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Barclay Card / Poor customer service & receiving the amount

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I’m the customer of Barclays in India (Nov. 2007 – till date), I m not using this card for my regular uses, I use this card only once and that the mistake i made in my life. Dont ever believe on the customer care people misguide you and never tell you the truth behind so-called customer care service. They offer me the medical insurance service through this card, when i told them that i don’t want they told me Do not worry if you canceled this then you Do not have to pay any single rupee. When i canceled that police within the month of period i inform them that i canceled that policy, they said ok no need the approach to Barclay the if you canceled that policy and you don’t have to pay any thing.

But after a month of period when i received the statement it showed that the amount is credited when i called up again they said don't worry you will received next month the corrected statement. In month of June i received the SMS that your card is suspended due to the outstanding When i approach again then again told me the same sentence that we will reverse that amount you will received the corrected statement.

But this is the September month the situation is same and they not doing any thing about my query but they are very particular to send the reminder SMS and reminder Recorded call. They also mention one number that is relation the dispute department. I tried that number so many time number never getting connected.

After the 10 month they are now saying the new thing that you not informed the Barclays card department for cancellation.

I required your suggestions and guideline to avoid the further complications

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  • Ev
      21st of Sep, 2008
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    Regarding your situation, when you tell the representative that you have cancelled the subscription then they would tell you not to worry about it, the service you mentioned is handled by a different partner. If you cancelled during that time it should be refunded to you, if you were having problems with that you would need to contact the partner to have them handle it.

  • Ch
      22nd of Sep, 2008
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    The worst services I ever seen . using Barclay Credit card was my first and the big mistake. I made the payment by cheque but till date the same has not been received by them. even i am getting on an average 3-4 calls per day from bombay. i am fed up with the srvices and want to surrender the card but not knowing the process. Even a fear is inside that if they will use ny surrender card then what I will do. Because THEY CAN DO ANYTHING...:(

  • Th
      28th of Sep, 2008
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    The worst System and Service eversince I have heard is followed by Barclay Card. They ask me to make my payment through a cheque in the name of "Barclaycard PLC" and the CCno behind and to put in a rusted trash box like drop box situated in some petty shops in Chennai. Even though I made a payment which was reflected in my Bank account but was not accounted in Barclay's Card account. The very fine next day people from So called BarclayBank's customer service asks about the outstanding which i made. They irritated me to the core by calling more than 10 times a day followed by an SMS stating that i have not paid my due. Those person who asks me, never update what i tell in their system and so for every call i have to tell the whole story with proof.
    I also sent my bank statement through register post which clearly shows that i made my payment before due date to the Head Service team and customer care team which is in Mumbai followed by a email too.
    Till now I dint get any response from their side but could get irritating calls and SMS. After a long struggle I somehow made to understand an Collection executive about my issues. That fine Gentleman asked me to pay atleast the minimum due of Rs.150/- only then the Barclay Service team would consider my complaint. I then paid that amount that day itself through his representative. But it took another month now whereby i dint get any response from Barclaycard service team. I dont have words to describe more than this. Its easy for me to take them in Consumer Court with my valuable evidence which i gonna do it within few days.

  • Ch
      30th of Dec, 2008
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    Card No. 4339 4819 3316 9696 barclays

    I’m the customer of Barclays in India (Since aprox one year), I m using this card for my regular uses, Dont ever believe on the customer care people misguide you and never tell you the truth behind so-called customer care service.

    I am briefing you the whole story given below.

    I got my statement dated 19-09-2008, the due date is 09-10-2008 Total outstanding is Rs. 968.82. I had droped a cheque for Rs. 500.00 on 01-10-2008 before the due date. I had received a SMS after the due date 09-10-2008 that they have not received the payments. I had talked to customer care of barclays he told me that i pay the minimum amount and if any late payment shows in the next statement then it will be reversed. They have given a complaint no. CAS-245399. I had paid again Rs. 500.00 on same date. Now when i received statement dated 18-10-2008 i have found that they have received both of the cheque on 17-10-2008 and 18-10-2008 where as they received the cheque before the given date. The total amount was due 968.82 of statement dated 19-09-2008 where as i paid 1000.00 ie, i had paid Rs. 31.18 extra according to me.

    Again i had purchase of Rs, . 1025.55 and Rs. 127.5. Now the total Due amount is 1121.87 where as i had paid 1122.00.

    Again i had received a statement dated 19-11-2008 i had purchased of Rs. 5400.00. I talked to customer care and mail to barclays and clearly told them that i am poaying minimum amount rs. 310.00 if you will reverse the late payment and it's interest then i will pay the balance amount.

    But they are not responding of my mail. I had mailed so many times every time they were writing we will revert back to you within the 7 days.

    Now the Statement dated 18-12-2008 i had calculated the amount. I had paid 5090.00 and 303.00. I had left the latepyament rs. 500.00 + it's interest . I have paid also the interest of the rs. 500+it's interest Aprox 25.00.

    Now you will tell me how can i pay the late payment and its interest. Where as i have paid the interest of the Rs. 5400.00 + interest of the interest. I had dropped the cheque before the due date then why i will pay the late payment. This is not my fault. I think they are not collecting the cheque from the skypack drop box properly. will you tell me am i mad. i know that if i will not pay the minimum amount then late payment is eligible. But i had paid the more than the minimum amount before the due date then y i will pay the late payment.

    I am total tense about it. If i ma fraud then y i will pay the balance amount. I know only that if i have purchased some thing by the card then it should be paid by me. They are harrasing me through the call because i have written that i will not pay the balance amount ie late payment or interest.

    Please help me i am suffering from the tension and may be i will be caought by the depression.

    Please help me Please.

    I required your suggestions and guideline to avoid the further complications


    Chandra Mohan Mishra

  • Sh
      3rd of Feb, 2009
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    I have also faced the worst issue from barclays bank
    Without my permission they deducted Rs.9000/-from my account for some barclays toru package .But I have given the complaint immediately to the banking ombudsman Reserve Bnak of India also given complaint directly to the barclays bank UK ombudseman so immediately the problem solved. If you are facing the problem like this after talking to the bank, approach directly to the Reserve Bnak of India or the particular bank ombudsman

    Shaju Joseph

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