Bath & Body Works Directare you aware of when the last day of fall is?

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The answer: The last day of Fall is Dec 21st.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Elizabethtown, IN How is it when I visited a B&BW's store this past weekend (OCTOBER 27th) that I was looking at winter scents? You all realize there's a month called November that doesn't resemble the winter months right? Common knowledge would mean that when i walked into the store that I would be looking at my most FAVORITE FALL scents. I can admit Dec 21st is an extended period of time to call "fall" but you or I don't make the rules for calendar dates. So how's bout meeting in the middle and release the winter scents on "Black friday?" Quit ruining fall for everyone because you're so eager to get these wintet scents out. Yours truely a "millennial" who has feelings too.

Bath & Body Works Direct

Nov 01, 2018

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