Avis Rent A Car / bait and switch scam

Sugar Land, TX, United States Review updated:

I rented a car from Avis, as they are our preferred vendor despite being priced higher than other companies (kickbacks). Long story short, due to traveling for work, I called our travel agency to book a car with a power seat due to being petite. As it can't be written on the reservations, they in turn called to arrange that (I've been told).

When I arrived in San Diego, my car didn't have a power seat; but the rep there said, "For a few bucks a day, I can find you one with a power seat." Ok, then we had a great conversation, he hit me up for a job with my company, etc. Then he handed the paperwork and said, "Sign here, initial, initial." Honestly, my bad was I didn't look at what he had done. I admit that; however, I assumed a corporate contract and good conversation as well as trusting a large company would mean $5/day, not $75/day on top of the rental fees!

When I dropped off my car and saw the total cost, I was floored. But rushing to my plane, I was unable to address it. I've since called the corporate office and emailed and even contacted the rental location to get a resolution. Corporate office very coolly said, "Well, you signed it." Yes, I take responsibility for that, but in hindsight, the rep's conversation and quick contract signing weren't an accident. I asked why it was such a high upgrade fee, and I was told it was due to being done at the location. I countered that I'd requested a power seat with Concur, and they have a recording of it. Well, that doesn't seem to matter. They also said they'd send this to the "local manager" but were "unable" to give me that manager's name.

I'm appalled that a national company such as Avis would stand behind their reps who flat out lie and misrepresent the contract as well as impose a fee so high. This isn't even my money; it's the company's. But it's the dishonest business tactics that are an issue. I would never have someone represent my company who can't speak the truth. The rep knew the exact amount per day but still chose to say "a few bucks a day." I don't know about you, but to me, $75 does not equal a few of anything! Be very careful and do not book with Avis!

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  • Su
      28th of Apr, 2012

    there are plenty more complaints on consumer affairs, going to post them so you'll can see what avis does to people!

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  • Gi
      14th of Jan, 2017

    I had the same problems with AVIS bait and switch. They leave it up to the customer to complain they substitute to a lower class car with no price adjustment. The rental car location in Overland Park Ks did it to me twice and it was a huge argument to explain that the Ford Edge was a standard SUV and a Ford Escape is an intermediate class. I was offered a Kia Sorrento and Nissan Rogue which are still not part of Ford Edge class. The fact that you cannot speak with them rationally about it makes me think it was intentional. Shameful

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