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ATT Wirless / The worst Customer Service ever

1 900 W Airport FreewayHurst, TX, United States

ATT customer services has gone to the DOGS, I just left ATT repair cent in Hurst, TX where usually I get excellent service, I just don't like having to take time out of my day to return a phone for the fourth time, but it is worst when you're told that you returned the only once back in Aug. Ok back in May 2008 I became to receive drop calls a hold lot or could not get calls, to the point I call ATT customer and ask if they would let me out of my contract, because of the bad service I was receiving, the I spoke to offered me a brand new phone to see if the problem would go away. I accepted the new phone, but wasn't sent the phone he promised, I knew then I had made a bad decision. Ok back to today’s issue with ATT repair center in Hurst, TX about 3:20pm I went to the repair center per dropped calls, that has been going on for about three months. I was told the last time I was their if I had to return the phone again I would be eligible for a different model so I did, well that wasn't true, a young girl by the name of Ebony (witch was a new face) left me at the counter for a long time while speaking with a unknown person at the time, until I ask (Kimberly Lamb) to see where she was, so when Ebony came back she began to tell me I wasn't eligible for the two time strike, I explained to her that this was my four time returning that model phone(Samsung A737) while talking to her Angel Ferrazas came up and began to speak to me after Ebony got rude, I then explain myself to Angel, how would I know that I could return the phone if I wasn’t told to retune the phone. One thing lead to another and Glenda Rickard came up to the counter and put her two cent in and they began to say I’m the manager and we will not replace the phone model, So they replace my phone with the same model, but told me not to come back to her store call customer service for now on. This is the same person that just pissed off everyone she service while I was in the store. How can this company stay in business with these bad customer service reps? Oh Ya this is not the entire story will take to long to tell you everything. Three of the reps in the office were standing at the counter yielding at me WOW. The other stand back looking at them like they had lost their minds.


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