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AT&T / wireless phone bill

1 Woodbridge, VA, United States
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Purchase new I phone 7 in 2/17, special deal buy one get one free. Alfred Osu the store rep stated I can pay off the 1st phone whenever I want and 2nd "free" phone would be charged and refunded for 3 months. Then no more charges for 2nd phone just want to make sure you don't quit AT&T right away.

The Alfred also stated I will get a $10 credit for auto pay/paperless billing as stated on my bill. The bill statement states this credit will take 1 - 2 billing cycles. The General Manager was in the store and agreed with Alfred. Now this was back in February.

Called AT&T customer service in both April and May 1st. Told both times the $10 auto pay/paperless billing will take one more billing cycle.

Called AT&T customer service on 8/11/17. First, spoke with Danesha (not sure of spelling wrote as sounded). On issue with not getting $10 auto pay/paperless billing, she initially said won't see it itemized, "its in the plan". I insisted it was not in the plan and I would like a back credit and future credit. After 10-15 minutes of explaining my bill, she AGREED to give me a $50 credit and $10 credit on future bills. She told me to hold to get supervisor approval. After waiting 30 minutes for a supervisor, Patrice got on the line. She stated that you have to have an auto debit with a debit card or checking account and I have auto debit with a credit card. I told her neither the store nor 3 other AT&T customer service reps including the one I just got off the line with mentioned anything about the auto debit being with a debit card or checking account. In addition, Denesha agreed to give me a $50 back credit and $10 credit going forward. Patrice said the information was somewhere online and Denesha was mistaken!

I stated this was ludicrous and going forward to change my auto debit with a checking account. Although she took my account information she stated it will take ANOTHER 2-3 months for a credit. I said the billing statement states 1-2 months. She got nasty and said "well we like to say 2-3 months, in case something happens". When asked what she meant by in case something happens she replied "just like I said in case something happens".

In the case of paying off the phone early, you may pay off the 1st phone, but you must keep the 2nd phone for 30 months total. Again, the store insisted I could payoff the 1st phone whenever I want and the 2nd phone was only to be charged for 3 months. She stated "I guess they were wrong". This makes you keep AT&T for at least 30 months or you pay for both phones. Now, there's nothing wrong with this if this is what you are told when purchasing the phones. But AT&T feels as if you should have done your research online.

Aug 11, 2017

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