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Complaints & Reviews

Ridiculous charges

I took out a Cell C 'control chat' contract for my daughter which I was told would cost me R75.00 a month for 2 years. I asked if there would be any extras and was told emphatically that there would be no hidden costs. My daughter then lost the sim card so uses her old Vodacom sim card on prepaid thus incurring no costs whatsoever to Altech but this account has gradually increased from R75.00 a month to R95.00, This contract started September 2008 and has increased by R20.00 in less than a year. I am a pensioner so I cannot afford these extras and I am now in arrears. When phoning them you get no joy whatsoever. I will never again use this company for anything.

  • Et
    etiennee Nov 05, 2014
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Who do you contact about autopage redicoulus data charge I been charged for 1gig of data R900 where you buy 1 gig of data from Cellc for R100 that's a 900% differance

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Over charging

To whom it may concern,

I purchased a product from one of your branches which require me to pay a monthly fee, when i first subscribed the package that i chose expected me to have the following:

500mgs of ram for the monthly fee of R250 per month, i was supposedly to have a soft bar on my network, which i assumed was not put on because of was charged obsene amounts of money, i automaticly went to the brach that i opened my account to place a complaint, the assistant (Terence) said that he would sort it out, well obviously he did not because 3 months in a row i had the same problems and for three months nothing was done about it. I want to know that my monies will be re embursed into my bank account due to the fact i was only meant to pay R250 per month and i want to also state that for every month that i went into your store i have told this man that i have not once recieved an account from you. yes i have given and re given my details to them and still nothing, ontop of being over charged.

I want to also state to you that I have been a client of Vodacom for a very long time, i started as a pre charged account to a contract client, that is why i decided to open up the internet contract, I should have gone direct to them, but i thought hey autopage is right here and they deal direct with vodacom so i shouldnt have any hassles. well i sure did think wrong, i have had my account with you people since March and all i want to do is have my money re embursed and close it, so i can deal directly through vodacom.

this has been one nghtmare after another. i want this to be sorted out as soon as possible, as well as have my money back in my account. Also i expect you to get back to me asap on this matter, or i will take it even further.

you can contact me on [protected]
or email me at [protected]@yahoo.com

kind regards
thank you
Jade Foxcroft

Useless administration and rudeness

After numerous other problems with Altech Autopage, including the eleven months it took me to get my account changed from debit to cash payment and the complete lack of response to my letters, e.mails, faxes and expensive telephone calls, I have to fight month after month to prove that I have paid. In addition to the handling fee I have to pay for cash payment, I am also expected to fax my bank slip every time I make a payment. Still, the company has been unable to register my payments and in spite of my phone calls and faxes, keeps re-billing old amounts onto my statements. Eventually they told me that I owed them thousands of rands, and shut off my internet access for exacly a month. Our contract is thankfully at an end now, but they are refusing to give us back the Gig of internet data which we have lost due to their administration errors. As we can only get 2 Gig a month, this is a large quantity. I consider it fraud, and want them not only to reimburse me with one Gig free of charge, but also to give me proof that my contract will end and they will not harass me after this month. Furthermore, an apology would be more than appropriate, it is long overdue.

  • Cy
    CYNTHIA NGUBANE Jul 07, 2009


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  • Hl
    HLONIPHILE NKOSI Oct 06, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer


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Resolved Repairs and repairs and repairs

I upgraded my phone to a Nokia e51 in November, I had the phone for about five weeks and the menu started rolling, it then jammed, it was still under guarantee so I took it back. A month later it came back, had it for one day and it did the same thing, it went back to Autopage, another month later it came back, and it did the same thing. I phoned the head office in Durban and complained and he assured me that I would get a new phone on the third repair, well it did happen again, and it went back again. I phoned the manager in Durban - again, and told him that I want a replacement phone, to be told that no company in the cell phone business changes a phone unless it is faulty within seven days. I checked out a couple of the other companies to be told that the handset would've been changed with a choice to the customer of what is needed. The manager in Durban denied this again, and he said that I had to have the same phone back because the technicians are going to replace the motherboard. I am utterly and totally disgusted in the service from Altech Autopage, they do not take the customers needs into consideration. I am however going to take this further, and I will never use Altech again, once my contract is up I will use another service provider.I have been with Altech for many years, but this is the last straw, and I will spread the name around as being a disgusting and non compliant company.

  • Ve
    Very upset client Aug 27, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I Agree, I have a Samsung J750 which is giving me terrible problems. Sometimes I am not able even to use the phone. Phoned Altech and they said that its the "joystick" i dont believe that, because I can not use any one off the buttons on the phone when the phone is slided open. It's so difficult just to send an sms. No the phone started going white and I need to thake the battery out and switch the phone on again. This problem is consisting and irritating the hell out off me. When I phoned them they said the phone needs to be send in for repairs which could take up to ±4weeks!!! Can you believe that. I cant be without a phone for even a day, and where should I get another phone to use if they are going to have my phone??? And the best part off all, when you get your phone back after all that time it doesn't come back working, it comes back with 10 more other faults. Think they should start thinking about the clients and the clients needs.

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  • Yu
    Yugesh Naidoo Oct 28, 2009

    Phone given on the 22nd of August 2009 for repairs, made about 50 calls to the Pine Crest Branch in Pinetown, the staff at the branch as at today cannot locate or trace my phone. They have been very unprofessional and I have received no help from them. Their customer service "stinks”. They promise to return my calls but never do. If I do not get any response from your section by the end of the day, I am going to the media to expose your company’s inefficiency and poor service.

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  • Mp
    mpanzaz Dec 02, 2010

    I gave back my phone for repairs it a nokia E63 I sent it back on thursday on the 25th and i still haven't had anything on what is happening about it.

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Resolved Useless

It takes Altech Autopage in the region of 2 months to do a number port.The customer service is poor, and managers have a no care attitude. To speak to the C.E.O is also not possible. Their poor servive and lack of customer support has led to the suspension of my cellular service.
People should think twice before doing bussines with this pathetic so-called (service) provider.

  • Ci
    Cindy Dharmapall Jul 28, 2009

    I definitely agree...It took me over three months to get account resolved...they were charging me incorrectly...and after one day of the account being resolved my line was suspended without my being notified...how is that for service!!!

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  • To
    TOBS Sep 15, 2009

    My Inquiry began 16 June 09. It's now 2 months later, more than 20 e mails, countless telephone calls and still no joy. I have had only one feedback call that wasn't prompted.
    Cape town head office have certainly raised the bar high when it comes to couldn't care attitude and incompetence.

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  • Wa
    Wayne Fouche Oct 02, 2009


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  • Wa
    Wayne Fouche Oct 02, 2009

    To whom it may concern, this is unacceptable that a company so large can just walk over us ..the very people that keep them going..service is NON existing..staff are RUDE and ignorant IM still waiting for them to get back to me since last year NOV2008 to rectify my purchase BUT to no avail...NOW the contract has expired ..I have been unfairly dismissed...I have cancelled the contract over the phone and still getting billed..where are the people that protect US...contract expired June 2009..and now I loose my number too which I have had since 2000 ...unacceptable ..thank you for listening and I hope something positive comes from this

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Resolved Fraud/theft

In recent months, I realizd that my cellphone bill was much Higher that the nimber of calls I made. I decided to approach the provider and he subsequently informed me that There were services that I "signed up" for that is deducted from my account.

I was also informed that I should call them to "unsubscribe". The fact of the matter is that I never gave concent to any company including Altech Autopage cellular to deduct any information other than my telephone usage and their administative costs.

I do not intend continueing my contract with a company who allows their client to be mugged trough their company.

Resolved Useless service

18th December had my cell-phone stolen
19th December went to Autopage, Parklands, Western Cape, 10.00 am. bought and paid for replacement sim card - told 2 - 24 hr activation.
2oth December telephoned the Autopage helpline late afternoon - told 2 - 24hr activation.
22nd December visited the Autopage, Parklands - told that it would be sorted in the next few minutes and to try switching on again. He telephoned about an hour later to advaise - activation in 2 - 24 hours.
23rd December, phone Autopage Parklands and told it is out of his hands - in the system and again - 2 - 24 hours.
24th December - telephoned Autopage helpline, discovered that the fool at Parklands gave them the incorrect sim card number, but not to worry, now sorted and will be activated in ---------- 2 - 24 hours!
26th December - after 3 calls to the helpline, one fool promising to have it activated immediately - not one person prepared to put me through to the supervisor - 3.00pm and still no activation. Now 7 days - after a further 2 calls, the last person spoken to (all names with-held), has advised that the supervisor, does not want to take the call - but --- I will be in huge trouble if I withheld my monthly contract payment!!! Autopage - you are disgusting!!!

  • Cs
    Cs Prinsloo Jan 11, 2009

    I have been using your cellc network now for 2years and now after I have renewed my contract my contract is a huge mess. Every night from 7 till after 12 I can not use my internet on the phone. I disagree with you that puts off our internet. I pay my cantract every month for you to give me a service. But all I can do what you offer me is phone calls and sms. I want this problem fixed. I mean I pay R150 a month for you to give me the service Im paying for. And no it is not a network problem becouse all other cellc costemers that is not using altec is still able to get on to the internet and no it is not my phone either. Please fix this so I can use my internet at night.

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  • Na
    Nantie Steyn Jan 14, 2009

    Altech Autopage has been harassing me for months. I have had a few calls from them offering me contracts, and I am not interested, and have told them so. I have asked them to take my number off their "potential customer" list and to STOP phoning me. Now they have taken to sending me SMS's. Although there is a number which you can reply to with STOP, ostensibly not to be bothered anymore, the reply does not go through, an additional aggravation.

    There should be a way to get them to STOP?

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  • Ne
    Neil Hermann Apr 18, 2012

    I have been with Autopage 18years - I have 2 contracts. On a Black Berry Bold we got 5 months ago - we had a screen go blank.Took it into to the Sea Point branch of Autopage. Waited over 6 weeks - ( they could not even BOTHER to try promise to TRY back up the contacts) After complaining to the head office - finally we got 1 sms to say the BB could be collected ( repaired or replaced)I went to collect - no word - no note from them. When I took it home and switched it on - it was JUST the same - they had not touched it. I called - emailed the head office- threatened legal action etc - finally a Thersia van Staaden from the managing directors office called to say she would sort it out - please take the unit back to the Sea Point branch so she could get it done.The manager (Yuri) of the Sea Point branch promised me he would come back to me in 24hrs- despite numerous emails and calls - NO word - no news three weeks later from anyone.AND the BIS which I pay for is not working and they are charging me for it. They fail to answer any emails or messages.

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Cell phone upgrade

On the 21st of October I migrated my cellphone contract, and picked the HTC S740 phone. I agreed to the R1194...

Legal action

For the past 2 months I've been making internet payments to Althech Autopage Cellular and it's the second time they did not aknowledge receipt of payment and fax sent to their offices. Now Autopage threathened me with legal action if I don't make payment of R398 within 48hours. I've sent numerous faxes for both months to ensure that they do get prove of payment but I received no response for Autopage whatsoever except for telling me payment is now due. Did they even look at internet complaints I've sent because I've received no indication that they even received my complaints. What am I to do? Do I just except the way Autopage is treating me?

  • In
    Ingo Steinhage Dec 14, 2009

    Autopage is totally incompetent to even handle a small issue like Twincall request. I requested on the 19/11/09 until 14/12/09 I do not have it, in fact they even disconnected my primaries number Twincall without my instruction.
    I do not know how to get hold of a senior mangemnt person who should fired his incompetent staff working at Autopage.
    I will take legal action to get out of their contract.
    Ingo Steinhage
    cell.083 650 3771

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  • Ce
    Celest van der Westhuizen Jan 10, 2011

    I feel exactly the same - they are threatning with legal action to, after i have sent them numerous proof of payments for a service i have never been able to use .

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Expired cellphone contract

I have 2 cellphone accounts - [protected] and [protected] which expired 17.2.2008 and 15.3.2008 respectively.
These contracts were debited to my credit card account on a monthly basis - amount excluding out of contract calls was around R66 per month.
Autopage was advised by fax as required in terms of the contracts that I did not want to continue with these contracts - they sent sms confirming receipt.
They then proceeded to charge me the normal rates on the contracts and I have been overcharged for February and March to the tune of R400.
My bank has advised that they cannot stop these debits - it is between me and the merchant.
Despite at least 5 e-mails - 2 complaints lodged on the website and a 30 minute long distance call to their customer care line - I have had no reponse whatsoever to my grievance.
In the meantime they are merrily taking my money and I cannot even stop them!

  • Ch
    CHRISTOPHER Oct 05, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    when is a upgrade avalebil on the contract 0826518327 let me know please

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  • Ki
    kim Oct 15, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    i upgraded my phone on 14 sept. the phone was faulty, took it back to vodaworld - autopage. very rude guy called cyril told me i'd have to wait 7 days (not the policy - if returned in 3 days they must automatically give you a new phone). its now been over a month, and 15 people have been unable to help me. of course I can't get managers details. will never go back to autopage again!

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Cannot send or receive sms's

I am a client of autopage. I am unable to send or receive sms's for the last four days. This happens often. They said that there was or is a problem wit the network and i must phone cell c. I phoned cell c and they said I must phone autopage. I pay for a service. Autopage said I must sort it out on my own account.they also say there must be a problem with my phone. my phone is not faulty. One minute i can send sms's 2 seconds later NOT. Autopage must sort this out by letting theit tech department call me. I have this problem often.

Poor service customer care

My bank account gets incorrectly debited by auto page cellular for an account I don't even have with them...