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Unsure, United Kingdom
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In May, I received an email about renewing AVG software. Having no PC I cancelled immediately and received an email saying sorry to lose me has a customer. Then today a direct debit was taken from my account leaving me with no money left in my bank account until I get paid next Friday. I immediately tried to cancel the payment with AVG and my bank account with no success. So I then went to the live chat - and was told that they were unable to contact the refund department, which I felt was unfair that the AVG support department cannot contact other departments in the company.

If this money is not in my account by the end of the day tomorrow. I am going to seek legal support using the evidence I have gathered including past issues where the payments have been taken out of my account twice in one Year for services I have not used. I am also going to publish the evidence on my website and social media sites to warn customers of the underhanded tactics AVG use.

It will be clear from account details how unfair I have been treated. You should be able to see this evidence yourself.

Please can you confirm by email if you choose to rectify your mistakes asap

Chris Clements


Jun 22, 2017

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