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AT&T Yellowpages / website/unfair pratices

1 Troy, MI, United States Review updated:
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Phone: 1-800-479-2977

My exwife who has mental issues and bipolar called just to change my business ad from bold to regular type and to have them omit address from listing and after talking to her for about 10 minutes started talking about things she didn't understand and talked her into agreeing to a 1 year contract for my company(which she isn't authorized to do).She ended up with 2 website ads and owing an extra $138.00 per month instead of the $25.00 yellowpage ad she called about.
When I called to complain and told them of her medical condition and that she STILL doesn't know what is going on due to her condition I was told they would not remove the website ad even though it hasn't started yet!
Avoid AT&T they take advantage of the ill and weak and all they are concerned about is money and not you as a customer!

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  • Be
      12th of Nov, 2008
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    I have had similar problems with AT&T Yellow Pages. I work for a small doctors office and we get calls all the time from phone book company's confirming our information. I received such a call, or so I thought, the sales person spoke very little English and had a thick accent. I was very busy and wasn't paying much attention and agreed to what they were saying like I do with everyone else. They transferred me to another sales rep who spoke better English but spoke quickly. Again I agreed, not paying attention. Two weeks later I received a bill for almost $500.00!!! I called to cancel the order that I didn't realize I had made, and they told me that they could not cancel the order because it had already gone to print and that I had agreed to a two year contract with them, which I don't have authorization to do! So I threatened to go to the CT state Attorney General, and they are going to be putting me through to a customer service manager "within a few days". Hopefully they will resolve this problem for me. But beware!!! They will trick you!!!

  • Ye
      15th of Dec, 2008
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    Did you actually read what you wrote?

    " I was very busy and wasn't paying much attention and agreed to what they were saying like I do with everyone else. They transferred me to another sales rep who spoke better English but spoke quickly. Again I agreed, not paying attention."

    You always agree? Why would you do that?

    Your doctor is so cheap that he does not have a marketing advisor for his business? I bet he's got an attorney and accountant!

    He should not have his receptionist/office manager make marketing decisions or you need a huge raise.

    He should pay this bill for being so cheap in how he runs his practice.

    As a yellow pages industry expert, I think he is stuck with the bill.

    I do have a possible option but I doubt your doctor would pay for a media consultant/claim advocate.

    Bottom line is that this was not the yellow pages fault. Your complaint should be toward the doctor and putting marketing decisions in your lap.

    Hope you do get your resolution.

  • Ye
      15th of Dec, 2008
    -1 Votes

    For Gator Productions-

    You ex-wife was skilled enough to make changes but not increase the ad?

    She cannot be the authorizing agent for one and not the other. How silly is that?

    You took advantage of her to try and pawn off some task that you thought was menial but was actually vital to your business. Now who should you be mad at?

    You should pay her bill for making her do something you were too lazy to do.

  • Te
      1st of Jun, 2009
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    I have the same probelm, I ended with an add I told them I did not want because I couldn't afford it. They had a second person call me a few days later and this person continued to just hound away at me. I still said no and yet 6 months later I get a bill for advertising that I didn't want nor can I afford. They never told me I was under contract and now It can't be broken?! Very unprofessional and bullying as far as I'm concerned. I do not have extra money to pay for this and yet I will be forced to let something else go every month. I can barely afford my electric bill!

  • Jc
      18th of Sep, 2009
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    I agreed to a PLL advertisement and signed the contract only to find out that it was not available. Yellow pages downgraded my account and placed me under 30 other contractors. No one returns my telephone calls and it has been a horrible experience. If you are considering advertising steer clear of att / yellow pages. Im making it my personal mission to tell as many people as possible and post as many places as I can.

    If anyone can help with any information please contact me

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