Barclays/juniper / Harassment-calls at least 5 times a day

Austin, TX, United States

In 8/09 I made a major charge on my Juniper Barclays account causing my balance to be right at the credit limit. I planed on paying this down off of the limit line before any finance charges hit my account. However, My cycle close date was changed with notification so when my "finance charges" for the month hit my account it was pushed over the credit limit causing a $39 over the limit fee. I pay everything through my online bill pay and since I'd been paying on the account so long and was well aware of my cycle close date/due date I didn't even look at the bill. Well since they added the $39 over the limit fee and changed my cycle date, my payment basically went into a black hole, it didn't touch my balance. AND because I went over the credit limit because of the fees they jacked my interest from 7.99% to 27.99%!!! Next months finance charge was thorugh the roof! Again, since I new what my balance was (at least I thought I did), I made another normal payment of about $10 over the minimum payment. Well since the payment had gone up since my rates were increased and another over the limit fee and now a late fee was added the payment went again into a black hole. Now I call Juniper once I realize what had happened and explained. They said they could reevaluate my account in 6 months but until then wouldn't consider lowering my interest rate. I was now a couple hundred over in fees...every month adding $78 in late fees/over limit fees. I told them I would pay my balance but REFUSED to pay the ridiculous fees! The wouldn't accept that. So I told them I'd pay them the full amount once I had $1700 to pay it off. I began recieving phone calls seriously 5-10 a day from 8:01 am to 8:59 PM 7 days a week...even sundays at 8:01 am! I spoke to some many RUDE people who you cannot even understand that I just gave up. Everytime it's a different person, they never read the notes, they never know what's going I just stopped answering. Then they started calling my WORK 3 times a day! I told them they would get me fired if they continued to call me at work. They said the number was removed. This went on for 2 months. I contacted the BBB. The response Barclays gave was that the number was removed and they didn't have record of these calls being made!!! Then Barclays sends me a letter stating they will settle for $1760...I'll take it! I call and tell the "supervisor" I want to pay this off but I wouldn't have the full amount until Feb '10. She said that was fine she'd stop the fees and have $89 automatically deducted from my checking account for 3 months until I could pay the full balance off. GREAT! January 2010 comes, I get the money to pay it off, call Juniper and they tell me this conversation NEVER HAPPENED and that I owed $2600 (almost $1000 in fees and interest!!!) No way! I spoke with a supervisor "Chris". Explained everything to him...he was polite enough and told me he'd get it figured out and call me on the 1/20/10. Well I did recieve a call on the 20th...5 of them...and not one was "Chris" or anybody who had a resolution to this issue. So guess what Barclays, send my butt to least they won't call me 5 times a day!!! Everytime they call now I tell them "Send me to collections, stop calling!" Nope. Very persistant. If this was Citibank or a larger bank I'm sure they would have handed me over to collections 3 months ago...but not Barclays, they want every cent of those fees! Not happening.

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