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Acworth, GA, United States

I have been with bank of america over a year and all was good until about two months ago. I made a serious error in my checking account and it overdrew it and caused problems for about a moth but I slowly got it fixed. I had much less than perfect credit and had been working really hard to get my credit up. I started looking on line for a consolidated debt loan who would pay off my debt and I could get good credit then. I thought I found one and stupidly i gave this company my banking info, They deposited a partial payment of $990 into my account, which I never touched. My bank had a hold on it and I wasn't ready to use it yet. The next thing I knew my account was closed without any warning. The check the consolidated loan people deposited was no good causing fraud on my account, Again, I never touched the check. I did have $632 left in my account from a cashed and then deposited pay check. I also had two direct deposits go into the account. All of this is money I worked very hard to make. I am a single woman and work three jobs. The bank will not allow me to get to any of MY money, I need to pay bills desperately. My utilities are about to be shut off. I own my mistake of going online and giving that company bank info but I had no ideal it was a scam. I though it was someone who worked with bad credit. I have called the bank every day to see if I can get my money and every day they tell me a different story. I have been lied to several times. I don't understand any of this. None of that loan companies money was touched. I am desperate to get my money. I am totally broke. Please help me!
[protected] or [protected]. SS [protected]. Please help me!!!

Beth Cook

  • Updated by Beth Cook, Oct 23, 2018

    My social is 259 15 5696. Typo above with ss number.

Oct 23, 2018

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