AT&T Wireless / look like illegal practices

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To my dismay my daughter Susan was leaving for Europe. She had purchased an IPhone two months ago. When she called to inform them that she needed to make sure that she had service abroad..she was told..she didn't have the phone long enough to have automatic service!!! must have it for 90 days before its automatic. If you could purchase a plan of 6.00 per month..and save 29 cents per minute. She figured well..not bad..then then proceeded to tell her she needed to fax over a copy of her Passport, driver's license and being she lived home..she needed to send a copy of her parents utility bill. She then can I just make copies of my most valuable information and just fax it randomly to you..where is it going? who will have it? and of course they phone for you then in Europe.. Any suggestions if this is legal? This is insane..I am so angry that I want to put it on the news! thoughts?


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