Bank Of America / bank of america was determined not to help me and came up with excuse after excuse to discourage my request

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I have been in that process for over 2 years. Send the documents over and over and over. Then declined for not sending them. It is a joke. They do not care about there customers period. If you are in that process. Just give up. You will not get help. You will not get an answer. They will not review your documents. I attended the reach out to customers thing inAtlantaon April 9 2011 handed the same exact documents, financials, you name it.

Just picked up phone today and they say you have been declined for a modification because after all my expenses monthly I was $500 in the negative. Well, that is a hardship. It is just a joke. I was told if I could afford what I was paying now just keep paying. What a joke. I never picked these folks. I was with countrywide to. So If you are trying to get a so called modification you are wasting you time. Bank of America does not care.

I have one mtg with bank of america, and a loan with teachers federal credit union that is attached to my house.I went thru the whole process pictures and all the steps after 7 months I’m now told that the 2nd loan took a loss and charged off the loan. I also filed bankruptcy 2yrs ago and everything but my bac mtg was discharged in the bankruptcy. Because of this Bank of america denied my deed in lieu. I told them right in the beginning when I called them after I received all of the paperwork and told them.

My son attempted loan modification THREE TIMES….it was always kicked back for some stupid reason and he had to start the process all over again because of the length of time it took on BOA’s part. during one of those periods where it got kicked back and my son redoing all the paperwork BOA filed foreclosure papers. Third time was the charm (after almost a year!) and the modification finally went through…foreclosure cancelled.

THEN HE GOT A NOTICE THIS WEEK….pay $5000 in attorney’s fees or we start foreclosure and they want it immediately. they will only spread the payments into three payment and he has to keep his account current. he works a full time job, is going to school full time, he and his wife had a baby 3 months ago, his wife works and they are staying ahead of the curve but barely because of his travel expenses to get to school every day (80/day one way). BOA will not work with you regardless of the reason even when it was their fault

I went to Bank of America to obtain signature guarantee for a document that I had to submit to Fidelity Investments. This is something I had done many times in the past at their Mission San Jose branch with no prior problems. We had banked there for more than 20 years. But this time, I made the mistake of going to their Warm Spring branch office. The branch manager there was named Quenby Fong. She was ready and eager to say NO to anything I asked for.

She first claimed she had did not know what a Defined Benefit Plan was and therefore, she could not provide signature guarantee on my document. I explained that a defined benefit plan is similar to a 401K program. Then she said she did not do signature guarantees but she could only do Medellion signature guarantee. Then I said I did not care which one I got and whichever one she could do, I would request for that. Then she finally came back and said she would not do any signature guarantee. I finally gave up asking her for assistance.

About an hour later, I made another trip to Bank of America Mission San Jose branch. The branch manager, Lily Tang, was very helpful. She explained that I needed to bring an account statement from Fidelity before she could provide me with the signature guarantee. Luckily, there was a UPS store next door. I went there to use the internet connection and printed out an account statement immediately. Lily Tang gave me the signature guarantee within 5 minutes.

The branch manager (Quenby Fong) at Warm Springs branch of Bank of America was determined NOT to help me and came up with excuse after excuse to discourage my request. With this type of attitude, she should have found other lines of work so that she could be happier at what she does.


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