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Complaints & Reviews

Over charge on my contract

Op 17 oct 2014, is ek gekontak deur cherene waartydens ek meegedeel is dat ek ek skuld nog r2 530.50
(Soos per staat van 17 feb 2015). Hoe is dit moontlik as my rekening reeds ten volle vereffen was al op
14 feb 2014 toe ek die r3 200 betaal het, moes ek selfs & lsquo;n staat aanvra wat dit bevestig - (Sien staat van 17 sep 2014 & ndash;
Tot en met feb 2015 wat ek moes aanvra ~ om my saak te bewys.

Op dié staat wys dit dat ek r130.50 te veel betaal het & ndash; toe ek die rekening ten volle
Afgelos en die kontrak gekanselleer het! Dus skuld altech my r130.50!

Ek bemerk toe op dieselfde staat terselfdertyd dat ek weer gedebiteer was met r308 en bevraagteken dit toe, omdat ek die kontrak
Amptelik gekanselleer het en vir geen gelde meer verantwoordelik gehou kon word nie.

Toe moes ek state laat aanvra om te bepaal hoe hul by die bedrag van r2 530.50 uitkom, wat ek kwansuis nog verskuldig is, sien ek dat daar steeds elke

Maand kostes teen my gedebiteer is, vir dienste waarvan ek nie eens gebruik gemaak het nie & ndash; my sel nommer [protected]
(Does not exist anymore) so hoe kan ek gedebiteer word vir & lsquo;n selfoon wat gekanselleer is en dienste wat ek nie gebruik het nie!

Dis & ldquo;fraudulent” en ek verwag dat my rekening onmiddellik reggestel word,
En ek & lsquo;n kopie daarvan verkry dat my rekening ten volle opbetaald is, en ook dat my naam
Op die credit burea list ge”clear” word, anders het ek geen keuse as om hierdie aangeleentheid
Na die hof van klein eise te stuur asook in al die koerante dié verbruikers en lesers in te lig, oor al hierdie ongeruimdhede nie.

Vertrou om dringend, asap, hierdie aangeleentheid skiftelik uitgeklaar en afgehandel te verkry. Terugvoering kan gestuur word na
My eposadres, jacques. [protected]@basf.com

Beste wense
Jacques bekker

Costs dispute and bad service

I took out a contract Dec 2013 with Autopage cellular Clearwater Mall, about 6 months ago we started getting statements for data usage and phone call bills, sms's came through for people we don't know. We went and reported this to the branch we opened the account with and nothing happed but we were still billed for it. A month later the same thing happened and we reported again to the branch we opened the account with and yet we were billed again. Three months done the line we received no feedback from Autopage Cellular with regards to the investigation on my account.

I decided to go to a different branch to hopefully get some service, on the 9th April 2015 I went to the Northgate Autopage branch and spoke to Terisha explaining the situation to her to get this sorted. I asked her to please block the number and to please put any deduction on hold until everything has been sorted out, I asked her to please state that they must please only charge us for the device in the meantime. She then confirmed that everything was logged and gave us a ref number 642496. A week later we started getting phone calls on the same number that was blocked, sms's to people we have never heard off YET AGAIN!!!

I called the customer care number [protected] and asked for a manager I was put through a team manager and spoke to Inthiaz on the 14th May 2015. Followed the same procedure and explained it to him, I expressed my frustration to him as this has now gone on long enough. He said I must please be patient one more day and that he would give me a call the next day. GUESS what no phone call received!!!
I called again on the 20th May 2015 and asked to speak to the General Manager and was told that they have to send an email so that someone can call me back, I asked for a reference number and was told I don't need one as the calls are recorded.

To this day I have not received feedback with regards to the investigation on my account, no one has called me back instead I received a LETTER of FINAL NOTICE from Autopage Cellular not even addressed to me, claiming money and claiming to have been trying to get hold of me.

I am at this stage so pissed off, if I do not get an answer as to what the hell is going on with my account, I will report this to the police as fraud and extortion, I will report this on Hallow Peter and I will place this on social media for everyone to see.

Signed: Very pissed off client

  • Ha
    Havenet Sep 07, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Generally, the worst service i have received. Couldnt use my cell phone for two weeks after signing on, and the worst part still got charged for the contract. Issue after issue after issue. Sickening. I cant wait for this contract to expire, unfortunately i will have to live with the BS service.

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  • Jo
    Jooss Jan 10, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Auto page is billing me for IB without my authorization. They are quick to charge me yet have failed 2 send me my Ib statement. Customers should be given a choice when it comes to Ib. Dont just assume we want it activated. Fyi Im not even using the sim card. Its 2010 get with the progrgme.

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  • Go
    Gomme Jan 12, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    They have done it AGAIN. Today 28022010 when I tried to make a phoen call I found out my account is again cancelled. Why? The debit order for the account is to go off tomorrow 01032010. DON'T take a account from these clowns. I want to terminate my account as of now!!!

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  • Io
    Ionnas Feb 07, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Whenever you phone you can never get through - they are forever experiencing high call volume...After 15 minuntes, you still haven't come through to a consultant. The service is pathetic!!!

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  • Wi
    Wippa Feb 10, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    So I have been trying to apply for new account (just moved back to SA from the Middle East) and contacted Autopage to get a mobile servcie going...submitted to form over the internet.

    No reponse from them at all. I tried calling three times, always staying on the line for over 20 minutes. Once a lady answered the call and said she will call me back...never happened! I sent email enquiries but also they go unasnwered...

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  • Ro
    rochene smit Apr 30, 2012
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    on the 15/03/2012 I took my blackberry 9900 in for repair-I got insurens that i pay every month-
    every week i went in to see how far are they with the phone every time i had to fill in forms
    they sad i mustwait for them to sms me well i still went in every week weel todays date is the1/05/2012
    and still i dont have my phone dont you think this is bad service no going to renew my contract's again

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  • Bb
    BB HATER Apr 30, 2012

    i have same problem with my blackberry, guys post your complaints all over the internet here, scams.com, forums, reviewsofwebsites.com, busted.com etc etc

    the more people know the better

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  • Ed
    Edna Rossouw Mar 20, 2013
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    My contract at Autopage expired 3 years ago. I send a fax to Autopage to stop the contract. Untill today Autopage still subtract a monthly fee of R196.70. All calls to autopage are not attended to. All e-mails are ignored. They owe me money now.

    Please look into this problem.

    EH Rossouw

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  • Re
    Reviewer26262 Sep 11, 2015
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Poorest service ever!!!
    one month later and i still havent received my phone after mine was stolen.
    I hate autopage!!!

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Overcharged account

I have been struggling with autopage since january 2015 regarding my outrageous data usage! All I get is automated responses that they received the mail and that the case has been closed! Instead of answering my questions and giving my proof they report me to the credit bureau and increase my account even more!!

Even when my simcard was lying in a drawer and or my account was suspended!!

Really do not now what to do anymore!! All this started when I asked them "how do I go about in cancelling my contract when the 24 months expire! They never answered me and after sending numerous emails to anyone and everyone one of their employees then said that the cancellation is loaded on their system, yet still no proof of the data usage!!

Please what else can one do to get a response from them!

They don't want to give me proof of what I used yet report me to the credit bureau!

This to me is outrageous and dishonest! What are they hiding? Why don't they want to answer their clients?

Aren't the clients the ones that actually pay their salaries? From the cleaner to the ceo??

List of some of the email addresses I have been emailing, plus each and every email option available on their website!!
[protected]@ard.Co. Za, [protected]@altech.Co. Za, [protected]@altech.Co. Za, [protected]@autopage. Altech.Co. Za, [protected]@autopage. Altech.Co. Za, [protected]@altech.Co. [protected]@altech.Co. Za, [protected]@arrow. Altech.Co. Za, [protected]@autopage. Altech.Co. Za, [protected]@altech-multimedia.com, [protected]@netstar. Altech.Co. Za,

The response I got from [protected]@autopage. Altech.Co. Za which is and email address they give to clients for issues being unresolved!!

Dear valued customer,

Please be advised the so priority mailbox is no longer in use. You are required to contact your relevant key account manager to ensure you query will be attended to.

  • Ma
    Maria53 Jul 27, 2015
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have a very similar complaint. I received a account of R15000 a few moths ago and was told that more than R12000 was for data usage. They proceeded to send me a detailed account showing that I used amounts like R1500 on data at times like midnight and 3 am. This is truly ridiculous especially considering the fact that I am a pensioner, very technologically challenged and only use my data line to check emails once in a while. I have contacted the relevant branch as well as the call centre countless times with no useful feedback. All my phone lines, not just the line in question, have been cutoff for about 2 months now. On top of this I have now received a final notice letter because of the unpaid account, which has now further accumulated to R18000. The overall service I have received is ridiculously poor and I cannot believe that this is how you are thanked for being a loyal customer for quite a few years. How am I supposed to sort out this problem if the Autopage employees are anything but helpful???

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Incorrect billing

I have already complained twice on hellopeter.com with little to no response from Autopage.
They have been billing me incorrectly for data useage since Aug 2014 which is over R2000 already. I have made several phone calls to the call centre and everytime my complaints are not resolved. I once had correspondence with Marco Adonis (Online specialist).
I see a long list of complaints on the internet so for sure there is a much bigger problem with this company.
I will now start the process to look for an alternative provider where service is a priority

Overcharge on tablet contract

I had a celphone contract with "topup" from altech, I am mildly happy with this. I enquired per email to a 2gb tablet contract for r99 per month. I clearly said in the email, I do not want to spend more than r280 per month. Somehow I got this contract for 2gb without top-up, new to mean, but never take this! Always have top-up. I was charged r1459 for my first month of ussage! They cannot tell me what I did or down loaded. I never got any account. They want to charge me r2000 to cancel this contract! I canot believe a request for a r99 per month 2 gb contract came to a debit order of r1459. It compleatly messed up my bank balance and I cannot stop this monster. My next month is already billed out and only they can stop the debit order at r2000! The people at the paarl branch is also very unhelpful and I would recommend altech autopage to no one. I have emailed [protected]@autopage. Altech.Co. Za two times, with no reply. I still do not have the invoices for the debitorders that just keeps going off and altech can supply no paperwork as to why I need to pay r2000 to cancel the service. I am very frustrated and want to warn everyone I meet.

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Excessive data charges - no explanation

To whom it may concern

This is an official complaint concerning cell phone number [protected].
I have a My Call 200 contract with Autopage and have an additional data package of 500MB per month. My contract already includes 200MB of data and I also receive a 275MB free for purchasing an internet bundle during a promotion, in total 975MB available to use per month. These data bundles are confirmed on a monthly basis via SMS.
My Samsung Note 2, like all Samsung smart phones, has the ability to set data usage and limits so that users can monitor and limit data usage. My phone settings are set to warn once 685MB has been used and the limit is set at 950MB. According to my understanding once a phone’s limit is set, a user is not able to go over that limit. My data usage according to my device between 16 Nov and 05 Dec is 505MB.
I would like to request an official report to explain how excessive data charges were allowed to be charged to my account and why I it took so long to inform me. I was only informed by phone call when my account was already R5787.43. I then received a SMS a short while later (10h11) to inform me that my account has been suspended due to high data usage.
When I called Autopage on 08.12.2014 to try and rectify this obvious mistake, I was told my account was now standing on over R 11000. I request that this is also explained, why was my account still climbing after my account was suspended?
When I phoned on 11.12.2015, Aldrin informed me that my account has increased again. He said that he could see that something didn’t look right and that there has ben a bug on their system that has been affecting a few clients’ accounts. He informed me that he would be escalating my query to his manager, but I still haven’t heard any feedback from this.
I have spent hours on the phone with Autopage head office during the month of December, on my own account of course. I have sent emails to Aldrin Ridgard on 11.12.2014 and 17.12.2014 requesting an investigation into what caused the data usage and what websites were accessed. I have resent the emails on numerous occasions during January and I have, to date, not received a reply.
I will be taking this to the Customer Protection Commissioner if I do not receive a satisfactory reply within 3 days.

Kelly Snibbe

Mobile phone fails to connect to internet

According to the contract that I have with altech cellular autopage, I get data bundles and airtime on monthly basis. For the past few months I have struggled to connect to internet yet I have sufficient bundles on my account. I went to altech wonderpark mall store to register my complain and they could not solve my problem. I have renewed the contract with altech celluar autopage at the same store and I was given a new device with the understanding that my old device could be the source of the problem. The new mobile phone is also failing to connect to internet. Could you please investigate this matter for me.

High monthly bill - no receipt

Last month, my bill only went off on the ninth ( So I payed uo until the 9th), and then I went overseas on the 25th October and used my European cell card until the 8th of November.

In that time between the 9th and the 25th, Altech managed to take R3800 off my account. I can't see amy reason my bill would have got that high using a personal cellphone.

I asked them last month when taking an amount off my account they must giving me a receipt as why they are billing each amount. So far I have nothing from them and I highly doubt in half a month I would rake up roughly 4 grands worth on a cellphone bill. I've never been amywhere close to that so why now suddenly.

  • Ma
    Madeleine Norval Jun 19, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I requested a change on my line in March but was never done, so they overcharge me with R2000, they owe me R2000 but still does not want to activate my line

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  • Ja
    Jabulani Jele Nov 17, 2014

    Unlawful contract renewal/reactivation, unlawful/ellegal and fraudulant transactions against my bank account and illegal listing of my name on the credit bereau..fraudulant tarnsactions against me without my knowlegde or consent. Gross transgression of my consumer rights.

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  • Li
    lindy mbuyisa Feb 21, 2015

    I am highly irritated jy name has been listed because of some idiot taking a phone in my name I have contacted autopage from my pocket numerous times email and faxing affidavit after affidavit my consumer rights have been severely violated...I need this resolved

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Ipad billing

Dear autopage
I am complaining about my ipad billing for april and may. My april billing is r13426.91 and for may is r5686.00 my internet account was closed on the 10 of april, on that date I received an email of the estimated amount in usage as following. Autopage alert: dear customer, please note that your unbilled usage is an estimate r2418.96 this amount excl. Monthly rental and vat. Line is security suspension due to high data usage. Contact [protected]/[protected]. I tried to contact the guy so that I pay this in two months but never received response till today. After that everymonth my bill is r724... Today. I am willing to pay and make an arrangment but this is ridiculous the r2418 billing I dont have aproblem but I dont understand the r13426.00 and r5686.00. How can I have such a billing within 2 months. Worse the amount was debited in my account during the period but fortunately I managed to reverse it after a lot of inconvenience during the said months. Can you please review the bill for the month (2 mentioned). I am willing to pay for the other months moving forward todate but the 2 months mentioned does not make sense.
Please review these two months before this takes the next level

Require an itemised billing

Hi my name is mr rajanrhiran govindsamy, from last year november 2013, I requested that auto cellular give me an itemised billing as in novemder 2013 there was two unauthorised amounts had been taken off my account in one day, hence the standard bank fraud unit requires proof that I made a call to their call centre as soon as the money was withdrawn, this will assist for my money to be refunded back to me. I have called autopage more than a 100 times begging them to furnish me with an itemised billing for the month of november 2013. They advised that my account is prepaid and they cannot release the itemised billing to me. I am really upset and need advise, and who can I call to get results at autopage celluar as noone there can assist me and give me the itemised billing. I am willing to pay for the itemised billing. Thank you.

  • De
    Devina Singh May 31, 2011

    Their customer service is disgusting. When you call them on their care line, you have to wait for extended periods of time. They do not get back to you. They do not value their customers at all. A person with an active business life does not have time to run after their cellular service provider. Don't ever do business with them.

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  • Ro
    ronnie.pillay Apr 13, 2012

    I had cell phone contract upgraded and have been paying for the last 2 years .Since the last 2 years the cell phone number is not active . After several visits to Autopage Tygervalley the team is not ableto credit my account for non provision of service or avctivate the line .Each time i am told that they will do sim swap and it will be activated in 48 Hours . Who can i get help from ?

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  • El
    Elizabeth Schlebusch Nov 18, 2013

    Both my husband and I have taken an decision that when this contract period is over we WILL NOT EVER do business with Autopage Cellular again. Today is the 18th, my upgrade took place th 30th Oct, my devise was faulty had te send it back, I was made out as the pig in the story as if it is my fold my new devise was broken. My husband told Autopage please phone before you send the courier as he is in and out, twice the courier just pitched, refused to give phone to my son, refuse to wait a few min for my husband to return, he also still not have his devise.
    Louis and Elizabeth Schlebusch - Kempton Park

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I suddenly noticed my phone consuming its battery life within a few hours for some unknown reason. I received an email and then two day later I received a call from Autopage advising of high date consumption. The operator who called asked me to go through the phone settings, which I did and with which there was nothing wrong. An hour later Autopage cut the line without any word or mention of their intention to do so.I had consumed R9700 in data charges. I managed to get a report from Autopage showing date consumption but which does not list any further detail. One could see data usage commencing every hour costing between R300 and R500 a session.
Despite numerous phone calls as well as email messages and despite Autopage's promise to have this issue attended to, I am still waiting for a response 1 month later. This is nothing short of robbery, and the worst service I have ever experience after using this company for some 15 years!!! The worst part of all is that since this is a new contract, I am forced to remain with them for the duration of the contract. Cant I simply had the handset back and cancel this contract???

Unbilled calls charge

Dear reader, I have
Spoken to so many staff members, that I lost count (buyisiwe, sepho, sepho,
Mlungisi, tanya, keneiloe, david, alphese, 372350 ref #, 377300 ref #) , at autopage customer regarding unbilled calles
For 3 may, they have logged my complaint with there it department 4 times, and
They keep on telling me that I must contact clickatell as it was charges from
Them. I did this and they have no record from there cape
Town office of my number on there system on 3 may. I have informed autopage
That I think they had a system error as they charged me for over 3 000 sms’s
In 2 hours, which I am not accounted for and I have proof that I did not event
Send anything during that time. it is impossible for a person to send over 3 000
Sms’s within 2 hours! I stopped my debit order, as they don’t and can’t assist
Me, and no management is available to ever speak to me. now they send me a
Message on 17 june at 10:37 that my account is due for payment, and they will
Suspend it if I don’t pay, and again on 17 june at 16:56 and then again on 18
June at 11:52. my account only gets paid on the 1st of every month
And this is what I get from them in the middle of the month.

I have proof of my unbilled calls and from clickntell, if you need me to send this on. I do hope someone can assist me. thank you stephanie

No solution thus far

Basically I misplaced my BB9790 and I reported it to Altech in Davenport Centre on 12 May 2014, I was then told that when I upgraded my phone last year, the sales consultant did not upgrade my insurance but left it at the value of my previous phone, R1500.I was advised that what ever phone I decided to take I would have a fee to pay in due to insurance value been so low.During the week I was emailed 5 phones to choose from, 3 been phones ive never seen and the other 2-BB 9720 and 9320.I then went into Altech on the Friday, 16May, and I requested BB9720, I was informed there wasn't any stock at the moment but stock was coming in either on Wednesday, 21May or Thursday, 22May, I was not pleased as this was the second time I had requested a phone, 1st time been my upgrade and I was told there was no stock.I did not receive much outcome on this stock matter besides that ''there isn't any stock and I cant say when we will be receiving stock''.Eventually after poor communication between service providers any myself, I went onto Hello Peter and I laid my complaint to both Altech and Finrite Insurance Company, within 2days I had a phone call from both companies regarding my complaint, I was told the same usual story about no stock.On Wednesday, 4June Sfiso Mlangeni phoned me, he advised me that this problem was not Altechs problem which to me was nonsense because my contract is with Altech and they are my service providers and where the route of the problem originally started with the insurance upgrade issue.On Thursday 5June, Sakhi Nkosi called me, once again I was informed there was no stock BUT stock was coming in tomorrow, Friday 6June at roughly 11am and I will then be contacted, i waited thee entire day until I had to phone and ask what was going on, I was then told the phone had been discontinued after waiting 2weeks for this BB 9720, I was later on phoned by Regional who told me there is still stock of the BB 9720 BUT stock was coming in the following week, NOT ACCEPTABLE AT ALL!I was told there was a power failure and Headoffice and that is why stock didn't come in due to not been able to scan phones in but I will be contacted on Monday, 9 June, yet again I waited thee entire day, still no feedback, I then YET AGAIN took it upon myself to contact [protected] and Sfiso Mlangeni asked me if I could possibly do him a favour, have patience and wait till the end of this current week, I was not impressed at the least as you would understand how long I have already waited, i informed Sfiso yet again that it would be GREAT PLEASURE to cancel this contract that i have had with Altech for many years due to no productivity and very little communication.
Today, 11 June I wait for outcome, hopefully a step FORWARD...

  • Sd
    S Deeplaul Jul 02, 2014

    Altech Autopage is a farce in South Africa, I have had no cellphone reception for 3days, when I call the call centre, they say my line is soft locked, even though my bill is fully paid. They promise to open the line and it hasn't happened in the last 72 hours. This happens every month end.

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I've got this leech - autopage cellular

My contract was cancelled with effect 14 Dec 2013, yet I receive a monthly bill.
I have contacted Autopage Cellular after every bill, on which the
callcentre agent apologises profusely and re-initiates the cancellation. It is now 31 Mar 2014 and it has not been cancelled yet as I received another bill.
I offer Autopage 1 day to respond and recitify, where-after I will
involve the National Consumer Tribunal and ICASA. This is generous as I
have indicated that I will do so on the last call. Autopage note: call me on my cell number as provided in this complaint, not the one that should have been cancelled in Dec.

Incorrect billing

This is the 4th time that I have to submit a complaint about incorrect accounts from them. I have been refunded 3 times prior to this by them crediting my account and then deducting it at the end of the month again. The customer service line is so pathetic. I was advised I needed to complete a form and fax it through if I want the "my limit" service to work and to activate the softbar-function. I did that in April 2013 and yet I still am advised via ONE SMS that my limit of R200 has randomly exceeded that amount by R1700 within 3 days. No prior sms notifications and my phone system status shows a total of 2GB used since commencement of the month, with me getting 1GB as part of my contract. They then informed me that "sometimes the minutes work" and sometimes they don't. I have the vodacom super smart contract and get 1000 minutes to use anytime, now they charge me because according to them "they only work sometimes" and yet I still have 948 minutes but cannot utilize them. Pathetic! I need urgent assistance with this piece of c*** place.

Incorrect  billing

3 months and billing not sorted out

In Nov I received a message that my data had been used up on the 9th - the next day I got a message that I owed R780 over my account.

When dealing with it I was told to fill in a form so they could get a history of the URL's I visited. After calling and calling through Nov, Dec, Jan & Feb and being told forms were incomplete (after redoing them) and managers telling me they'd get back to me (which they never did) I finally phoned again and was told my form was there. Thanks for letting me know.

The URL's all show a normal usage - the highest usage was 0.28mb - but on 1 day there is over 1gb to a domain they don't know - and now say it's a virus. I use an iPhone which wont let you download over 100mb unless you're on wifi and all my browser history shows for that day are 2 google searches. .

I've been an autopage client over 10 years and this is the service I get. I send a complaint email because I was sick of taliking to phone consultants and asked a manager to call and from the response they emailed from a do not reply address they didn't even look at the issues I've been dealing with over the months.

This is incredibly bad service and I'm fed up with them.

Unfairly over billed

To whom It may concern,

I am despite for your assistance as Autopage is avoiding resolving this issue.

I purchased a 2 gig vodacom data package ([protected]) from Autopage.
At the time of taking out the contract I was not made aware that the data can overrun
and there are process in place to limit this. This resulted in data usage of R2500 for
what should have cost R120.

I logged a complaint with them on the 3rd October. I have spent over 2.5 hrs on my cell
trying to resolve this with Autopage. I have filled in the URL form and requested the call
They are brushing it of that I am responsible for the data yet I sent them proof that
the Vodacom tool to monitor usage is incorrect as in October I was charged forI purchased a 2 gig vodacom data package from Autopage.

At the time of taking out the contract I was not made aware that the data can overrun
and there are process in place to limit this. This resulted in data usage of R2500 for
what should have cost R120. I was also not made aware that I am to monitor the data usage and that there in no limit set to cap the data.

The tools supplied by Vodacom to monitor the data usage is useless as in my October account I was charged R47 for out of bundle usage yet I have proof that it it show I still have 1.78 gigs available.

My dispute is that I was not given the right advice when taking out the contract and Autopage have not proven otherwise in the past 1.5 months

I have dealt with Nadine Baxter and Brian Maleka from Autopage. The only time they respond is when I complain on hello Peter to say they will resolve this then you would not hear from them for a week.

I want Autopage to reimburse my R2500, compensate me for me 2.5hrs wasted on my cell to resolve this issue and cancel this contract as I believe that Autopage was in breach by no informing me as well as lack of customer service.

Can not activate sim card

I MR. D.S. Van Zyl have asked for a upgrade on one of my cell phones. I received my new cell phone Samsung Galaxy Chat plus new sim card MTN on 16/09/2013 via courier.My old sim card was a cell C sim card. My request was to keep my old number [protected] and to return to MTN net work which I was on prior to cell C. We entered into this upgrade on 13/09/2013 via phone, received phone and sim on date mentioned above. On that very same day 16/09/2013 in the afternoon spoke to Mlungisi Ref.A1309164078 asking for sim card to be activated was told it would take 2-24 working hours to be activated. Received message on my phone on 17/09/2013 13.55 pm Ref A1309174518 new migration Request has been completed 11.50AM. Also contract has been extended for 24 months. Another sms message on phone on 18/09/2013 saying sim swap successful done on 18/09/2013 4.00 pm. Phoned Thandazile and asked why my sim card has not been activated, she said it takes 2-24 working hours which will be no later than 12pm Friday 20/09/2013. On 17/09/2013 spoke to Lwandle she said nothing has been done yet, they are busy trying to Rica my sim card then they can proceed further. I waited for Friday 20/09/2013 12pm sim card was still not activated. Phone Pindi Ref. call 296944 she said she will try and sort out problem with IT Department as the sim swap has not been done everytime she tries to do the sim activation it comes up with error message. 25/09/2013 spoke to Sthembiso at 8.45am confirmed activation will be done in 24 hours. I left everything and tried again on 1/10/2013 at 9.15am spoke to Janeeta said port has not been connected, has referred it to Lucretia to sort out problem. On that same day spoke to Freddy said all is on tract I will be able to use my new phone by the evening not to worry. On 2/10/2013 spoke to Evan Ref. call 299780 reassured me not worry I will be connected today. On 3/10/2013 once again spoke to Thandazile at 8.45am in absolute desperation asked to speak to supervisor, she refused and asked if she could help, I explained once again, and repeating my problem once again, put me on hold for 15 minutes never returned so I put down the phone. Tried again and once again spoke to Sthembiso 9.30am, tried to see what is the problem said port has been done but can't Rica card number invalid on sim card. Please Please have mercy on my very sole. Out of shear desperation I went to the Phalaborwa MTN shop for some assistance. He has been in contact with Autopage, also confirms port has been done, but also seems to be having problems to Rica sim card. From the 13/09/2013 until now 4/10/2013 I have been desperately trying to activate my sim card, all I want is to use my new phone is that too much to ask. I am a reliable customer, I have never defaulted in 20 years with Autopage, the least I expect is quality after sales service. Why can't we just get what we pay for, without all these lies and deception. I am only a customer, I don't know how to do these peoples work. As a last resort I have come to the Complaints Board, Hoping you can help me in this regard.
Thanking You Kindly,
D.S Van Zyl

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    Clairevb Dec 05, 2013

    Altech Autopage promised to deliver a modem to me over a month ago. I have followed up after 2 weeks due to no delivery and was told it would be arranged. After another two weeks I have tried ENDLESSLY to get someone to contact me. STill no reponse !!!

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Poor service delivery

Good day

It is with great discusting that I heard that my phone and services has been suspended. I am almost 13 years with autopage and some time ago I suspected that someone is going onto the internet on my behalf.

I were in hospital as from 21 janaury til 26 january 2017 for a very serious operation. On the afternoon of the 3rd january 2017 I tried several times to get into the internet but I could not get in. It was hanging and hanging and I called my one child to assist. As from that they we could not get into the internet. Now I have to read that my account is more than r800 already and that my account is suspended after I have requested autopage with e-mails to set the limit of 2gb on my internet card.

I am going to contact the onbudsman tomorrow as I cannot not use my contract phone or my internet 2gb card and had to buy a vodacom stick just to send an e-mail. I do have my evidence whereby I requested autopage to set the 2gb monthly in order that it does not go over the 2gb.

I also received from mtn that I have points, but I cannot even contact them with my 2gb sim card as I am with vodacom and also requested your offices to tell me how to use that points. I recommend that you use that 1155 or whatever, points for the account and that you contact me.

Now you left me a voice message saying that I need to contact you. How the hell must I contact you if you suspended my phone as well??? Poor service delivery from autopage.

I am also booked off till 8 march 2017 and is lying in bed to recover after a very dangerous neck operation, so please explain to me how the hell I will sit in front of my labtop???

Please get your facts correct, follow my account up for fraud and uplift my suspension at least on my telephone!!!

Thank you

Sm stopforth


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    Poetess Nov 16, 2013
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    Verified customer

    I am currently a autopage altech customer. I am able to upgrade after 24 months with autopage only. I have been told that I must continue paying for the next 5 months to be able to cancel the contract. I believe I am being robbed by autopage. My blackberry battery died after 2 years. I am being forced to buy a new battery and continue to pay for the next 5 months. I am unable to switch to another service provider for the better package deal. Please kindly investigate and assist. I am not willing to pay for the next 5 months as I am allowed to pay for 24 months on contract.

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Atrocious service

The owner misleads a customer.I asked the manager owner of Autopage Sunridge Park Port Elizaeth, Mannie, for the latest model a Samsung 10.1 with stylus and split screen, he gave me his assurance that what I was signing for was the latest model the only one in SA at the time of my signing. He did not know if it had a stylus, he said it had a 5megapixel camera. I went back into the store a few days later told him that the information re the camera was wrong it had a 3megapixel camera and there was no stylus or split screen. Again he said that it was the latest model. I kept it believing that the one I wanted was not available in SA. I then saw an advert on tv for the model I had asked for. I checked with Samsung the model was available in SA prior to my signing the contract. I went back to Mannie he said no problem he would change it on condition the model I had was not water damaged, told me to repack it in its original packaging, gave me an amount I would pay in for the difference. I agreed to do that. I reset the device to factory settings with all the packaging I took it back to the store, he said the condition was fine. Suddenly he reverses his decision after phoning JHB said he could not do it and because I have signed a contract I have to have what I signed for. It’s a 24 month contract, I now have a product I did not ask for, plus was told I could change it, the manager changed his mind. I believe I was misled; the product was available in SA before I signed just not in Autopage. Is there anything I can do, I have complained to Autopage in Jhb, they cannot help me they say only the owner of the store can assist, he rudely refuses to help me what can I do?