Bank Of America Credit Card / customer service

I helped my dad call BoA to ask for a lower interest rate (he doesn't speak English well) on his credit cards, and my dad had called earlier this month, but he didn't really understand. So I was talking to this lady, and she pretty much said that he wasn't qualified for a lower interest rate, and can only be if he pays on time. (which he does, but I didn't know that until after the call because my dad went to the store right after the caller person talked to him to let me talk about his account- so what is this lady talking about???} She seemed nice, until she realized that his account was in a lot of debt and that BoA had canceled his card. I understand canceling the cards, but damn, her attitude was totally different. And then I asked her what we can do, she pretty much said there's nothing to do. And then I asked for a supervisor, and she said she was the highest I could go. And then I started saying that she was not helpful, and as I was about to say I wan
ted to speak to someone else, she hangs up on me. HANGS UP. And then I call back, and ask for the person I was talking to so I could complain about her, they said they have no record of the call. Of course there's no record. She probably didn't submit it because she hung up on me. Really? I mean, right now, some many people are in trouble, and she has the audacity to hang up on me and not let me talk to some one above her? I did not believe her at all that she was the supervisor. So they gave me an address that I can send a letter to, but that really does no good because its not like they can find out who it is. I can't believe them. My whole family is at BoA and I will definitely move them, and tell EVERYONE NOT to use BoA. Just because they are the only ones surviving this crisis, doesn't mean they can treat people like crap. I can't believe them.

I am letting everyone know BoA customer service sucks. I've had many more problems on top of this, but I am so frustrated, because there is nothing I can do about it except complaint.

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