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The fire wall in my AVG Antivirus software is blocking a Java bases programme access to my computer. I need this programme in order to work from home. When I contacted AVG (7 May 2017)the supervisor -Chendy- said they could fix it at a cost of £49, I was unhappy with this as I feel this service should be offered free since the anti virus software is already expensive. Chendy said she would call back on Monday the 8th May but did not do so. All AVG need to do is allow the software I need to get through the firewall. The charge is ridiculous and i will not be renewing my subscription with them.
I called back today 14 May 7.26 pm and spoke to a man- didn't get his name who told me nothin is free in this world dear- which I consider to be patronising and offensive

May 15, 2017

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