Avis Car Rental / awful service

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I'm a preferred member and up until the last six months, sevice has been great - now the mistakes and errors avis is making is driving me away

1. I've had to go to the counter and stand in line 3 out of 3 times when picking up a car.

2. Avis has added a $13 to my bill for fuel service if I drive the car less than 57 miles without asking me if I bought gas - hey, it's cheaper for you and me if you ask... Did you buy gas before you put the charge on my bill and I have to reverse it with a phone call to your customer support. I can do things too that screw up your day, just like you screw me

3. Avis lot boss in atlanta (fri, 2/6) has his head where it doesn't belong. He's allowing cars to build up at returns so it blocks the bus to take us to the airport (nearly an half hour wait for that problem)

4. The person receiving cars at atlanta doesn't understand the concept of fill each queue in order — people had to wait 10 to 15 minutes because others coming in after were put into an open lane

Avis - I had come to depend on your dependable, efficent service. Your screwing up and falling behind. It can't be good for your future.


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