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cat adoption/volunteer

2 days ago, at 7pm on a Friday night, I walked into this PetSmart not thinking much about finding a kitten to call my own. 3 weeks ago I lost my one tuxedo to renal failure, leaving her sister all alone and my folks and I devastated. We went in search of a friend for her sister this past Friday, looking at the Hearts Alive shelter for kittens...but we struck out and I asked my parents if we could check out this PetSmart, since I know they put up animals for adoption.

We walked in there and I looked around for the adoption center, and as soon as I glanced around at all these beautiful heart glowed at seeing this 4-month old tabby male named Tito. He looked so gentle, ever at peace with his sister and friend Dolly. My mom was the first to hold him and her heart melted, being a cat lover...then it was my turn. She handed him to me, and I was in love with how sweet and gentle he became in my arms...snuggling himself into my chest and looking to me as if he found a home.

We vowed the next day we'd return to adopt him...we did just that. We brought our black lab to see Tito through the glass and he had no problems; nor showed signs of fear or anger towards a dog. We knew Friday night we had found our kitten and so we filled out the paperwork this past Saturday morning to adopt him.

Only to find out Sunday afternoon, after not hearing any notice for 24 hours from Hearts folks went to PetSmart to see Tito. Just to find that a volunteer had come late that night and took Tito, planning to adopt him & that our application had been shoved under a pile of if to say this had never happened.

Making matters worse was PetSmart and Heart's Alive pointed the finger at each other, as far as whose to blame. Kelly McMahon, executive director, for the organization told my mom that day after my folks had visited their facility that she would "do everything in her power to rectify the situation."

Not only did she fail us, but came up with a bs excuse as to why she did not do more...not even thinking of how this had hurt me or thought about what our family was going through on account of their mistakes.

DO NOT chose to adopt from this organization. They do not put the customer before their volunteers.

If you want to be like my family and go through the same heartache and frustration they've caused us, then that is your choice...this is a fore-warning for all families looking to adopt.

This cold-hearted and selfish act could have happened to any family, not just ours...and the last feeling you want to have is knowing you were NEVER a priority.