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First of all, I rented a car from AVIS and not until when I returned the car that I realized that it was on a "re-call" list and should have never been rented out without a proper service first. Then, AVIS LAX office couldn't locate the car just 5 mins after being returned.

Here is the story:
5 mins after I returned the car, I realized that I left a bag in the car and then went back to the agent who checked me in. The car was gone and he couldn't find it anywhere in the LAX parking lot (not in the cleaning or maintenance area).

No one at that office knew what happened to that car. They thought some other agents (from other locations) must have driven it to their location. Apparently, no one recorded that activity. The car just vanished 5 minutes after being returned.
I waited for two hours and they still couldn't find it but the manager assured me that he will put a "hold" on that car so when the car turns up in the system, it will not be rented again. It was at this time, that I realized that I have been driving a car that needs service. It was on a "recall list" and the LAX manager was surprised that car was rented to me.

After I came home, I called them everyday and being told repeatedly "don't know where the car is" then 5 days later, I was told "oh, that car was rented by the Budget office next door to us". I then sent a lengthy email to the customer_service department asking for explanation. And after sending my email twice, 10 days later, I got the reply in below. I even sent the same email to the AVIS VP and a customer relationship manager in the corporate office but no reply.

How can such a poorly managed company, AVIS car rental, can survive in the US market?

Here are my questions and the reply from AVIS:
> I would like to get an explanation from your company that:
> 1) How can a car disappear from Avis car 5 minutes after being returned
(there were at least 10 cars in front of my car, my car was not even the first
in line) and no one knew who took it?
> 2) How can a car that needs service
being rented to me in San Louis Obispo
and then again in LAX without being properly serviced?
> 3) How can a car that was on a "Hold" list can be rented?
> 4) Why the manager not returning my calls to apologize or let me know the status of my search?

Reply from Avis:

Avis is not responsible for
any loss or damage to personal property left or carried in a rental
vehicle, therefore lack of planning, organization, or responsibility on your part

In regards to the manager's actions and the vehicle being rented out, I unfortunately do not have access to that information; hence I can not provide an answer on this.

As far as the vehicle being rented
while on 'HOLD' again I do not have access to this information and would be something that only the manager of the Los Angeles Intl Airport location.

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  • Jo
      Jul 14, 2010

    Beware, buying a insurance at Avis that they wont tell you that your being charge a day, they will only tell you that how much the insurance is, misleading you to think that you are charge only for what they tell you, when you return the car and get the bill, , , surprise!!! then they tell you that you initial the contract, , , they also wont ask you if you have insurance for your personal vehicle that you can use for rental cars so you dont have to buy theres becouse they get commision for selling it. they will also lie to you about insurance if you ask question, and if you dont believe me!! go to Avis at Midland, Texas airport if you live close by.

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  • Am
      Sep 22, 2010

    nice comment, clearly relevant to the initial complaint. I am truly sorry you had a bad experience with Avis, but in a high demand market vehicles are sometimes stationary for a limited amount of time, It is possible that the vehicle went on recall when you had it out rented, or that the recall is not a major safety issue that would have allowed you to have a vehicle, would you rather them be out of cars at checkout? or provide you with a recall for a heated wiper module shorting out (lost of Chevy's have this)?
    As for leaving your bags in the car, that unfortuneatly is your problem, as an ex-employee, sometimes vehicles are rented with stuff in them, there is high turnover, i have had customers call back on lost jewelry, garage door openers, militray orders etc.. and the vehicle is no longer anywhere near the location the rented from, it is bad luck but do not blame avis for you forgetting your bag, its irresponsible.

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  • Ca
      May 07, 2014

    avis rent a car are fraudulent theives they overcharged me $600 . They have 430 complaints at rip off google. including an ex employee confessing to their scams that he was part of and a you tube video complaining. why doesn't the government intervene and stop these con artists from ripping more and more people off.

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  • Da
      Aug 01, 2016


    I had reserved a car 1 month prior- on arriving at the AIrport Avis LAX at 2.30 pm, - they did not have a car .
    Car was only ready at 5.30 pm


    The gentleman standing next to me who was also waiting for his car . His AVIS agent asked him " where are you from ?"- he replied " Pakistan"

    The AVIS agents reply was - " There are a lot of your kind here now days "

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  •   Aug 01, 2016

    Do you think they hold the cars for you? No, they rent them out. You wait until the next car comes in. Remember, when you have the car, the person waiting on your car will have to wait for you to return it.

    I think you mistook the comment as racist. That is what happens when people eavesdrop on other people's conversations.

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  • Da
      Aug 01, 2016

    It is you who is mistaken ! But you are an Avis staff I assume .

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  •   Aug 01, 2016

    You know what they say when you assume. I do not work for any car rental. I work in a pharmacy. But thanks for proving your ignorance.

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  • Da
      Aug 01, 2016

    Well you ### pill dispenser - it was my friend who was the recipient of the racist comment .
    He also has written to the director of Budget / Avis about the service .

    Do you really think that a 3 hour wait for a car already reserved car is ACCEPTABLE ??
    Grow up please ignoramus

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  •   Aug 01, 2016

    As someone who has rented cars for years, I understand that sometimes you have to wait for the car you requested. They always offer you another type of car. It is up to you whether you take their offer or not. Most of the time, they will upgrade you for free if they have an upgrade available. Your 'friend' needs to learn patience. And you need to learn to stop posting for your 'friend'.

    Like I said, ignorance.

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