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Bank Of America / abusive fees

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I have told the bank of america on more than one occasion that I do not want the courtesy of paying an overdraft. They were told very clearly. Yet this happened again. Overnight within minutes a deposit that covers everything with extra cam in and my rent and phone check as well. Actually the phone had to bounce as it did create an overdraft. Yet they have charged me 9 x 35 and it is growning. I had a good deposit come in today and it was in the black but I was hit with 2 more overdrafts. I am on social security disability and this is past abuse. I called the bank and my premier banker 2 times and they all went into the specifics of 12:00 and 12:0 and my banker said she submitted a request for a refundfor 7 of the fees. It never happened. I am closing my accounts and I want my money back! I am writing to everyone news, government agency, rip-off blog that I can find! All because they did me this coutesy that I clearly stated no tot do. I am behind in my credit card and have$15 in savings so why would they pay iot? To rake in fees for many days. Since the limit is 5 a day, they just keep some spending and of course with all the fees the transaction and automatic payments, like the gym, create more overdrafts. They first day this happened I had received my pension and ssdi check, paid my $900 rent and phone and then they took all of my money. I had a little left as it started so I transfered %50 to savings so I could eat. I can not even get my medication, which is a struggle at several hundred a month not counting dr visits. The elite officials can take millions as bonuses, squander bail out money, and all the while the big bank of americarobs me of my little money I have to survive. I am also sending this to all of my government officials as this is beyond criminal. I would be laughable, that they refuse to bounce my check except it is all for the purpose of abusive robbery. You want support and then allow this? It is an outrage! I want no more ties and I want my funds returned minus the one that should have bounced since it missed by one minute. I demand that you look into this as it is commonplace. Will all that read this please contact your congressman, governor, senator,

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  • Bo
      5th of May, 2009
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    I agree 100 percent. B of A seems to manipulate the online banking timing to create ridiculous fees at 35.00 each. I've seen the order of transaction change day to day to maximize the number of fees on tiny withdrawals. It should be sanctioned aggressively via Class Action.

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