its not a bank error" I told her straight up that it was ###. how are you going to tell me to spend my money better for one. yeah i overdraft once everyone makes the mistake but they shouldnt charge me 3 times for it. and then she trys to tell me that im lieing to her that i made all these overdrafts when i have the bank recipets proving that i had the money in there and that the only thing i would have overdrafted on would be the one thing i had on hold which was only 20 dollars. SO INSTEAD OF paying $55.00 which i understand i would have to pay cuz thats what im at fault for...BUT NO i have to pay almost $65.00 more because of there greedy ###. AND OMG that girl on customer service was so rude and started to yell at me because she knew she was talking ### and i calld her ###ing bluff. BB&T IS ONE OF THE ### BANKS EVER and ive been with them since i was 9 years old and open my first bank account, AND BACK THEN THEY WERE COOL...BUT TODAY THERE ###ING LOW LIFE THIEVES...

  • Am
      9th of Mar, 2010
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    yes these ### holes just charged me $395.00 in over draft fees and they waited tell me my money was gone so they could screw me out of $395.00 dollars and thier computer told me that my $500.00 check would post the next day so they made sure they posted all my debets first and all at once so they could get my whole check

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