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Bank Of America / scam and cheating!

1 Sacramento, CA, United States Review updated:
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Bank of America runs a scandalous business based on fraud, theft, and greed. Yesterday I checked my account being that payday is literally around the corner. Shock, awe, and surprise do not even begin to describe what I felt when I saw my account was overdrawn by $219.95. On April 30, my paycheck was directly deposited into my account. So far, it's all copacetic. On May 1, I make 2 purchases and a withdrawal. One of my purchases came with a $35 overdraft fee. On the same day I paid 3 bills online. Now I am aware of how this works. The payments don't always go through at the time you make them so I did what everyone does... leave the money alone. On May 2, all my payments went through along with a $35 overdraft fee on each. How do I go from having $400 in the bank to being overdrawn by $219.95? The bills I paid only amounted to around $200. So let's do the math.

Yesterday after work I went into a Bank of America Branch. I spoke to someone who obviously did not know what she was talking about. I was told that it is Bank of America's new policy to charge overdraft fees on pending transactions. So even though at the ATM the receipt stated that I had funds available, B of A still hadn't processed my direct deposit. All of this makes no kind of sense to me. How come I was able to withdraw $40 from the ATM if there were no funds available? How was I able to get gas if there were no funds available? How was I able to get my morning coffee and bagel if there were no funds available? By the way, I was charged a $35 overdraft fee on a $3.54 purchase at Safeway.

I am a poor, single working mom trying to keep a roof over my family's head and food on the table. How do you explain to a seven year old you're sorry but those new shoes they need just aren't going to happen or that the fridge is empty because B of A took literally half my paycheck in overdraft fees? To say that I am angry, furious, livid, again, is an understatement. Bank of America took food out of my child's mouth and I am enraged. Today I am going back to the bank and speak to the Branch Manager and let them know that they stole my money and they will be putting it back into my account immediately and I will be using every outlet to let the public know what they have done. If I had done this to someone, I would be behind bars.

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  • Na
      28th of Jan, 2008
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    Ok back in nov or dec of 04 i opened an account with my mom then on jan 4 05 or we closed it cause we moved out of state, or so we thought. I recently tried to opened an account with a new back close to where i live. They said i couldn't cause of pass due charges i was like what the hell we closed it and i never used my card or anything. So we call today and they said the account wasn't closed till may of 05. 5 MONTHS AFTER WE WANTED IT CLOSED. We never got any letters saying we owed money or anything. That bank is a joke they don't know what they are doing and now they screwed me out of getting a good bank account.

  • To
      28th of Jan, 2008
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  • Ji
      18th of Mar, 2008
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    I was recently scammed out of $250 from bank of america. Here is how the scam goes: B of A will approve a small amount of money to be withdrawn, even if there is not enough money in your account. This way they can charge you $35 overdraft fee for each transaction. By the time you figure out what has happened they have already stolen the money from your account. Great scam huh, start a bank!!

  • St
      21st of May, 2008
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    i agree dude, i wont bank either check out my letter im sending to them along with my cut up credit card that i will smear poo on.

    dear U.S BANK.
    i just wanted to write this letter to you to let you know how disappointed in your service and whole loan department that i am.
    i have dealt with so much garb

    age with your people and my jeff gordon credit card since i have had the loan that i cannot take it anymore. jacking my intrest rate from 7% to 29% for having a total of 4 late payments in my history (wich i made up for by paying extra to you people) no grace periods like most sane banks have and a 40$ late fee? what the heck?. then you jack my payment from 48 dollars a month to 150.00 a month when i am current on my bills, i think you guys are scam artists on loans and your qaulity of customer service is so bad that i dont know how you can say the words "customer service" more like "customer rapeist" so i will be paying my loan off with UTAH FIRST CREDIT UNION. a place where you can have a 10 day grace period if needed with no late fees, and a place where customer service is the finest that i have ever dealt with, and a place where the intrest rates are always lower than your circus act you have going over there. by the way i think i will let my local news in on this as well and maybe get one of those media personell that fights for people being ripped off.
    P.S. THANKS AGAIN FOR NOTHING JERKS, would you break into someones home or car and steal money or posessions? if the answer is NO then i am calling your company liars because you are no better than a burglar or a thief.

  • Di
      15th of Oct, 2008
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    BofA student account, yes student accounts can draw money out of their account EVEN IF THEY DO NOT HAVE IT IN THERE ! a $35.00 fee is charged everytime. My 17 yr old experienced this with a $275.00 overdraft total fee charge. To be fair, after numerous phone calls and demanding, the did return about 150.00 back. NOW when I called they said they can FLAG the account to NOT let the student withdraw if there is no money. Well unfortunately they told me after my daughter overdrafted $140.00 again, that not all merchants put the transactions through. I do know that may happen, but they also may insert just one dollar to let the bank know a charge is coming in.

    I argued again, that we had the code put on and she still was able to overdraft. NOW they will not refund anymore, even though there is a safer way in addition to the FLAGing that they DID NOT TELL US. That to ask for DEBIT instead of CREDIT. You see BofA makes more money when you say credit.

    Yes, my daughter should have been more responsible. However, some adults don't even balance their checkbooks; they can't possibly think they are servicing a community when they set policies for "STUDENT ACCOUNTS" that will rake in a ton of money for them. HELL they may even add that into their yearly budget.

    This is fraud. Remember when you could use your ATM bank card (without a visa or mastercard logo on it) and it would take the money out of your account right away? What was wrong with that system? Well, seems the banks weren't making enough money make it too easy to be responsible with our bank accounts.

    We can't find this as individuals, but we can as a group. We could get bumper stickers, I would provide at an extreme low cost.

    Think this over folks, let me know. WE CAN STOP THIS.

    love to my fellow Americans

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