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My loan was purchased by BOA from Countrywide.My income was reduced almost 70% from date of loan until present. I applied for a remodification (presidents protection for consumers right) and was told that if I caught payments up, they would remodify the loan under the lower interest rate, presently 5.7%. After payments caught up, they said I made loan 30 days before the elegibility date of the remodification date. Once again I fell behind and applied again and this time I was told that my income was too low to qualify for the new payments.Keep making the original payments $728.00. My ss income is $1000. monthly.
I am now almost 70 years old and everything I have ever worked for is being taken by BOA and I will be on the street. I feel that my tax money was used by BOA to set me out on the street. Thanks Mr. President.
Anyone else want to thank BOA and the UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT?
Ruth Perrigan

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  • In
      Jul 09, 2011

    I would like to thank BoA in the years I have been a customer they have provided me with superior products and good rates, I guess that is what you get when you pay on time everytime. It is amazing how good a company can be when you live up to deal and expectations you agreed to. I guess your word and honor is a one way street.

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  • Zu
      Mar 01, 2012

    We have been with Bank of America for 20 years and got behind on our payments. We filled out modification forms three times and the last time they said that they could not verify our income. We sent them bank statements and pay stubs but still said they could not verify our income. So i sent them our W'2 and still they could not verify our income. Bank of America does not want to help anyone modify there loans.


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  • Zu
      Mar 01, 2012

    We did get the modification. All it took was a attorney to send a letter to Bank of America and they said the person that was handling the modification did not sent the documents to the correct department and was fired.

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