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Complaints & Reviews


Downloaded AVG and paid for the 1 year plan. AVG shows it is updated, all systems working properly and protecting my computer. It shows the last time it was updated and even lets you run scans in addition to the scans it supposedly runs on its own. My computer is shot now. I called the tech support and was told AVG is not installed on my computer and rather than helping me get it installed they kept trying to sell me more expensive programs. This is a SCAM----DO NOT BUY AVG!!!

false advertising

I have used avg free for years with thanks. i have excellent credit ido not need that all i want is the avg free as you advertise. never would have thought that you would scam. i will install some other. thanks. i have nothing more to say. thanks for former use but this is plainly a scheme to get people on credit. I do not need or want nothing more to say.

1 am shocked at this mess. who knew?i do not have twenty more words to say what good would it do.ok six more word, thanks and goodbye.

refund request ignored

Purchased avg antivirus. Year later received request to update which I did and paid. Six months later...

no credit, no refund

Avg antivirus software block my printing job. I tried them by taking a $2.99 for someting. They charged me $54.00, so I complained. They offered me $29.99/year and refund the balance and one week free trial.

I have not downloaded their software yet. Nothing I can find an avg anti-virus avg protection in my computer.

  • Je
    Jerry Nelson Jun 06, 2015

    bought a two year contract and after about 3 months decided it did not work for me ( I had to take my computer in twice with
    mallwear I could not remove) so I canceled my account. They said they would refund 1 year so I accepted that and waited, well it's
    been about 4 months and more than a few emails with no response. How can a company stay alive when this is the way they handle customer service, I GUESS IT'S BUYER BEWARE !

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unknown credit card carges

Two charges show up on my rcent capital one statement One to dri*avg on line storeelement5. Info mn The...

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did not work

My mom took a thumb drive to a drugstore that shall remain nameless until I can be sure the virus came from there, but she brought the drive home and it immediately crashed her computer. I watched a fully updated copy of free avg scan the infection "windo. Exe" and do nothing. I installed another free product from antivir.com and it removed all the infections. This really makes me mad, virus software should find known viruses. This is not an old virus, it has been known since 2009. There is just no excuse.

  • Na
    natxlaw May 25, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    The reason a piece of virus software must find viruses, whether or not it is free, is because it is being relied upon to do that. That is a legal concept called foreseeable detrimental reliance.

    Why would I pay for the full version. It CANNOT have a better virus database than the free version as to do so would subject the company making it to liability. Making the pay version find viruses that the free version did not would be tantamount to:
    1. Telling someone software would take care of all viruses (foreseeable detrimental reliance)
    2. Knowing he/she had a virus
    3. then deliberately ignoring that virus in spite of the potential for harm.

    If you promise to babysit your friends children for free, it does not mean you can let the children play with razor blades and trash bags. They are relying upon you for an important function and the fact that it was undertaken voluntarily does not absolve you of your responsibility to exercise reasonable care.

    Besides the free version of the software I prefer found the virus and eliminated it. SpyBot S&D is the best spyware program in my opinion, and it is free as is Open Office, which I like better than MS Office. Stealth pilots argument is totally without merit.

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  • VampKira Aug 17, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    *shakes head* Why would I want to upgrade to a paid version if the free version showed poor performance? I mean...isn't the free version supposed to a good job so that you have incentive to purchase the paid version. Makes no kind of sense to me (Kathy Griffin) ;) Seriously though!! If that can't be understood...*shrugs* just goes to further my point..

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  • VampKira Aug 18, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I understand.. I really do. :) I guess what I meant was if it is a fully functional free version for XX number of days, and then if you like it you buy it and if you don't wish to purchase it, it reverts to a less functional Free version. Does that make sense?? lol.. But I do get your point. No disrespect intended.

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inability to contact

I supposedly have avg security on-line scanning system. I have paid for this. My computer now has a viru...

deliberate virus

I spent the day yesterday trying to remove a virus from a friend's computer taken over by AVG. It locked up everything and would not let her even on line. Apparently this is par for the course for the AVG-Free which works for a time without cost. Then after several months you get these pop-ups to buy antivirus software and the next thing you know your machine is taken over and you can't do anything except purchase the pop-up software to take care of the virus. We kept getting AVG and Microsoft logos so don't know if Microsoft is in on it or not. Her only recourse was to take her computer to a shop and get it cleaned...so AVG FREE is not Free.
I had the same problem with my conputer a couple of years ago but was able to load Nortons which took care of the problem . I was unable to do so with her computer because it locked up everything. BE WARE of AVG...It isn't free!

  • Fi
    fixit guy Feb 28, 2010

    Sorry to tell you the bad news but, the avg anti-virus with the mcrosoft like-ness logo is fraud trojan /keylogger virus...it is neither avg or microsoft ...it will disable dll's that allows anti-virus programs from opening from website downloads...download another free anti-virus program but save to unopened new folder on desktop, then close internet connection, open and run program without internet connection on, it will then be able to delete the trojan/and all other viruses..if you have modem/cable connection just unplug wire&run anti-virus ...also remove any new or suspicious programs ...

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file is corrupt

Avg took my credit card. Renewal would not download. Response was "file is corrupt".
Please refund my money. Who do I call? I understand that element five is the company that handles the billing. Please give instructions and/or phone number to call. I do not want to pay any more money in the premium support department - this is not the way to sell anti-virus software. I will not cease to pursue getting my refund back. If I do not, I will take this to the next level. I do not like reading the other complaints of other people. I need a response as quickly as possible.


non delivery of product

I have paid for but not recieved AVG product for virus control etc .
Advertised by microsoft as (what Ibelieved a recomend ) Iapplied for AVG free
download to protect my computerfro viruses
When I got to their site they offered 3 options none of them free but as I needed to protect my computer I opted to pay them £10 ayear for two years (£20.00)cover I sent them my details and then tried to download their product which wouldnt download .I Then sent them a e mail explaining this (not down loading).infact I sent 3 emails back to back, trying to resolve my problemas Iwas getting concerned that my computer was at risk.
They returned a Email to me rebuking me for sending 3 back to back emails.In it they sent suggestions for me to try all of which did not work, they suggested also if
I had any further problems I another department of theirs.I did send to the suggested department but recieed no reply or joy.
After two days or so my wife was looking up our bank statememts and found that the sum of£26.96 had been taken from our account.
I then sent them a e mail pointing out the "error" And suggested that if they could not provide me with the their product for the sum of £20 as advertised that they reinburse my card and cancell my order for their product.
They then returned a email suggesting a phone number that I could use to resolve this issue. This number carries cost of £1.50 per minute .
I have of course emailed them cancelling order and asking for my money to be reimbursed.
Irealy urge anyone thinking of using AVG to be very wary of the way in which they opperate.
Iwill let you Know if Iget my mony back BUT I DONT HOLD OUT MANY HOPES>


  • Ob
    Obamasuxs Jan 30, 2010

    I tried AVG anti-virus for only a couple of days, it slowed my computer done. I have Windows Vista and have been using Windows Security Essentials for a while now, my computer was not slowed down by it. I haven't been infected since I started using it,
    and yes it's free.


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  • Te
    temporaryperson Aug 29, 2010

    There is paid versions as well as free versions of AVG. However, I have heard of Softwarepros, who seem to be scammers and are not associated with AVG.

    They are not affiliated with AVG in anyway and position themselves as though they are AVG, which they are not. This is a scam. SoftwarePros advertise on their website that they are Microsoft or AVG, but they are not. They do not offer the legitimate product, and often offer links to infections rather than protection.

    The complaint should be directed at SoftwarePros, not AVG.

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  • Ch
    chris dovey May 03, 2011

    please remove my avg software from my computor. I have new software from another company. I did not like the fact you charging me twice, and automatically taking money out of my account, without my permission first. I paid for 2011 software in Dec, of 2010 and then you charge me again in Feb. 2011 again. I always like to give my permission before any money is taken out of my account. I am on social security disability, and cannot afford to pay your way. thank you chris

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  • Cp
    CPatten Jun 28, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I just had a bad experience with SoftwarePros. We thought we were installing the free version of AVG. Then we were asked to sign up for a one or two-year contract ($12.92), which bewildered us. However, we assumed the free version must now come with some charge. AVG was then downloaded on to our computer, but we got notice from them that we had signed up for the 30-day free trial and would then need to pay if we wished to continue. Today I looked at my credit card bill and discovered that AVG had not made the charge. I called their support line and asked exactly what I had paid $52.92 (notice that it is NOT $12.92) for. She said she had no idea and to call the company. I told her I couldn't even tell what company it was. She hestitated, got angry and finally told me SoftwarePros. Then she told me she thought I was ###ed and hung up. At any rate, I am disputing the charge with my credit card company to try to get that money back.

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huge unsolicited email - spam

We purchased AVG Technologies Internet Security November 26, 2009. SInce the installation we have been bombarded with e-mails from every category listed in your complaint list. We are not internet surfers so it cannot be coming from sites we have visited. We were NEVER troubled with this problem until the purchase of your security system. Unless the problem is resolved we will demand our money back and will go back to our previous security. And, it the problem is not resolved we will file a formal complaint with the PUC.

software was never downloaded to laptop. never received a receipt for payment charged to my visa card.

I charged avg software to my visa card on behalf of my sister who does not have a credit card.

My bank verifies the charge to my account. However, the software was never downloaded to my sister's laptop. ($54.99)

I need a credit of $54.99 applied to my visa card of which you already have my card number.

  • Ke
    kevinnoe2004 Dec 01, 2009

    I ordered AVG 9.0 today for 45.00. Tried to download and an error shows up saying instalation failed. Tried to call AVG support and they hung up 5 times and then when i got through they said i have the wrong company. cant call anyone for help or refund. I ordered through element 5. So its just money gone?

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non delivery of service

Company did not pay for "paid surfing". Ok,
They had some problems, but I still paid hundreds of dollars to advertise my home business's.

You can have up to five sites to rotate in the surfing, for which you buy or earn credits.

They have not enabled sites that are legitimate and cost me the element of being among the first to market these sites. Which as you know is of major importance at the start of any new venture.

They will not answer help tickets and even have the gaul to tell me i've submitted too many help tickets and I can't submit them anymore!

Complete rip-off, from not paying earned monies and not even then supplying the advertising which was paid for.

If you want to go with a real site of this type, I suggest
Adventures4u. A real company that communicates with its clients and requires less time daily, and pays out very equitably.


rip off

Avg sucks... We have used the free protection for awhile but have always used a back up because we still get...


I went on google looking for AVG. I clicked on the first link available...

Resolved product does not work!

I'm not sure i'm on the right complaint f0rm, but here goes—

I ordered ori avg online store elements infomn (#[protected]) on
March 10 at a cost of $45.94..

I received your disk, proceeded to download it, but
After 6 hours - failed to down load this product.
I have attempted this four more times, and still — - no luck!

I also ordered on march 27 two additional products:

Dri avg online store elements, infomn, #[protected] ($6.00)
And also ordered on the same date dri avg online store elements,
Infomn #[protected] ($6.00)

I am sending back the disk and please credit my credit card with all
3 products: bank of america card # [protected].

Thank you, judy a companion
2020 brown school road
Saint joseph, michigan 49085

  • Bb
    bboup64 Jul 19, 2010

    REF# 55131580197400601002043 for @29.99. It did not help my problem and my computer is being completely redone. This will be taken off my computer. Please cancel and refund my money on my credit card. Thank you Betty Ratliff ( [email protected])

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Resolved scam website, fraud

On 3.6.09 I thought I was buying a very good antivirus program but I got hood-winked. No product, no refund. Visa receipt (Electronic) said the merchant was rlc mauritius, ltd with a url of www.Inet-oem.com. I went to that website there is no avg 360 listed. I tried avg.com (Legit) and they said they have no record of the transaction. After I recv'd a phone call from [protected]) asking how I enjoy the avg 360 program, told her I don't have it and she said she contact the service dept. Finally, I got an e-mail from [protected]@supportsecuritysolutions.com and all I said was I want a refund. It's been over 30 days and they and I have exchanged 6-7 e-mails with no resolution. So I contacted the visa company and microsoft about this scam. I have retained all e-mails. I really don't expect a refund because apparently it's an off shore venture.

Resolved recycler

I have picked up a virus from my university. It is called a recycler. this program was only picked up once by...

Resolved avg 8.0

Our internet connection got slower and slower. We were assured by Qwest that the problem wasn't with them. Our many iterations of AVG said everything was hunky-dory. Finally, on February 4th, 2009, someone checked the router and discovered that we were a clearing house for what looks like half the marijuana transactions on the West coast. They had taken over nine computers and space on twenty hard drives and were basically squeezing us off our own broadband connection.

Thank-you, AVG, for a product so totally ineffective that we didn't even suspect it. We could not imagine that something of this scale could be ignored by your software.

Resolved paid for but not usable

Invoice dated 15 nov 2008, item #[protected] for renewal avg anti-virus 1 computer charged to credit card in the amount of usd 26.99.
Each e-mail received or sent indicates, at the bottom, "internal virus database is out of date. Checked by avg - http://www.Avg.com. , etc.
Could this notation please be corrected?
Margaret walcutt
112 plumeria court
Cloverdale, ca 95425

  • Zy
    zychron Nov 10, 2009

    I have the same message (Internal Virus Database is out of date) and when I click to update, it does nothing. Now I get pop-ups telling me my "protection" is about to expire! I'm certainly not going to buy it again since it didn't update last time. Anyone had any success contacting them? They don't respond to emails, they have no US phone number, the only phone number I can find is in the Czech republic (which is apparently where they are based)

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  • Eu
    EUROPA MOTORS Jul 08, 2011

    I purchased a avg license on the 10/12/2010. On the 20/06/2011 our system crashed and we lost all our data on our system. I have not seen avg internet security on our system since then, can you please activate avg for us again.License no: IMEQK-ZPAAF-2E43F-A9ZCW-MQLAE-NS3FT.
    EXPIRE: DECEMBER 10th/2011.



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