Bank Of America / run around / stonewalling

United States

On 3/9 I contacted Bank of America Home Loans. The person who took my loan was Chad Harter in AZ. On taking my app, I explained that 4/23/2010 was my closing date and the reason I was going with BofA was because aprevious bank made a bad error that left a bad taste in my mouth so I didn't want their mortgage.

HE took my app, and I sent all the documents needed. I was assigned to Toni Ann Magadino in Long Island, NY. After forwarding her the documents, again, she was removed from my loan.

I was then assigned April Connolly out of Melville, VT. I got a conditional approval with a letter of conditional items. I supplied all these documents on April 1st, 2010.

My loan documents were not looked at until APRIL 16, 2010. That is a week before closing. It's incredible!

The week before closing, I received a letter asking for more documents. The day BEFORE closing, I received another letter asking for:

a) a marriage license (because I did not take my husband's name)

b) a letter from my post office that my physical address is the same as my POBox - ie, both were to me.

c) 20 other documents that would take days to get.

Why this stuff wasn't needed a month ago, I dont understand. I feel that they didnt have time to do my mortgage, knew that and stonewalled me.

My lawyer, in the business locally for 30+ years, said he's never heard of a marriage license requirement or a post office requirement.

I was able to, a day before closing, find another provider I have a business relationship with to write me a mortgage. I have excellent credit and financial reserves.

Bank of America wanted my business, and was willing to lie to keep my business. They've now lost all my business.


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