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Barclays Bank / Credit card rip off through barclays

1 Los Angeles, CA, United States Review updated:

The juniper card and barclays bank is a financial scam!
I was checking out a new computer at the santa monica apple store and an employee said if I filled out a form, that I might be eligible for immediate credit with the juniper card with terms of 0% for 1 year. Because of my excellent credit rating, I was approved for over $1, 000 and I went home to further research their products, I then received a call that my dad had died of a heart attack and I left immediately. While out of state for almost a month, handling all the funeral arrangements and the estate business, my bills were being paid by auto-debit. When I returned to ca, I used the juniper card and I saw on their first statement that my interest rate jumped from 0% for one year, to 29.99%!
When I called, the people at juniper and barclays bank of delaware, I waited over 15 minutes for an agent and everyone I spoke with was unbelievably rude. The supervisor said the reason the interest went up 30% was because I didn't use the juniper card at an apple store within 30 days! I used it 32 days later. The apple employees explained none of this to me at either time! Before using the juniper card, I browsed the terms and information but missed a & ldquo;see below” fine print line. There is a (Very small and hidden) sentence in the contract that states, if you don't use the juniper card by barclays bank of delaware in 30 days, the interest goes from 0% for a year to 29.99%. Even though I spent less than the credit limit, the interest put me over the limit! I explained the situation, and no one at barclays bank or juniper was helpful, friendly or the least bit understanding. Not only would they would not lower the interest rate, or the over limit fee, even for as a gesture of good will, they charged me a $39 late fee because while I had been on the phone with them, because I missed the payment cutoff time by 45 minutes est! I highly suggest that you never use barclays bank or juniper! I have the feeling they may be up for a class action suit, if we really do see reform as promised, after the recent elections. I am wondering if this is one of the banks we bailed out!
To juniper and barclays bank, any means, including, a small oversight from grieving the death of a parent is another way to make more money.

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  • Ma
      13th of Mar, 2009
    0 Votes

    This bank is nothing but a rip-off by a bunch of filthy ###. They should be shutdown, and left holding the bag for every penny every single customer owes them.

    A class action lawsuit seems to be a good answer here, they deserve it, as they rip-off everyone they do business with.

    They are truly THIEVES.

  • Cb
      13th of Jul, 2009
    0 Votes

    This bank is the most unscrupulous bank I have EVER done business with. A few months ago they sent me a notice stating that they will be raising my interest rate unless I cancelled the account. I called and promptly did so. A month later I am hit with an increase of my interest rate. They stated that they never received such a phone call. I e-mailed Barclays directly in England - on three different occasions. On all three they apologized and stated that they will be getting back to me - that was April, and here we are in mid-July.

    My suggestion - DO NOT DO BUSINESS of any kind with this bank or their affiliates - you can take heed to this advice now - or pay dearly later.

  • Or
      18th of Sep, 2009
    0 Votes

    So let me get this straight - the fact that you took a thousand dollars from a bank and didn't read the terms and conditions under which they were lending you that money is the bank's fault?

    Sounds like the story of that lady who sued McDonald's for making her fat.

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