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I spoke with a supervisor/manager at the Atlanta call center today named Mr. Mitchell on [protected] ext. 5061 that was extremely disrespectful, condescending and blatantly called me a liar as I tried to understand what we need to do to dispute this claim.

On the first call, I explained to Mr. Mitchell our position with the account dispute and asked what can be done because we should not be responsible for paying this debt. Mr. Mitchell talked over me by telling me to pay the amount and there is nothing I can do but pay the amount owed. As I explained our position again, Mr. Mitchell told me that I was mixing up my story and then told me to have a nice day and hung up on me.

I called the Atlanta call center a second time to speak to another manager but Mr. Mitchell came on the telephone again. I said to him you were very rude to me as I was trying to obtain information and explain what had happened; Mr. Mitchell told me “Thank You”--- meaning thank you for acknowledging my rudeness. I said to Mr. Mitchell, I need to speak to your manager, but he proceeded to speak in a child-like manner saying “No, No you can’t speak to my manager”. Mr. Mitchell then told me that his manager does not speak to anyone and that he completes his own performance appraisals. I was really in shock by his behavior and I refused to continue the conversation. So I hung up to call the corporate office.

Mr. Mitchell should be trained on call center techniques, effective call management styles, the management values of Bay Area Credit and how to deal with callers. This is a prime example of the reasons why creditors have unfavorable reviews about them. I understand the main goal is to collect payment or make arrangements but employees and managers of Bay Area Credit are not to hang up on callers, call them derogatory names such as a liar, challenge my position with my fiancés’ family, and act in a condescending manner by making the caller less feel adequate.

If a manager or enforcement agency requested to listen to the recorded telephone conversations, if Mr. Mitchell did not erase them, they will hear the conversations on 12/9/2008.

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  • Su
      Sep 14, 2010

    American Medical Response was used in October 2009. AMR billed an insurance carrier that they had on file under my name which was from years ago. When insurance carrier denied claim, AMR sent this to Bay Area Credit without contacting me. Bay Area Credit contacted me and increased my bill for interest. When I tried to explain that I had insurance they only wanted payment to them. Bay Area Credit insisted that in the state of Connecticut you only have 90 days to submit a claim and that this bill would not be paid by my insurance and they insisted on me either giving them my credit card number or debit card number to pay the debt. This information they supplied was WRONG. I contacted my insurance carrier and in the state of Connecticut you have 12 months to submit a cliam. In the meantime, they reported this to the credit agencies. In trying to resolve this issue only ONCE did I speak with somone from the United States!!! All the people answering the phones are EXTREMELY RUDE and cannot understand or speak english well.
    I am currently taking legal action aginst Bay Area Credit for misrepresenting, giving false information, and defamation of my credit.
    I encourage others who are victims of Bay Area Credit to do the same. Free services are available in every state for these situations.

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  • We
      Oct 04, 2010
    Bay Area Credit - rude phone call
    bay area credit
    United States

    i am making a complaint against bay area credit for making rude and nasty phone calls to my wife who is a heart patient they keep calling her about a bill she keeps asking them to send her the bill which they refuse to send she also told them like a 100 times that she has no income i ralph her husband am a 100% total disabled viet nam veteran thats on a fixed income we have stated to them we would pay $25.00 a month untill the bill is paid they keep saying the would make a note of this but they keep calling upsetting her if anything should happen to her because of their call i would like to know if i have legal rights to hold them responsable for it ty

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  • Le
      Oct 07, 2010
    Bay Area Credit - continous calls
    Bay Area Credit
    United States

    Bay Area Credit service continues to call our home number at all hours of the day and night for an Alan someone that does not live at this number. I have asked them to stop calling. Tonight they called again and said that they were calling from India and the Supervisors name was "Steve Thomas" he admitted that it was not his real name. He hung up when pressed for futher information. I have been told that our number has been deleted from there data base however they continue to call. What action can I take against the company? Please do a general answer on you website so I can see your answer.

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  • Fa
      Oct 07, 2010

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  • Ch
      Nov 06, 2010
    Bay Area Credit - Ambulance Bill
    Bay Area Credit
    United States

    I received a phone call from this outfit this AM about me oweing them some money. I was not home so I called them back and received no answer.I have never heard of this company before and I DO NOT owe anyone any money!!!

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  • Rh
      Jan 24, 2011
    Bay Area Credit - Ambulance Bill
    Bay Area Credit
    United States

    This company first send several letters saying that my mother in law had a bill for $56.00 outstanding due to an ambulance ride she had. She told me that they were constanly calling and being rude with her about the bill, but she knew that she had not been in an ambulance at all. Finally I got a chance to speak with one of the reps. and he had the nerves to say that she had to pay and then I asked him to give me the date of the ride and the name of the ambulance company. He then needed to get her premission to talk to me. So to make a long story short, after he couldn't give me any information about the bill I told him we would mail the payment once I get the info. I requested from him and he was upset with me. He said he would send me the info. after I paid the bill. I told him to wait on it then cause he will never get it. I am so glad that I found this site. Something needs to be done so our seniors will not get scammed.

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