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Ruthann i. Johnson
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Pat haberman
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December 12, 2014

Good day pat,

I am currently a representative in district 4852 and am under mary jo domanski. I became an avon representative about 27 months ago. The main reason for me to become a representative was to do it to occupy some of my time in the evenings while making a little bit of spending cash.

My first district manager was a gal by the name of amanda merritt (?). At no time did she ever contact me nor direct me in some of avon’s policies and procedures. When signing me up, she didn’t direct me to avon’s website for representatives, send me a welcome kit, nothing.

After that there were a few months of no district manager and then I had one mary (Whom I thoroughly enjoyed working with) and now I have mary jo domanski who only seems to know me when my account is behind or I haven’t placed an order in a few campaigns. Then at that, it’s her assistant who telephones, not me. I receive a mass text telling everyone on that text that our account is behind and we will need to make a payment prior to order submission. I finally had to text her and tell her separate texts should be sent as this is private info between the rep and her manager.

Now my avon account is locked because of my balance and I was told by the district assistant that unless I place a brochure order, my avon account will be closed!

When did all of these new rulings happen? I was never led to believe if you don’t produce and place an order each campaign that your account will be closed. My problem is that I have had customers who haven’t paid me so I am stuck with the product and the bill and a balance.

Last campaign mary jo told me that if I paid the $191, then she would be able to get my order released. When I asked her for a confirmation that this was indeed the case, I received no response (I have the texts to back up my concerns). Currently I owe avon $399.00, which will be paid in full in the next few weeks.

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I went into selling avon as a hobby, not a fulltime job. All I seem to hear now is sell, sell, sell or you won’t have an account. Since when did avon become this way?

I also have a credit limit of $600 which I would think you would be able to use and not have your account shut down for payments.

To be honest with you, I would absolutely love to continue with avon but under another district leader. I feel that although mary jo is a great person, I personally think she runs by the seat of her pants and back pedals all of the time. The only time I hear from her is when my account is behind or I haven’t placed an order.

Keep in mind that I have never been under the realm of someone who truly invested in me as an avon representative.

Please email me back with your suggestions, concerns and where to go from here. I would prefer to deal direct with you until I can be switched into a new district. I hope you understand.

I work a fulltime job so I am unavailable to talk during the day so I would definitely prefer to stay in touch via email.

Pat, thank you for your help and expertise in helping me with avon, I value your input.


Ruthann johnson

(As of the writing of this to avon, dec. 23, l 2014, I have not heard back from pat haberman nor my district manager, mary jo domanski. What type of company is avon running? Prompt response is greatly appreciated.

Dec 23, 2014

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