Bath and Body Worksthey never send me coupons but always send my best friend coupons and I spend 3 times as much money as she does. i

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I have shopped at Bath/Body for at least 15 years and am happy with their products. I shop with my best friend. She always has coupons she receives in the mail. Her average ticket is $30. I however spend anywhere from $50 to $176. Bath/Body has send me only one set of coupons this year but have sent my friend coupons every 2 weeks. Just wondering why B/B is discriminating against me and why this has been going on for so long? I am a professional who has money to spend. I don't appreciate the way I'm treated and demand an answer immediately. If you cannot treat me equitably, then I won't shop with you any more. If you treat others this way, it won't be long until you're out of business. Send me coupons regularly or goodbye Bath and Body.

May 18, 2017
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  •   May 18, 2017

    Oh. Please. You get coupons with every order. If she is getting them in the mail that frequently, then she does not shop as much as you do and they are trying to encourage her to do so.

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