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We recently went into bad boy in london ontario and what a joke! We're having a house build and I decided that we're going to need all new... Everything! Before I decided where to purchase the items, I thought i'd be nice and grant one deserving sales person a chance to earn commission on the whole lot. All they had to do was show they deserved it. I went in and looked for the cheapest love seat - on sale for around $450.00. When the sales guy came around I said I was interested in just the love seat and i'd take it now if he waved the tax. He made up some story like it was as low as it could go but if I bought the whole set he could give me a deal on shipping and then went to help a couple looking at a more expensive set. Another guy came a round and seemed nicer, but again became irritated by me trying to barder on a cheap (Er) piece of furniture.

So then I noticed a young employee chatting to another and rather candidly boasting how much beer he planned on consuming once he got home. Classy. My wife and I had enough and walked over to the brick. We went over to the dinning tables and when approached I said I was only interested on one of the dinning chairs. She looked a little confused so I repeated and asked if I could buy just 1 and for almost half the price. Without much more persuasion she actually agreed! I watched her do up the bill and when asked for payment I told her I was just testing her and then proceeded to buy my appliances:) i'll go back for the bedroom set and living room accents in the couple weeks and i'll be sure she gets the recognition.

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  • Me
      Jan 24, 2009

    You Sir, Or Madame?
    Are a sales persons nightmare. My guess is that you are of Arab decent, am I right?
    You're lucky you got any service at all. Good luck at ther Brick. LOL
    Sometimes ya gets what ya deserve ;)

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  • Se
      Jul 17, 2009

    On a regular priced item you can always get a better deal. This peice of furniture at bad boys. Was it a sales item in their flyer? Because if it was then they can't go lower. Unfortunately a lot of people don't understand that the sales item you're getting is often a better deal then what these sales consultants would purchase it for.

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