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Reviews and Complaints

veternary abuse, company cover-up

Took cat in for regular check up. She was so bruised and muscles strained when she was returned, four hours latter than we were told, that she was in pain for a week. The vet that treated her was Roque Gonzalez. It turns out that he was fired by the City of San Antonio for maltreating animals in its clinics, has been the subject of TV investigations, is a regular in sanctions by the Texas board. Of course we complained, Banfield has more attorneys than the Justice Department. It is not worth bothering--these people have no standards, morals, or honor. We dis an investigation into the vet. he was at the bottom of his class in Neuvo Leon, Mexico, took several times to obtain a license, may not be in this country legally, and per the Banfield Hospital in Selma "Oh we love him, because we can't get any other spanish speaking veterinarians." Regarding the cat--well nobody ever asked how she was.

Here is the come on--buy their insurance policy. You never see the tests that they charge for but at every visit you get a document that shows that they are loosing, $1200.00 per year by treating you pet. As you can see by the math--there is a scam of significant proportions here. But as above, they are encircled by attorneys, and there is a call center that will never respond to you. So use their services at you own risk--but if you are on the web looking for them you will see a significant number of sites with multiple complaints like this. Many Many complaints for what is not a very large business. Draw your own conclusions.

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    LET Mar 27, 2009

    I would like to comment on the WELLNESS PROGRAM. It is not insurance. At all. And the number that comes on your invoice, the $1200.00 you speak of, is actually the money you've SAVED, using Banfield's Wellness Plan. And if you look at the cost of the services you receive on the program, you'd see that you did save a lot of money.

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