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Bank Of America / over drafting after opening a savings account!

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I opened a savings account with Bank of America after having a checking account with them for the past 12 years. I have done all my banking online so I figured it was just as well to process my order online as well. I clicked on the create new account part of the website entered all of my information and requested that funds be taken from my checking account to start the new acct. I got a confirmation notice that my request could take one to two business days and that if approved my information would then be viewable online and I would get my new card in the mail within two weeks. I figured that was fine.

I waited not just the two but three business days before checking online and was not surprised to see I had been approved and had a new savings account already set up. However what was surprising was that it showed at a zero balance and my checking account still had all my funds without any pending transaction letting me know that there would be money being transferred to my savings as I had requested. Well after having read all of the information on having a savings account with them I knew I'd be getting fees charged without a minimum balance so I decided to request anew that money be transfered from my checking. I immediately saw this transaction as pending and my checking account now only showing the lesser amount as available so I was certain this new transaction would process correctly.

Now having a new savings account with a proper balance and my checking account still adequate enough to fulfill all of my pending transactions I did not have a further need to look into it again in any immediate time. A few days later I decided to log in once more just to ensure the pending transaction had processed and everything was indeed in order I find more funds in my savings acct than I had originally in total and a checking account in a very nasty negative red number. Altogether there were five overdraft fees totaling $175. I started to only slightly panic.

I checked my transactions and noticed that both my second requests to transfer from my checking to my savings, and my original request, which was no where to be found when I submitted the second, had both processed on the same day and were now sitting in my savings account which had suddenly swelled to a number I did not have originally in both accounts combined. The total was the amount of both transfer requests combined. I immediately realized the error, but somehow knew that if I called customer service they would see what I did and would help me get my account straightened out and reverse those overdraft fees. I could not have been any more wrong.

The first representative I spoke to, Michelle, very politely listened to my situation and placed me on hold assuring me she would find out how to help me out. I waited on hold no less than 5 minutes and when she returned the politeness had suddenly vanished and instead in a curt voice I was told that I was responsible for the error and that I would not be refunded. I asked why and was told that the error had occurred in "the online banking" and so Bank of America would not refund me.

"Well," I thought, "if the error occurred in 'the online banking' and so she can not help me, I should speak to someone in 'the online banking.'" So I asked to be transferred she, suddenly polite once again, assured me she would get ahold of an online banking representative and then transfer me and again I was on hold. No less than 8 minutes this time. When she returned, the politeness doing it's magical disappearing act again, she informed me again that the error was in my negligence and that I would not be refunded any overdraft fees because I should have known via the pending transaction that the original request was already being processed and that online support could not help me because the original transaction was done at an in bank counter.

Forgetting for a moment that I never requested any transaction inside a bank, although not to forget it completely because it is important, my original woe had been that I did not see the original transaction pending so therefor proceeded, as hopefully expected from an honest customer, to assure proper funds in my savings account by submitting a second request to transfer funds. And not only that but when a transaction shows as pending in Bank of America online banking, it does not count that amount towards the available balance so even if I had wanted to transfer more money than I had in my checking, by the system itself it would have been impossible if the transaction was indeed pending.

I knew I was getting nowhere with Michelle so I asked for her manager. She declined to transfer me because she stated her manager would not get my money refunded either. However I persisted and soon was left on hold again. No less than 10 minutes this time; the hold times getting noticeably longer each time. So next I spoke to Michael, he gave me his last name but I won't say it. Michael the supervisor politely listened to my complaint again along with the lack of logic from the answers Michelle had provided and preceded to let me know that I was responsible because I had knowingly requested the original transfer at a counter inside a bank and that seeing the pending transaction online I should have not made the second request. He never lost politeness but it was very obvious he listened to nothing of what I had said and knew nothing about the way his employers website worked.

I decided to stop there because it really was getting me no where, but I'm now really at a loss about what to do about this. I know that I should not be forced to pay those overdraft fees because it is not my fault, and I don't even know how to submit a BBB complaint because I don't know what Bank of America location I should submit the complaint against because I don't know which one handles "the online banking" for accounts in Texas.

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      17th of Aug, 2008
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    I also have a Bank Of America Account. I had a problem with the once with a similar problem. I sudgest you go into the branch where you open your account and ask to speak with the manager there. Tell him or her what happened. If they still say they can not help you tell them your been a loyal customer for 12 years and threaten to close all your accounts and go to another bank. They should then willing to help you. But you will probably not to need to do that last step because when I went into the branch they were able to fix everything. I hope I am helpful.

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