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bay area credit service

#[protected] is our given reference number

We were contacted with information related to my husband's information with a former address, adjacent name, and told the birth date matched the person they were contacting for an over $3000 debt for an ambulance ride that was never taken by my spouse. Even after resolving that they had the incorrect person and that the debt was not ours, they requested further contact details which were not provided.

Target for Fraud

First of all my name and address were in the addressers place and it was addressed to Bay Area 1000 Rd...

Took my money and claimed to have sold my account

Miami Florida-This company has been harassing me for a year. I finally make a payment and when I called to...

i got a letter from bay area credit from i try to set up a payment plan the man said they wanted it now i dont get pay until next month he said now i told him i dont have now bad the got so upset with me that not good i try to call att about my bill they said talk to bay area credit not good

Collection- SCAM - final Bill ATT

I answered my home phone Saturday and a Tyler from the Bay Area Credit Service on the other line saying that my AT&T Uverse account was up for collection. According to him it was a service that was added earlier this year, 2013. -> If you get one of these calls, be VERY CAREFUL. Little did they know, I just so happen to work for ATT and pay my phone/uverse bill every month / current. I am an employee and need to keep my service in good standing. I informed him that 1) I do have an account and I am an employee and would "investigate on my own" I called AT&T and told them about the situation, they informed me that my account is in good standing and current, which I already knew. SO all out there, this company may be a true collection agency, but they are also DEFINITELY RUNNING SOME KIND OF SCAM. If they contact me again, then when I get finished with them they are going to wish that they had never dialed my number.

  • Always be alert Jul 08, 2013

    Deb buyers are notorious for contacting the wrong person and then pressuring that person to pay a 'debt' that isn't valid. This is common practice, not a scam, I'm afraid. They use a process called 'skip tracing' to find a 'debtor'. When they can't find the true 'debtor', they start looking for people in the same area with the same last name, or the person now living at the last known address of the actual 'debtor', and harass them. As crazy as it sounds, it happens all the time. Send them a validation request (your right by federal law) stating that you have verified that your ATT account is in good standing, therefore, you demand that they cease and desist any further contact with you regarding this invalid debt. Also demand that they remove any information they've added to your credit reports.Type your name at the bottom of the letter. (Do NOT sign it because that signature can find its way onto faked documents.) Send the letter certified mail with return receipt requested. So you'll have proof that you sent it to them. This should be enough to get them off your back.

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Harassing calls for &Floyd Nelson&

They have live-called and robo-called my cellphone nearly every day for over a year, demanding "Floyd Nelson"...

Lack of info given re: add. & telephone

The woman who talked to me at Bay Area Credit Services said the sum of $744.07 under my husand's name...

collection efforts

I have an outstanding bill with AT& T which was placed with Bay Area Credit Service LLC. The outstanding fee is the early termination fee caused by me closing my account because I could not afford to continue service. The credit agency insisted that I make larger payments than I could afford and was unwilling accept anything else even when I stated that I couldnt' afford it. I spoke with a supervisor and basically got the same thing. Does AT&T and Bay Area Credit have a clue as to the condition of the economy? I was making regular payments to the credit agency you would think that would be sufficient. I have one other bill that I am paying off over time and the people I am working with are great. They work with me and friendly and understanding. Bay Area Credit Service LLC should take some lessons from them. They would probably get further. Since AT&T uses this agency I will not go back to them. Not that I would plan on a bill going into collections again but as a statement of discontent with their business choices.

  • Th
    th!sman Nov 28, 2012

    Stop arguing or talking with these fools - all they care is to collect. They will accept anything you decide to send them, do not consult on them, just send what you want. As long as you are making some payments they all they can do is holler. Eventually you will get it paid off at your convenience.

    Make sure you send the payment by signature required. Keep all the records for life - these ### sell off your paid off debt to other scummy collectors and then it's the same story all over again.

    -Send a C&D by CMRRR stating when, frequency and how they will contact you.
    -If you talk to a CA ALWAYS write down immediately, who called, where from, said what, why, when, what, i.e. everything. This is acceptable evidence in court.
    -If CA violate your rights each infraction is worth $1000 to you. Thus, use CMRRR and/or record all calls ->evidence is $$$ for you. No lawyer?, sue pro se.

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Phone Bill Collection Request

I received a notice for collection of an AT&T phone bill for a landline disconnected a year prior. I checked with ATT re: this, and the customer service hung up on me. When I contacted Bay Area Credit Service LLC, they told me it was for my 'last bill.' However, I believe I paid my last bill shortly after I closed the 'landline' portion of my ATT services and feel this request for collection is incorrect. They also offered me to pay by July 17 and the charge will be reduced from 201.91 to 100.96. If I was owing ATT for an unpaid bill, wouldn't they have requested balance due constantly via their own correspondence? Why would it occur that one year later I'm getting a collection notice for an unpaid bill for a disconnected telephone line. When I went back to ATT to inquire further, they sent me my last bill, and told me I had closed my account, therefore I do not have access to log inn to my former account. Which doesn't make sense. B/C if I'm still a customer with ATT, I should be able to get into my former landline account to check payment history. In addition, my cell phone and landline was a bundled option, so both were billed together in the same monthly bill. THe att land line info never showed up on my cell phone invoices. The Credit Service is contacting me daily at least 2 x / day to resolve this.

  • Et
    ethos Aug 05, 2012

    i hope u have not caved in. if att sent you the last bill print a statement copy of whatever you used to make that payment shown clearly and highlight. next google cease and desist letters, write one and attach those copies. these clowns have 30 days to prove the debt per federal law otherwise they cease and desist. say it check mate! keep those records for life.

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Fradulent Bill from AT&T LEGACY B / Bay Area Credit


Fradulent Bill for services never ordered or recieved.
Bay Area Credit Services LLC.
1901 W. 10th St.
Antioch, CA 94509

Creditor: AT&T - Legacy B
Past Due Balance: $117.43
I just opened this bill that I recieved in the mail from Bay Area Credit LLC. It says that I have an amount due to AT&T in the amount of $117.43. I have never had service with AT&T. I am reporting this because I see other complaints. I am being referred to the fraudlent claims department of AT&T. I dispute this claim of money owed to AT&T through Bay Area Credit Services LLC.

AT & T

February 28, 2012

To whom it may concern:
I Marilyn Martinez residing at 4121 Connel Lane, Orlando, Fl 32822, received a notification from: Bay Area Credit Service LLC. 1901 W. 10th St, Antioch, Ca, 94509, In the attempt to collect a Debt #[protected] (Client Acct #[protected]). I certify that AT & T did make an error with my account and I owe NO MONIES to AT & T.
On September of 2011 I opened a U-verse Account #[protected]-5 with AT & T. Due to an error on their part, AT & T was charging me (2) two different accounts, one for a dial up connection #[protected] and the other for a U-verse Account #[protected]-5 at the same time. I called At & T and as a result they credited my U-verse account the monies that was over charged on the dial up connection from Acct # [protected]. My U-verse account with AT & T is all paid up to date and in good standings. I request that a further investigation be conducted to clear up any misunderstandings. Thanking you in advance for your help in this matter.

Marilyn Martinez

late night calls for undue phone bill

I have been receiving late night phone calls from B.A.C. harrassing me about an AT&T phone bill. #1 It is about a first bill on new home telephone service #2 I received a bill in mail on Feb. 9, 2012 which had a due date of Feb. 27, 2012 #3 I started getting calls from B.A.C on Feb. 11, 2012 so I paid my bill the very next morning Feb.12, 2012! #4 I still got calls from B.A.C. NOW telling me my phone service was not only "past due" but was now disconnected!!! These people should not have the right to ruin my credit for a bill barely receved in mail and not even yet due. If this was actually from AT&T I would like to know who "jumped the gun" and if it wasn't from B.A.C. and was a fraud just trying to get my bank info I would like to know this as well. The individual who calls is Amy Williams at [protected] (the first time ) at 8:14 pm on Saturday Feb. 11th, 2012. Please help me clear this up.

Scare Tacticts

Two of my aunts and my father all received calls from this company. The person they spoke with claimed to be calling from the federal government concerning charges of wire fraud and check forgery, trying to find me. After calling the Department of Justice, the Attorney General, and my local police department thinking someone had stolen my identity or even that someone was maliciously attacking me, I finally got the 800 number and spoke with a representative who explained I had a debt owed to AT&T from several months before. I was so pissed off. And what made it worse, was I had a current account with AT&T and somehow they couldn't find me!! After calling and complaining to AT&T they did nothing. And the officer I spoke with says the debt collection agencies are protected under law and there was nothing I could do. It's insane. I can't find a single bill from AT&T or this company about my bill, and I only moved 3 months ago. You would think that AT&T would have forwarded my information.

  • Be
    BeenThereBefore Oct 09, 2011

    I know of several that have been getting similar calls and it's a scam!

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Continual phone harassment

I suffered an on the job injury in Jan. 2009 and several serious health problems came about while I was in the process of treatment. I have been totally disabled since the injury.
My problem with this collection company can as the result of a fall where I broke my hip. The ambulance ride was the only way I could get to a hospital. I was called by the ambulance company several months after their service and attempted to get them to bill my insurance company correctly, they had used the wrong code so my ins. refused to pay. I thought it had been paid. About 1 year ago I started getting calls from a man who could barely speak English. He was very hard to understand at all. He asked if I was me. I said yes and asked what he wanted. He kept asking my name over and over and over. I finally became very mad and hung up. He called again, same procedure. I demanded his name and company he would not answer me. I asked for his supervisor he refused. I hung up. Then about every two hours the phone would ring, no answer when I picked up. This went on for weeks. Every time he has called it has been the same thing. He asks my name over and over and i end up getting mad and hanging up. Only one time did he ever tell me why he was calling and that was to say he was calling to collect on an ambulance bill. However he never told me who, what I owed, the amount nothing. This has happened over 2 dozen times. Unfortunately I haven't kept a log of these calls. I have been and on bad days I am still a very sick man. I have Ruptured disc in my neck, Myasthenia Gravis which keeps me on high doses of meds. Pain pills, nausea meds, I can't walk very well because of the hip problems. All this makes me so mad I can't deal with it.
This guy called Mon. I couldn't get passed the name asking game. I broke in on his droning and demanded to speak with his supervisor, which I had done before or do not call me again. He said hold and after 3 minutes I hung up.I got 3 call and hang up after he called the first time yesterday. He called back today and I couldn't get past the name game again.( I told him on Tues. not to call me again) I blew up and demanded over and over his name, his company name, address and his supervisors name. After 10 minutes of yelling, screaming and demanding and his refusal to give me anything, I finally got the info I asked for. He would not say his supervisors name, but I kept demanding it and unfortunately I used some language I usually don't use. (I don't suggest you use profanity, I did and I regret that. But I was so mad I couldn't help it.) I demanded he let me speak to his supervisor and he reluctantly finally connected me. The name game began again. I told him I have told you I am the party you are calling over and over and you are so stupid you can't listen. Now, tell me who you are calling for, how much i owe and do not call me again. He tried to argue with me, but I would not let him I kept demanding the information I wanted. I read the Fair debt collection rules to him twice and let him know I was tired of their violations. He started trying to apologize then but I wouldn't hear it. I finally told him not to call me again, that I would contact the Ambulance company IF I received the bill I requested. If not I won't pay your company anything. ( I do not pay anything on line or over the phone at all. (They have a bad habit of loosing the payment and they can drain you bank acct. if you ever give them the debit card info.)
This company is the worst example of a collection company I have ever dealt with. I'm not sure I even owe this company any money since my insurance should have paid it all. I have anger issues because of my illness and the medication I have to take, but their tactics are totally against the law. Look up the Federal Fair debt collection laws on line and for your state too. I wish I had dealt with this sooner and better. I should have sued them long ago. If they continue I will sue them. In Alabama where I live I can collect up to $1000 for damages, plus attorneys fees because of their conduct. Plus I could not have to pay the original bill.
I survive on $1266 a month so there is no money to pay big bills . If they had been reasonable this would have been resolved long ago by my paying a few dollars each month. Now, I don't know if I will pay them anything at all. I am still furious about their tactics.
We have the obligation and duty to pay out debts. I have always paid what I owed, maybe slowly, but I pay. I also have the right to be billed correctly, talked to courteously, treated fairly and given the information required by law. Thanks for allowing me to put my two cents worth of horror in writing. My Best to all who deal with these idiots.

  • Ye
    yelahamer Mar 24, 2011

    Look up the fair debt collection laws. Federal and for your state. Do what it suggests to stop this problem.
    This company is the worst that I have ever had the displeasure to have to deal with.

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At&t bill

Boy am I glad my boyfriend and I decided to search the web as we were talking to the people who called u...

bill hassrment

i keep getting phone call fron this company, claming i owe the hospital 756.00 dollar for brgin in the hospital. on days i don't recall ever going to without my insurance. they call my job too many times. which i know is agaisnt the law. they person on the phone is very rude and unprofessional. i don't understand home these people even have a job.

Ambulance charge

Agreed, they are a POS that has branched out to collecting from anyone that was put down as a reference on everything from Ambulance Rides to T-Mobile phones. I will contact legal in the morning. They have separate corporations in California, Alabama and Michigan now. Look to your morning papers, if a class action would be fun, I will participate. Otherwise, get together and try one. I spent 45 minutes on the phone to find out that it was an old girlfriends bill, I was just a reference not a guarantor. They still didn't give me the phone number for legal. I'll have it in the morning. I've got court for the next 2 and a half weeks. I'll jump on it when I'm done with this one. Make sure you quote the Fair Credit Reporting Act and the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act whenever you speak with a collections agent. Also, note the time of the call and if their caller ID was spoofed, itself a violation of the collections act. I suggest you all read it

  • Ye
    yelahamer Mar 24, 2011

    Correct sir. They have a call back blocked so you can't star 69 the call. Everyone falls behind from time to time. You need to look up the federal Fair debt collection laws. Also the state where you live has laws dealing with the collection tactics allowed. Copy these down and demand they comply. They can't by law call your cell. If they call your work place, tell them not to call you at work again. That is a big no no. Know what your rights are. Contact an attorney if the situation is so bad that is your only recourse. Pay your bills, but if they can't play nice, don't be nice either. Business is business.

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Double billing

Well this started with me being hired in my second job and on the way home i was jumped and mugged by a...

Harrassing phone calls

I have been recieing phone calls from this company for about seven years. They are trying to locate a "Pastor...

Debt Owe

I received a telephone call in September 2008 from this company named Bay Area Credit Service stated that I...

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