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Bank Of America Corporation / boa closed the account & froze the funds

1 United States

I have been a customer of BoA for several years, and I had checking account and a credit card with them. My parents are visiting me for a few months every year, and they are from a third world country. While they are here, they work at McDonalds and using BoA checking account for direct deposit. When they opened the account, the offer was that if in the next three months they get curtain amount from direct deposits, they will receive $300 bonus. Three months later my parents go to the grocery store to buy milk and bread, and neither of their debit cards work. I was in another city planning and having a funeral for my mother in law who recently died, and I was unable to help them. My parents speak very limited English; however, after spending two hours on the phone, BoA was able to find someone who speaks the same language (which was a great thing). The response was: "BoA chose to close their account and they will EVENTUALLY receive the cashier check after everything is over.There is no actual time frame and they cannot answer why the bank made such decision. Also, they will not be able to open another account either."
The next morning I spent about an hour on the phone with the BoA customer service, being bounced among 5 different representatives that could not answer me why the account is closed and why my parents cannot get their funds? Finally Norma from the closure department answered: "It was the bank's decision, and at some point after the investigation they will be getting the cashier check"...sounds familiar, huh?...The only problem is, my parents are travelling back home and these are the only funds they are counting on to survive over there! My husband could not listen to this BS anymore and yelled back "What is there to invastigate? Several deposits from McDonalds and less than two grands?" We asked for Norma's supervisor, and that was a hassle! Finally she spoke to her supervisor, Ashley, herself and they ALLOWED us to withdraw all their funds the NEXT day ONLY! ...and so I did, as well as I chose to close my other accounts and credit card with them, as I don't know at what other most tragic and inconvenient moment this bank will "chose" to screw me over.

Feb 2, 2019

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