Bank Of America / account closure and overdraft

Chicago, IL, United States
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i recently checked my account online and it would not let me in. i went to the ATM by my home, so i could take out $40.00 and it wouldn't let me. so i called the bank and they audio mated machine told me that i was $888, 575.38 overdrawn on all four accounts. i called customer service and they gave me a number to call about account closure. i call this number and it tells me that its having technical difficulties. so i call customer service again and they gave me another number. if i took out 888, 575.38 i would drive an exotic car and maybe even faked my own death. instead i'm trying to solve this. for god's sake i can't even afford to put new tires on my car. they have me going in circles. all i want from them is my 110.00 dollars i had inside there and my name cleared is that too much to ask for? in the past couple of days i had used my card and it was fine. this is not right. it make me not even want to open an account with any bank! if they want to close my account that's fine with me i just want my money and they could leave me alone. if they don't tell me anything, i'm notifying the BBB for their actions, i will most likely tslk to my lawyer

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