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AutoAnything / Low Price Guarantee

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AutoAnything advertises a "Low Price Guarantee" along with free shipping. What the customer finds upon closer reading of the fine print is that the price match is for "delivered price". That is, if AutoAnything has an item costing $118 with free shipping, and another storefront has the same item for a lower price, $100, and shipping is additional, $18, the competitor's price including shipping is what they use for comparison. In this (actual) example, the match is exactly the same. (If all the stores did this, the playing field would be level and we consumers would know what to expect from the retailer.)

I personally would rather deal with a seller which gives me what I want to know right up front: item cost, shipping (including handling), and tax where required, rather than with one which obscures reality with marketing statements...where the customer must dig out the facts rather than have them stated up front.

I call AutoAnything's marketing practice deceptive in that the use of "price" is not the same as that used in other (and competitor's) stores. I do not choose to do business with an entity which seeks to deceive me.

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  • 01
      12th of Jan, 2010
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    Your complaint is a bit confusing to me. It would seem to me that the company you are comparing them to is being more deceptive by hiding their shipping charges and baiting you with some "low" sales price. AutoAnything seems to be putting the whole price out there for you to see (shipping included). It would be silly for them to price match every advertised price without shipping because so many other companies try to hide additional fees in their shipping and "handling" fees (another term for "We're charging you $10 for the box"). Someone could advertise $50 for that item, then charge you an additional $68 in shipping and handling. Who is being more deceptive? AutoAnything and their totally upfront pricing, or someone who is hiding fees in the shipping that you don't see until you've gone all the way through checkout?

  • Su
      2nd of Feb, 2010
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    To quote your complaint: "I personally would rather deal with a seller which gives me what I want to know right up front: item cost, shipping (including handling), and tax where required"

    It's funny because that is exactly what AutoAnything does... they tell you the item cost up front, shipping and handling is free, and tax is calculated in the shopping cart. That is as up front as it gets when you're shopping online.

    And their one-year post purchase price guarantee is solid. Yes, it's based on the delivered price, but they ship everything for free, other companies don't and they pass the cost on to the consumer. You have to compare Apples to Apples.

    I've ordered from AutoAnything numerous times and it's always been a good experience.

  • Ja
      11th of Feb, 2013
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    Your "complaint' is really a compliment for AutoAnything in disguise. It sounds like you have a problem with advertising and profit in general.

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