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Bay Area Credit Service Customer Service


Bay Area Credit Service, LLC

4145 Shackleford Road, Suite 330B
United States - 30093

Customer Support Phone Numbers

Bay Area Credit Service has a nationwide network of industry-focused call centers staffed by highly trained managers and account representatives. Each account representative receives three weeks of intensive training on collection and customer care techniques, as well as on your specific industry. We also offer highly effective electronic collection and letter services.

Bay Area Credit Service Complaints & Reviews

Bay Area Credit Service / bay area credit service

BayAreaCredit_Concern9 on Sep 6, 2018

9/6/2018 #99221921 is our given reference number We were contacted with information related to my husband's information with a former address, adjacent name, and told the birth date matched the person they were contacting for an over $3000 debt for an ambulance ride that was never taken...

Bay Area Credit Service / Target for Fraud

Debra Delane Huntley on Apr 26, 2016

First of all my name and address were in the addressers place and it was addressed to Bay Area 1000 Rd. Ste.195 Bldg 400 Atlanta Georgia 30328: This letter is written as if I wrote it to Bay Area Credit Services for a bill unknown it is also signed incorrectly...This is how it reads: Dear...

Bay Area Credit Service / Took my money and claimed to have sold my account

Ngates on Sep 2, 2015

Miami Florida-This company has been harassing me for a year. I finally make a payment and when I called to get a clearance letter, they stated they sold my account and have no record of payment. I'm from Atlanta and am really looking forward to getting more info on this company, it'...

bay area credit service /

carolyn king on Feb 13, 2015

i got a letter from bay area credit from i try to set up a payment plan the man said they wanted it now i dont get pay until next month he said now i told him i dont have now bad the got so upset with me that not good i try to call att about my bill they said talk to bay area credit not good

Bay Area Credit Credit Services / Collection- SCAM - final Bill ATT

TonyP777 on Jul 6, 2013

I answered my home phone Saturday and a Tyler from the Bay Area Credit Service on the other line saying that my AT&T Uverse account was up for collection. According to him it was a service that was added earlier this year, 2013. -> If you get one of these calls, be VERY CAREFUL. Little...

Bay Area Credit Services / Harassing calls for &Floyd Nelson&

Joseph Roscoe on Apr 16, 2013

They have live-called and robo-called my cellphone nearly every day for over a year, demanding "Floyd Nelson" to call back about his debt or bad checks or whatever. They've threatened legal action, hollered "You have been served, " etc/ I have REPEATEDLY explained that they have the...

Bay Area Credit Services / Lack of info given re: add. & telephone

Anthonisen on Jan 14, 2013

The woman who talked to me at Bay Area Credit Services said the sum of $744.07 under my husand's name quoted to be by US Bank (in my search for refinancing) was now $808.08 due to rising added interest. She would not provide either an address or phone number for the company so-called...

Bay Area Credit Serv for AT & T / collection efforts

sljohnson1006 on Nov 21, 2012

I have an outstanding bill with AT& T which was placed with Bay Area Credit Service LLC. The outstanding fee is the early termination fee caused by me closing my account because I could not afford to continue service. The credit agency insisted that I make larger payments than I could...

Bay Area Credit Service LLC / Phone Bill Collection Request

focusforwardnow on Jul 9, 2012

I received a notice for collection of an AT&T phone bill for a landline disconnected a year prior. I checked with ATT re: this, and the customer service hung up on me. When I contacted Bay Area Credit Service LLC, they told me it was for my 'last bill.' However, I believe I paid...

Bay Area Credit / AT&T / Fradulent Bill from AT&T LEGACY B / Bay Area Credit

CMikitaw on Jun 19, 2012

ATT: DISPUTES 2 CREDIT BAY AREA ATTN: BAY AREA CREDIT SERVICES LLC. Fradulent Bill for services never ordered or recieved. Bay Area Credit Services LLC. 1901 W. 10th St. Antioch, CA 94509 Creditor: AT&T - Legacy B Past Due Balance: $117.43 I just opened this bill that I recieved in the mail...

Bay Area Credit Service LLC / AT & T

negra101 on Feb 28, 2012

February 28, 2012 To whom it may concern: I Marilyn Martinez residing at 4121 Connel Lane, Orlando, Fl 32822, received a notification from: Bay Area Credit Service LLC. 1901 W. 10th St, Antioch, Ca, 94509, In the attempt to collect a Debt #88691242 (Client Acct #4072813924459). I certify that AT ...

Bay Area Credit Agency / late night calls for undue phone bill

batmab on Feb 15, 2012

I have been receiving late night phone calls from B.A.C. harrassing me about an AT&T phone bill. #1 It is about a first bill on new home telephone service #2 I received a bill in mail on Feb. 9, 2012 which had a due date of Feb. 27, 2012 #3 I started getting calls from B.A.C on Feb. 11...

Bay Area Credit Services / Scare Tacticts

aladriael on Oct 7, 2011

Two of my aunts and my father all received calls from this company. The person they spoke with claimed to be calling from the federal government concerning charges of wire fraud and check forgery, trying to find me. After calling the Department of Justice, the Attorney General, and my...

Bay Area Credit Service / Continual phone harassment

I suffered an on the job injury in Jan. 2009 and several serious health problems came about while I was in the process of treatment. I have been totally disabled since the injury. My problem with this collection company can as the result of a fall where I broke my hip. The ambulance ride...

Bay Area Credit Service / At&t bill

Boy am I glad my boyfriend and I decided to search the web as we were talking to the people who called us from Bay Area Credit Service! Although they have a "legitimate" website, when you search them on Google the 5th word that pops up next to them is SCAM. With this in mind, let me...

bay area creditors / bill hassrment

i keep getting phone call fron this company, claming i owe the hospital 756.00 dollar for brgin in the hospital. on days i don't recall ever going to without my insurance. they call my job too many times. which i know is agaisnt the law. they person on the phone is very rude and unprofessional. i don't understand home these people even have a job.

Bay Area Credit Service / Ambulance charge


Agreed, they are a POS that has branched out to collecting from anyone that was put down as a reference on everything from Ambulance Rides to T-Mobile phones. I will contact legal in the morning. They have separate corporations in California, Alabama and Michigan now. Look to your morning...

Bay Area Credit Service / Double billing

Well this started with me being hired in my second job and on the way home i was jumped and mugged by a couple of gang members and some how or another i was in the hospital. Well at the time i had a "headace" which after futher resrearch i found out it was a much more serious than that but...

Bay Area Credit Services LLC / Harrassing phone calls

I have been recieing phone calls from this company for about seven years. They are trying to locate a "Pastor Estrada, " whom of which I have no idea. I call back the 800# and am received with such rudeness it is unimaginable. I've been told this will go on for as long as it does, get...

Bay Area Credit Service / Debt Owe

I received a telephone call in September 2008 from this company named Bay Area Credit Service stated that I owed $125.00 from a past due telephone from January 2008. I asked why were they just now contacting me now, how come they didn't contact me sooner. The caller informed me that...