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Bank of America is a complete rip off!!! They charged me $70 dollars in overdraft fees because my account was overdraft twice for a total of -$98.24. This was probably the second time I have ever gotten overdraft since I opened the account 8 years ago. I think the first time they charged me $5 for the overdraft and I didn't mind paying it. But to charge $70 dollars? That makes completely no sense at all. I mean all I did was barrow less then $100 for a week and get slammed with a $70 fee!!! I could probably barrow $9000+ for 21 days using a credit card and pay less than $70 in interest. Never bank at Bank of America. They're a complete rip off!!!

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  • Jb
      Jul 11, 2010
    Bank Of America Checking - Theft of Charges,
    Bank of America
    North Carolina
    United States

    Bank of America was bailed out with Federal Funds that you the taxpayer are paying for, and now when I told them to close my account, some six months later, I get a letter from a collection agency for $57.64 in overdraft fees. which I haven't used, because I had a zero balance.

    They were supposed to close out the account in January, 2010, but as usual, BOA puts their head in the sand or hands on their ears and eyes and keeps charging me for an account that I closed.

    Somebody in congress ought to deal with this bank, as they don't mind robbing from the poor and keeping you poor.

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