Bank Of Americazero liability fraud protection

Our bank of america credit card number had to be changed about the first week of January 2009. He carries his card in his wallet and has not lost it. I had my card in my desk at home. We do not receive paper statements. So how did someone get the account number and try to book airline tickets??

I noticed the pending charge on 6/15 and called bank of america right away. They connected me to NWA since they (bank of america) couldn't do anything about a pending charge. I had to email NWA that I didn't authorize the passenger and they suspended the customer's ticket, BUT said I'd have to contest the charge with my credit card company (WHAT??). On 6/16, there was another pending charge, so I again contacted NWA and bank of america. NWA did not get back to me for 4 hours and allowed the passenger to fly (different name). I also contacted bank of america around 7am to cancel the card and reissue another new number.

Bank of America assured me that the 2 charges (over $600) would be off the account by the end of the next business day. Well, that didn't happen. I waited a couple days and called again. They "weren't sure" why the charges weren't removed, but assured me they would issue a credit and the charges would be off by Wednesday. Today is Wednesday and the charges are still there.

They keep trying to sell a service where you pay them to monitor your account. "Coincidentally" they called about it a few days before the fraudulent charges appeared AND the same day as the first charge appeared about two different programs (both of the programs we had already declined to be enrolled in within the last 6 months).

The card is a Platinum Plus with Zero Liability Fraud Protection that does NOT require enrollment in any programs. Why don't they just do their job? Now I have to call the fraud department AGAIN, but they aren't open until 8AM...

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