Autopage Cellular / Unjustified without prejudice spam

South Africa

I had a contract with autopage cellular for many years. In 2008 they called me to offer an upgrade for my contract. which i declined. A few months later they stopped sending me statements, because it was so close to the end of my contract, i assumed it was normal, so just paid what i thought i might have used. a few months after that, the phone stopped working and again, i assumed the contract had expired, so just went about with my life as normal.
in january this year, i started receiving emails from friends and family, they were forwarded without prejudice mails from vvm attorneys "letters of final demand" i started receiving the same mail shortly after. the next day friends and family started forwarding me sms's stating the same, and again, shortly after, i got the same sms. when i replied to query these messages, all i got was a statement from 1 november 2008. the statement said i had an outstanding balance of R15.13, after contract cancellation fees and claw charges the balance i owed was R3465.13, and no further information. outraged, i asked them if that was their response to my queries, and in reply, i got a mail stating, i had a contract and was in breach of it, i had to pay.
personally, i find the fact that they would send a letter of that nature to anyone but me is absolutely unacceptable. secondly, as far as breach of contract goes, surely if i was paying for a statement, that would have been breach of contract.
so, subsequently, i have spoken to the ombudsman, and they said that unless they can prove they had tried to contact me in the last 3 years, they can't really try to claim any money from me. since none of my details have changed in over 10 years, i have not gotten any kind of correspondence from them in over 4 years.
since january, friends and family have been forwarding me that final demand letter regularly, and my email and sms's have been flooded with the same mail.

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