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Banfield Pet Hospital / scam and cheating

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My cat was having problems breathing and meowing because she swallowed something. We went to banfield, but when the vet found that the cat didn't have a vaccine for 2 years he panicked. He said he cannot do anything with the cat because if someone gets scratched, the cat will have to stay in isolation at banfield for 10 days and the person that got scratched will have to get medical examinations. They wanted to give my cat FIVE xrays, 2 blood checks and a bunch of other things which would cost me almost $1800.

I went to a private animal hospital, the vet took a leather glove, held my cat and gave vaccinations. He put something into my cat's throat and removed a little marble. My total cost = $170.

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  • Va
      26th of Sep, 2008

    I called Ben-field to see if I can sign up for the wellness program at the same time my cocka poo puppy can be spayed. The women answered the phone was not friendly at all. Later I found out that she was the same lady who was there when I signed up for the program. It looks like she works there full time She is there all the time. She told me that the Dog needs Physical when I signed up for wellness program. It will take about an hour. So I left my dog there. and she told me to pick her up in an hour. when I came back to pick up my dog this receptionist does not acknowledge me at all although I was standing there waiting. I was there on time to pick up my dog. She was just talking and socializing with another customer and She glancing over me saying. "Your dog is not ready". How rude. no apology what so ever. I told her Could you please call me when she is ready. and I left my phone cell phone there.

    I would like to cancel wellness program that I signed up for but How can I do that. Right now My dog is in for surgery at Ben-field I am so worry about her. I am very happy with the Vet we go to Everyone there loves my dog. Only reason I chose this place because we couldn't set up an appointment soon enough for her spaying. I want to go back to my old Vet. I have another dog 3 year old beagle. My old Vet loves my two dogs.

    Another thing is that my dogs physical record shows her weight is little over 10 pounds. Her surgery schedule date is one week later. her weight is over 16 pound. She didn't gain that much weight in one week and her physical record shows her ear was checked and oder free but also that is not true her ear was small at that time. I had to confirmed three times for my dog's surgery date. They picked the wrong date for the surgery. No apology from their part.

    I will look into canceling wellness program. Ben-field and Pet Smart are not the store with friendly people working.

    They are not nice to all the animals at all. They pick and choose. I thinks all the animals are precious and special. and If you can't be nice to all the animals They shouldn't be working there.

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  • Ca
      30th of Mar, 2009

    I think that maybe you were rude and inpatient. The reseptionist is NOT a nurse, and she can not hurry other co-workers, or discahrge your pet herself.

    I hate how customers think that when they enter a place of service that everything has to be dropped and they get served right away. AND I HIGHLY DOUBT the receptionist was "SOCIALIZING, " she was most probably helping another customer BEFORE YOU, and you were just RUDE AND IMPATIENT and you were not served FIRST, AT THAT VERY SECOND--JUST TO LET YOU KNOW: YOU CAN'T CUT PEOPLE IN FRONT OF YOU, IT'S RUDE!!!

    IF you don't like BANFIELD then go ahead to your other vet, and let them deal with you RUDE AND SORRY ###. Banfield or other services do not like rude and impatient customers ANYWAY.

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  • Ph
      26th of Jan, 2010

    Actually, if the rabies vaccine was out of date, the cat would have to be in quarantine for 6 months. More than likely, this vet was very inexperienced but was protecting the health of the staff. This could happen at any clinic. Needless to say, if your cat had bitten anyone at the second clinic, then, by law, your cat would have to be quarantined.

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