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outrageous rates on int'l long distance calls

We signed up with AT&T for their bundle on my voice and dsl internet & dish network (which i already have) around nov/2007. I made international phone calls on Christmas day (cut-off day was dec 28). When the bill came sometime on the second week of january, my bill was over $500. I had forgotten this stupid trick of enrolling yourself and pay $5/month to avail of the discounted rate. I was charged $3.17/min whereas if i enrolled, the rate dramatically drops to less than 20 cents/min.

I paid that bill and called them to set up international long distance. Meanwhile, i have been calling internationally new year's day and several days after 4th of january when a family member died. Needless to say that i talked for hours. I thought that they would retract my rate since I've shown good faith. We had Vonage for a long time before we switched over to AT&T. Vonage is true to their word. They don't have hidden fees - they charged you for your actual minutes used and you don't have to enroll yourself to avail a discounted rate.

When i received my next bill, it was a whopping $1000.00. I called them immediately, but they said that they couldn't do nothing about it. I asked for the manager and they promised me that a supervisor should call me within the next 24 hours. I even gave them my cell phone number. Nobody called me and then the next bill came and I called them again. This time, they said that it is over 60 days. And on top of that, the representative i talked to had the audacity to ask me to switch my cellphone from VERIZON to AT&T... what nerve!! The final bill that i paid was $1500.00 which really made my wifee cry. With 2 kids in a 1 income household, we are really financially tight. We are no longer with ATT, we switched over to COMCAST and bundled everything now. COMCAST cust service is not the greatest, but i would rather deal with them than being conned (I am sorry, but that is how i feel -- that was so dirty -- and a very, very old ploy --- there are a lot of options nowadays as far as communications is concerned --- I will never ever be a part of ATT for as long as i have another option... and i hope those options would still be available. ATT seems to be slowly trying to monopolize the industry. I dread to see the day when i would run out of options/choices.

And when we signed up, we were made to believe that we are to receive a $50.00 cash back. When we called them to claim it, they said that cash back didn't exist. They are just a bunch of scam artists (BIG TIME).

  • Valerie Jul 18, 2008

    I signed up with at&t because i was informed i would have coverage in my area. It seems i can get coverage in japan but not in my own house or yard. I have emailed and talked to customer support-no help-phones have had multiple problems-they are unwilling to exchange. We can't get signals, one razors screen just went completley black, i couldn't retrieve my voicemails for months-all they could say is we have a contract and we're stuck. No one would go even a little above and beyond to help-if we cancelled our contract they would charge us $175 per phone to do this. We feel this is unfair because we were misled about how great their coverage was. I would never recommend them to anyone!

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  • Ki
    Kirby Zhang Aug 22, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have a similar story which I won't go into. It's completely a cloak and dagger way to do business. They know consumers aren't expecting to pay that kind of rates and they do everything to make sure you're NOT informed of what you'll be paying.

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  • Re
    Red Sep 12, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Oh yes and you are perfect too right?

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overcharge for found raising calls

I have had numerous conversations with A T & T, the phone company and am absolutely livid. My focus is on fund raising and like many other people I know I use my home phone to make these calls. No one is paying me for my efforts. But A T & T has turned off my phone because I refuse to pay the $1000 a month fee they are charging.

Also, they have taken my payments and are calling them credits on account.


[protected] cell
Candice Kuhnen

dishonest companies

My parents are older and live on a fixed income... there phone bill had climbed to 80$ a month so i advised...

terrible tech support

Ever since my family signed up for AT&T DSL service, it has been one problem after another. Modems that need constant resetting; service interruptions; and a total inability to help give my second computer wireless access to my main one. And their tech support is virtually no help. For one thing, it's literally impossible to get through to them without a good hour wait. (I'm on hold now with them, and have been since 8:30. I made sure to call at an off-peak hour. It's now 10:30, and tech support closes at midnight. What do you want to bet my call will get disconnected at midnight even though I've been on forever?) For another, they put you through a ridiculous third degree for "security" reasons and use it to give you a major run-around. The last time I called, they asked for the credit card number we use to _currently_ pay them. When I gave them the number, they swore it wasn't the right one and bounced me over to their account department--which of course was in the middle of "upgrades" so they couldn't bring up my file to get this straightened out. And even when you finally get through, you wind up with someone who can't help you, doesn't know what you are talking about, or takes your number swearing someone will call you back at a certain time--and that latter person calls hours later when you are at work or out of the house. ATT seems to think that customers should spend days and hours trying just to get help. (And the cream of the jest is that they have trained their tech people to be endlessly apologetic and endlessly sorry--but they _still_ can't give you any help.) In short, ATT DSL's service is lousy; their tech support is a disaster; and their attitude towards their customers is despicable. Don't sign with this service--it is truly not worth the grief, dishonesty, incompetence, and bad faith they put you through.

  • Li
    lilleth Nov 23, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I had intermittent problems with Bellsouth, but since AT&T took over, DSL is terribly slow AND webmail is dreadful. Doesn't matter if I use webmail at home or at work or wherever, on a PC or MAC, I have constant time outs, had an email I sent AT&T that was blind copied w/out my knowing it to 2 other people, very slow webmail, etc. If I'm at home and the DSL is actually working right, I can be on 4 other web sites that are all working correctly, and AT&T's own webmail will be almost impossible to log into.

    I've emailed them numerous times. They told me that they no longer offer email support, to try IM. I tried IM and was told that they couldn't help me, to call AT&T. When I wrote back, nicely, that I thought I might need to just change service, the tech HUNG UP ON ME. It was no mistake. I got a clear message "Tech has disconnected you." Rude in addition to being incompetent.

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  • Ar
    Arlen Hess Feb 24, 2009

    Webmail is really bad. Why change something that is easy and straight forward with a lot yahoo ads and hard to find tabs to get to "e mail" receive and send. Not good. Check spelling? You don't understand a misspelled word? Improve your software.
    Arlen @bellsouty.net

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  • Cl
    Claire Jones Jun 17, 2009

    I am not receiving emails and I give my name and password as they ask for over and over and they disregard it I have to get this resolved can't understand this.f it only happens once, but it is a daily process from at&t someone up there does not know what they are doing.hey tell me it is not connected and it is I unplug it all and plug it back and it works fine what is going on. It is not connecting as of today so I have no idea what they have done and why [email protected]

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  • Mi
    Mike_ Dec 20, 2009

    I have had the worst experience with AT&T. I have been put on hold for well over an hour. It took me around half an hour (and lots of google) to find their online technical support... which is here: https://pattta.att.motive.com/netagent/questionnaire_c2c_dsl_sw.aspx

    I got put with this guy named Antonio. This guy is the most unresponsive, illiterate person I have ever had the misfortune of dealing with on the internet. I have dealt with this chat before so i had already run all of the speed tests on their at&t website.

    Anything I told him was basically ignored... It felt like I was just being asked questions without him reading what I was typing to him. I started off by saying hello... telling him i have had speed issues ever since i signed up (I should get 3.0mbps download, i get 1.3mbps) ... and I tell himmy upload/download speeds and even give him a reference number...

    Then... he asks me what my problem is. I repeated everything above.. the problem... the speed test...

    Then he told me to run a speed test (on the exact site I told him)
    So I tell him it again and then I run the speed test one more time just so i can satisfy him...

    At this point I have already been in the chat 20 minutes. That's how unresponsive and slow the responses were. He asks me a security question... I have never filled out any security question for at&t... so i tell him that and I ask him if theres anything else i can do... such as the last four digits of my SSN.

    What he tells me next is absolutely ridiculous. I know 100% at this point, he was just trying to cut the conversation off because this is just ridiculous.
    He said he needs all of the following:
    Scan of my drivers license with a picture ID, a scan of a few utility bills, a scan of my at&t bill, and about 5 other ridiculous things.
    so i disconnected and tried to talk to another person.

    This next guy i talked to wasn't as bad. After about half an hour I think we finally got on the same level and he was able to assist me. Unfortunately... at the end he decided to do something to my phone line without letting me know... some sort of test I guess. Someone in my house was on the phone and they were disconnected. Also, it cut my internet connection... so it ended the chat and I lost contact with him.
    Here's a pastebin: http://pastebin.ca/1721585

    I went in one more time to make sure there was nothing else to say after being disconnected so unexpectedly. I should be getting a phone call within the next hour

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  • Ti
    tiderflake Dec 30, 2010

    I feel your pain.

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roll over minutes

Yesterday 7/8/08 I called AT&T to change my cell phone calling plan because my husband and I are not using...

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unauthorized charges on my phone bill

Unauthorized charges on my phone bill from at & t. When i called my local phone company and complained they...

service connection taking more than two weeks

For the past two weeks I have been trying to get High Speed Direct Dry Loop DSL service from AT&T and no one is able to get my service running. My first attempt was when I called on Jun 22 requesting DSL service the sales representative took my information and she explained that I would have service in week. So I waited and did not receive the DSL equipment nor any call as when it was going to be delivered. I called back and none of the representatives could find my account. So after remaining on line and talking to 4 different representatives the last representative re ordered my service last week. Yesterday I received my DSL equipments and I installed them, but the service was not working. So I called back and again the Technician could not find my account. I told the representative it was strange that AT&T would send me equipment to install but not have an account for me. So as of today I still do not have service, this issue is costing me $100 week due to the nature of my work which requires me to work from home. What does it take to get service?? Unfortunately in the Frisco Zip code 75035 only AT&T and Time Warner provide high speed internet. I called again today and they still can not find my order even though they have send me their equipment. They finally say we are sorry!

  • Na
    Navid Kafaei Jul 03, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    For the past two weeks I have been trying to get High Speed Direct Dry Loop DSL service from AT&T and no one is able to get my service running. My first attempt was when I called on Jun 22 requesting DSL service the sales representative took my information and she explained that I would have service in week. So I waited and did not receive the DSL equipment nor any call as when it was going to be delivered. I called back and none of the representatives could find my account. So after remaining on line and talking to 4 different representatives the last representative re ordered my service last week. Yesterday I received my DSL equipments and I installed them, but the service was not working. So I called back and again the Technician could not find my account. I told the representative it was strange that AT&T would send me equipment to install but not have an account for me. So as of today I still do not have service, this issue is costing me $100 week due to the nature of my work which requires me to work from home. What does it take to get service?? Unfortunately in the Frisco Zip code 75035 only AT&T and Time Warner provide high speed internet. I called again today and they still can not find my order even though they have send me their equipment. They finally say we are sorry!

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  • At
    att customer Jul 15, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    The same here - I really enjoyed my att service 6 MB until I moved.

    I am being told things that are not true, technicians never showed up or called it has been 20 days of calling, asking I could even say begging for service!
    I finally spoke to the manager who scheduled another activation date (I had 2 activation dates scheduled before by customer service - no one showed, called or bothered to send me an e-mail).

    One is for sure - if this time they screw me over I will cancel both - telephone and DSL with att. It is 21st century and if they have problems with communication between costumer service and tech dept then something is not right.

    Now question. How come they always deliver your bill on time, but never the service?

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  • Er
    Eric Jul 28, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Same problem.

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  • Ma
    Matthew Sep 30, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I ordered the High speed DSL over a week ago! The store could not even tell me when it would be connected...they said "just give it a few days." I gave it a "few days" and no DSL. So I called...an hour later I find the exact turn on date. So the date comes and then goes...no DSL. I then spend 2 hours on the phone being transferred and put on hold...until 9pm came...and they closed.
    The next morning at 8 a.m. I call them again...an hour later and at least 4 transfers later I find out the representative failed to put my apt number on my order!! No one bothered to call me and tell me...I had to figure this out on my own.
    Now since the order activation date has passed they say they can't modify it. So they have to do a whole new order and I have to wait 5 more days for them to come back out and activate it! 5 more days and countless hours on the hold for their screw up!!!
    Stay away from ATT DSL if at all possible. I'm stuck between them or $57/month for basic charter high speed. Apparently you get what you pay for though.

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  • Ba
    BadFeelingAboutAttDSL May 08, 2009

    Since April 27, 2009, I have been trying to get DSL service from AT&T and no one is able to get my service running. My first attempt was when I called on April 28. I was told it would be set up at 4:30 next day difinitely. But it was not. When called 1-800-288-2020 again. I was told it would take four days to set up. Ok, I waited for four days and DSL still did not work. Then I called again, I was told that some error happened in their system and they needed to clear it first before the order could go through. After cleared up, they could set the work procedure and I had to wait another four days. After other four days I still did not get the DSL to run. I called again I was told the same reason and I had to wait another four days. I really do not know what's going on there. It drives me nuts. I do not think I can take it any more.

    I use the DSL to work from home. I may lose my job because this.

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  • Je
    Jesse May 15, 2009

    Same exact story... 2 weeks... flashing red light on the modem... transfers, promises and still no internet.

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  • Su
    susie henry Oct 06, 2009

    ordered dsl internet box in august never recieved my reward every time calling always different excuse not a e-mail.

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  • Wa
    Wallberg May 03, 2011

    ATT DSL is unpredictable and unreliable. Sometimes it is fine, other times the video stutters and the service is slow. Now they are pushing ATT Uverse? Are they nuts. They do not have their act together as it is.

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  • Se
    Serinavarghese Jan 31, 2014

    AT&T never keeps their word.they promised they would provide me connection at my new place in frisco and haven't done so. The customer service representative people never have an answer and keep u on hold for ever. They have no value for new customers. Since I work from home I can't work too.

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scam and cheating

I signed up for AT&T U-Verse package (Cable, Internet, and Telephone in March 2008 and I'm still waiting...

advertising fraud

I entered a one year contract with AT&T Advertising for a prominent listing in Yellowpages.com and AT&T...

bundle package deals

I have had phone service with AT&T since April 2005 I added AT&T yahoo internet service at rate of $19.99 a...

Resolved their staff are idiots

I've had a few poor customer service experiences with AT&T Wireless. The latest frustration with AT&T...

at&t bundle, does not work, being defrauded

Last October, I signed up for a bundled service from AT and T and Dishnetwork for phone, DSL, and TV. I have been defrauded from day one. Here is what happened. October through November.
- Signed up for the service, and it never worked. Phone consistently dropped calls. DSL NEVER worked, period. NEVER WORKED.
- Made at least 15 phone calls, spent at least 15 hours on the phone with AT and T representatives to no avail.
- An AT and T field technical came to my house 3 times to troubleshoot the problems. On Visit #1, the technician said “you have ZERO problems” and left. I then asked for a different field tech to come to my house. On Visit #2, the second tech said the first tech DID NOT KNOW WHAT HE WAS DOING. HE SAID THAT THE PHONE WAS NOT AT ALL RIGHT, AND THERE WERE KNOWN ISSUES IN MY AREA THAT THEY were WORKING ON THAT ALSO AFFECTED THE DSL. HE FLAT OUT ADMITTED THIS. He left saying the phone was fixed, and only way to get DSL to work was to DISCONNECT THE PHONE!!! There had to be a Visit #3 as the phone still consistently crackled, dropped calls, and callers could not reach us. The tech came back and said "I can't fix it. I don't know what to do for you. I can do nothing."
- After this, I had many more phone calls with AT and T tech service to try and fix the problem. Especially with the DSL Business unit. The tech people could NEVER get the DSL work at all – ZERO CONNECTIONS.
- I am a software development professional, and after a month of no Internet and a home phone much more worse than the WORST cell phone something had to be done.
- I called AT and T and asked to end the relationship. My request was that I had signed up for Service Bundle, and 1 of the services (DSL) does NOT work at all, 1 of the services BARELY works (that is being generous with the PHONE situation). I asked to end the relationship and stay with DishNetwork for TV.
- On the phone AT and T agreed to end the relationship, we settled up the bill, and it was done. RELATIONSHIP ENDED, EVERYTHING PAID IN FULL. Part of settling up the bill was that I did not have to pay for DSL service because it NEVER WORKED. This is important. I thought the terrible experience was over. Unfortunately, it was only just started.
- In January of 2008, I got a call from the DSL business unit at AT and T. Here is what happened:
- They basically said that they didn’t care what had happened before. They said and I quote “AT and T DSL is its own business, and we don’t care what another unit in AT and T said to you. They are a different business. You must pay us.” Even if the DSL NEVER WORKED, I still had to pay for it.
- The most outrageous thing they said is that the AT and T field tech was not an “AT and T DSL employee” so his visits to my house DID NOT MATTER FOR NOTHING. His analysis meant nothing. Somehow, I magically had to know the different between business units, legal entities, and what techs to deploy to my house.
- In the end, I gave in and paid for a couple months of service because they were going to send me to collections. I was very upset, but then thought “okay, this horrible experience is now really, really over. I’ll just pay to make this go away.” Boy, was I completely wrong again. I should have never paid the ### a cent.
- Yes, no joke. If you get Phone and DSL from AT and T it is like doing business with two completely separate companies. And, they give a crap about each other let alone give a crap about you. They sure as hell don’t care if you are caught in the middle of a bad situation with the AT and T the global company. THEY DON’T CARE.
- In March 2008, AT and T “transferred” me to DishNetwork. To this day, no one at DishNetwork can explain what this means. AT and T billed DishNetwork $370.00 since the services were no longer bundled, and DishNetwork has now billed me for that amount. NO ONE CAN TELL ME WHAT THIS IS FOR. I AM JUST EXPECTED TO PAY IT OR GET SENT TO COLLECTIONS AND HAVE MY TV SERVICE SHUT OFF.
In conclusion, I signed up for a bundle of three services of TV, DSL, and Phone. DSL NEVER WORKED. The phone never really worked. In no way was the land line phone working like a land line phone should. As a matter of fact, last fall during my phone troubles (and after this continuing well into the winter) AT and T was working on the infrastructure in my subdivision. I mean these guys were out in 20 below weather digging up the hell out of the ground and fixing stuff.

THERE WERE OBVIOUSLY UNACCEPTABLE SERVICE ISSUES THAT NO NORMAL PERSON IN THEIR RIGHT MIND WOULD ACCEPT. Though AT and T was very difficult to work with, I thought the issue was resolved in November when the account was settled in November of 2007. But, they are basically are extorting and defrauding me out of about $430.00 and killing my credit report. I’m a reasonable person and very pro-business. But, this is a case of the big company really sticking it to the average citizen and it is not right. AT and T has ZERO accountability for anything. What else can I say. NEVER DO BUSINESS WITH AT AND T IN ANY WAY. If something goes wrong, you are COMPLETELY SCREWED.

Resolved they charged for free service

Was an original ATT Wireless customer, before they were bought out by Cingular, for over 5 years. When they were bought out we were contacted to change over to Cingular plans and phones on all 3 of our lines of service. We did without hesitation because of our high degree of satisfaction with ATT Wireless. While picking out phones and plans I made sure to get confirmation of unlimited mobile-to-mobile minutes on all 3 phones. I was assured by the two agents that I had to speak to during that phone call. Upon getting my first bill from Cingular I find $1, 300 in overage charges on my bill. Because I had detailed billing I was able to see that the charges were because I was over my minutes only because they were deducting from my anytime minutes, the calls placed to my other two lines of service. These lines were on the same plan, same company, and same city of usage. They should have been covered under my unlimited mobile-to-mobile. They weren't. I called and spoke with the same agent that setup the service and she assured me it would be taken care of. She told me not to pay the bill because they would send out a new one. I went ahead and paid the bill minus the usage charges that were supposed to be taken care of. A week later we got a call from Cingular Wireless saying we had to upgrade our plans and phones to Cingular since ATT Wireless had been bought out. We thought we already had done this but I guess not. We again switched to new plans and new phones free of charge because up to this point minus the overage charge issue we were satisfied with ATT Wireless. With the issue of overage charges so recent I made sure to again get confirmation of unlimited mobile-to-mobile options on all 3 of our lines of service. We were assured by the agent and his supervisor of this feature. Upon receiving our first bill from Cingular we again have over $2, 000 worth of overage charges on our bill. I once again call customer service and this time I am told that we do not have that option because our plan is not $59.99 or higher. We only had a $39.99 plan because most of our minutes used fall under the mobile-to-mobile option so the need for more anytime minutes isn't necessary. The agent I spoke to agreed to forgive the overage charges and said that he can add the option of unlimited mobile-to-mobile for only $10 per month per line. I agree and he adds it. The next month we get our bill with another $2, 000 worth of overage charges for the same reason. I call and speak with a supervisor who tells me that I don't have mobile-to-mobile and that there is no $10 per month option for the service. At this point I am pretty upset but I maintain my composure. I ask if they will just take the charges away if we upgrade to a higher priced plan with mobile-to-mobile. He says that he cannot do that since I am showing a pattern of getting my overage charges refunded. I explain, again, that it is because of his agents telling me that I have mobile-to-mobile minutes and I don't. He explains that I owe the money and asks if there is anything ELSE he can help me with. I told him to cancel the 3 lines and send me a bill for the cancellation fees. He tells me that I cannot cancel without a 45 day written notice. I tell him to cancel it anyway because his company failed to uphold it's end of the contract, so was I. 3 days later I get a call from a collection agency in Kansas City, MO and speak with an agent by the name of Ryan. Ryan tells me that I owe $4, 500 for a debt with Cingular. After arguing with him that I haven't even received a bill from Cingular yet, he says that he can settle the debt for only $1, 200 if I pay right then and there. I tell him that I am at work and do not have my credit card on me to settle the debt, and that he could call me back later on that evening to settle the debt. ($1, 200 was a bargain compared to what I would have had to pay with Cingular) Later that evening I get a call and make a payment to Ryan to settle the debt. The next day another agent from the collection agency calls me and says that I now owe $3, 100. After a conversation with him and his supervisor, they end up ending on a final figure of $1, 500 to settle the debt because I didn't pay Ryan when he called me the first time, so that deal was null and void. I called Cingular at this point and was told they couldn't access the account because it had been turned over to collections for payment. I went 3 supervisor levels above the agents head with ZERO success. I finally had to pay the $1, 500 to collections because I was in the process of buying a house and didn't need a collections debt on my credit. 3 months later I get a bill from Cingular for $350 in charges. When I call them they explain that it is because one of the lines of service was subscribed to a service and the charges were for that service. (When the TV tells you to text 54 54 54 to a number and you do, it subscribes you to it apparently) I asked how they could keep me subscribed to this service if I didn't even have an account with them. The charges were quickly erased. I NOW have a ZERO balance with Cingular. The kicker? A week after this I get a call from a Cingular sales person asking if I would like to hear about plans that I am pre-qualified for. I think they can still hear me laughing at their call centre in India. We have now been with Verizon Wireless for 4 years with ZERO problems, and TOTAL satisfaction.

horrible customer service and tech support

Started on 2/6/2008 just wanted to Add a fax line, that's all??? Said would cost approx $62.xx monthly fee would be $13.75 + tax. The first technician came on 2/6/2008 worthless, totally. Did not want to install the fax line on the 2nd floor where the customer wanted it, said cannot? Insisted has to go in the basement where there is already an existing line just move it over to middle of the room out of the corner of the basement.

After two months still not working correctly. The fax line # is [protected]. When faxed docs out shows the home ph # which do not want on the docs. The wrong # keyed in the black boxes all technicians have??? This is a privacy issue??? Hello? No AT&T has added additional charges on my bill??? WHY? Monthly bill was only $85.00 a month now showing $403.53 how could this be? Install added fax line $62.75 + tax I was advised and the monthly fee would only be $13.62 + tax. Now the service is off??? I have been trying to get this issue resolved and every time I call I get transferred back and forth from the tech support dept. to the billing dept. and get no where??? The 2nd tech shows up, was nice did not program correct # in his box so fax # shows up on docs? 664-1343 or it wasn't ever installed correctly to start with??? The 3rd tech shows up, did not ever address the issue as to why he was here, but instead more interested in impressing his manager??? He installed a box on the outside of the house without any authorization, drilled hoes in the foundation, then proceeds to tell me I have to pay for any wires installed on the interior of the house. Excuse me why are you here. He also; unplug the fax machines to do this without permission and I had to reset the fax machine again??? The 4th tech came fixed the jack on the 2nd flr which the 1st technician tore from the wall and loosened two of the wires which is why fax did not work to start with.

The 1st tech did not want to be here. He kept insisting he needed to be at the next job. Said would not be able to install the fax line on the 2nd floor no wires. Has to go in the basement. Ran extended wire over to middle of the basement from existing wire/jack to apply to the fax machine. He still did not program in his black box the correct fax # 664-1343 so the home ph # showing up on the faxes sent out. Still not able to receive faxes only able to send out after the /2nd3rd guy was here. Still not able to get resolved??? They are still trying to charge me for all of the visits they made evn though it was because of their incompetence. Now my phone isn't working... fax not working. This is ridiculous.


Received a call from Dieatria Long. AT&T Executive Offices.

She was just as rude and incompetent as anyone else at that company. She would not remove the charges and had the nerve to tell me she was going to call the BBB and tell them we had come to a mutual agreement??!! Are you kidding me? Who do they think they are trying to bully here? We did not come to a mutual agreement. The only thing they need to do is put the account balance to zero... and turn off the phone, DSL, and fax line. I have already gotten my internet through charter now and want nothing to do with AT&T. They need to follow charters example and learn what good customer service is. AT&T is deplorable.

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    GERHARDT STEINKE Nov 30, 2008
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    Nearly impossible to reach a non-automated human without wasting hours. No practical way to present highly focused very specific E-Mails to anyone at AT&T. The AT&T left hand does not know what the right hand is doing. HORRIBLE frustrating procrustean voice menus (877-722-3755 etc).

    Worst of all: "Your call is very important to us" surrealism.

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  • Ch
    chevling Dec 19, 2008

    While I do agree ATT has the most useless customer support I have ever seen, your complaint is not valid. ATT cannot, by law, provide any inside wiring or support to you unless you pay for it with a separate agreement. Most techs will however run the line to a place you can access(even though they technically are not allowed to).

    As for the wrong number showing on documents you fax, that is your fax machine. ATT doesnt do anything but provide the dial tone, what you do with it is your problem. No ATT tech will program your fax machine, that is your job, or the job of a tech person that you should probably hire.

    As for "his" black box, that is a network interface device and isn't something that is programmed. It simply is a place to connect your inside wires to. The fact that the tech did anything beyond this box is above and beyond.

    As far as your bill, they will charge you for every visit that is determined to be a result of your equipment or wiring. It sounds like you have a few of these.
    This is required by law to allow for competition among service providers.

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identity theft

I used Bellsouth for my home phone service for several years. At this time I had T-Mobile for my cellular services because their "family plan" was better at the time. Little did I know, that if you are a Bellsouth home services customer you can easily purchase a cell phone and plan over the phone without any face to face time or signature required. My SSN was taken by someone (still don't know who/where/when) who knew I used Bellsouth and bought a cell phone with it over the phone on my bellsouth account. I knew nothing of this until I had a collections letter in the mail for about eight hundred dollars from ONE month of fraudulent cell phone use.

Bellsouth has now been absorbed into At&T. They still allow people to purchase these phones/plans over the phone. It is terrible. They should take better steps to insure this does not happen to their customers. Needless to say, I am no longer with Bellsouth/At&T.

Resolved another screwed customer from at&t

My problems began with AT&T about 2 months ago. I admit I had gotten behind on the bill due to sickness. But I called them and told them the problem I was having and that I was trying to get it all caught up. I first started calling them to ask them to please remove me from the bundle service and of course I got the run around about that for 2 months. I was told my account had to be paid in full before any changes to the account could be made. So I made a payment of $ 254.00. I called them back that afternoon to change my account. Finally get that all taken care of and get the bundle service off of my account. I also had them switch me to the collection department so I could make sure they had noted the payment on my account. I was assured that the payment was showing on my account and that my account was up to date. I made the payment on Tuesday and my DSL got cut off for non-payment on that Saturday. I had to wait until Monday before I get my DSL turned back on.

I called them first thing Monday morning and spoke to someone in the billing department and asked why my account had been turned off for non-payment. They informed me that no payment had been made on the account. I said yes it has and you have taken the payment out of my bank account on Tuesday. She then places me on hold and then returns saying I'm sorry your account was disconnected by mistake we do show a payment but it has not posted to our system yet. After talking to her I was switched to the DSL department after battling with the dang computer to get to a human. Finally get to them and I tell them what has happened and they tell me that can't help me because I need to speak to someone in the collection department to get this settled so I'm switched to the collection department. Someone from the collection department get on the line and I explain what has happened and she then informs me that she can't help me I need to speak to the DSL department about this. So I'm switched back to the DSL department fighting the computer again to get a human. Finally get a human and explain to this person what has happened. I was then informed it would be 7-10 days before I could get my DSL turned back on because it was cut off for non-payment. I said please pass me on to a supervisor. I finally get a supervisor on the line and tell him what has happened and he tells me he can have my DSL back on in three hours. This is after speaking to 8 people and 3 hours on the phone. Well 5 hours later my DSL was reconnected. Mind you my telephone had not been disconnected for non-payment just my DSL. They tried to tell me my phone had been disconnected to and I said no it hasn't I'm talking to you on it right now.

At this time I had 2 phone lines in the home and also 2 DSL account. Well guess what they cut off my other DSL account Thursday for non-payment. So I had to call them Friday morning and get it all settled. 2 hours on the phone finally get it reconnected.

To my surprise I get my bill from AT&T and they have charged me over $ 60.00 in reconnection fees for both telephone lines and DSL lines. The phone lines were never cut off. I called the billing department to ask why I was being charged for their mistake. I was told it's was my fault because everything had been disconnected before I made my payment. Umm no it had not. Well needless to say I had reached the point of no return. So I told them to cut off both phone lines and the other DSL account. I have to keep one DSL account because I use the internet for my job. I was asked why I wanted my services disconnected. I said you don't even want to ask that. So I tell this person and she tells me she understands and she credits my account for the disconnect fees. So that is done and over with.

Well fast forward to Thursday of last week I called to complain about my internet speed because since I had disconnected the phone line my speed had drop to dial up speed. Well they tell me I can upgrade my speed I say well ok as long as it doesn't make any changes to my account. I was assured it would not affect my account. They sent a tech out to check my telephone line and all that jazz. Well as the tech is pulling in the driveway I get a call from AT&T telling me that I'm getting ready to be disconnected for non-payment. I made the payment 3 days ago. I told the service agent I would call her back but right now the tech is here and I need to deal with them. Tech tells me he can't do anything about the speed. Ok fine then just leave it alone. So after the tech leaves and I call AT&T once again I have nothing else to do in life but spend time on the phone with AT&T. Well after 3 people I was finally told it was a mistake and that they were sorry for calling me.

Well yesterday I got a package in the mail from AT&T welcoming me as a new customer. I was like what the *** is this. So I call AT&T to ask why I'm getting this. I was then informed that they had cancelled my DSL account because I had made changes on the account. I was then told that I would not get back the e-mail addresses I have had for 2 years. The e-mail account they had cancelled with out telling is the e-mail account that I use for my online store and for other thing that are really important. So finally after being on the phone for 2 hours I was told they can not do anything until the computer has updated itself and that I would have to call back tomorrow and find out the status of my account. Well I called this morning another hour and half on the phone and was told that my account would not be updated until midnight tonight. Well I got brave and called back to 5:45 PM to see if maybe the computer had updated itself. Well it had so I spent and hour on the phone to finally get my old account back with the old e-mail addresses. Only to find out it had bounced back every single e-mail I had gotten since they cancelled the account which means I have lost I don't know how many customers due to AT&T mistake. After all of this I was asked if I would like to start a new phone account with them. I told the person no I don't want anything else from AT&T and I want a note put on my account do not touch my account period! I wish I could go to another company for DSL but AT&T is the only company we have in this area.

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    Jay Jul 25, 2008
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    That sounds almost exactly like what happened (and is repeatedly happening) to me with AT&T. Mine started when I made an online payment and two days later my DSL was cut off. I got the same run around and was even told my DSL was cut off prior to making the payment (then how did I make the payment?). In the past I've even had the problem with someone telling me the phone I'm speaking to them on was disconnected for non paymnet. Don't think autopay will help either since they charged my credit card whenever they felt like it (mounting late fees) and even double charged me a month. Not to mention the credits their customer service dept promised me for my inconvenience still haven't been posted and that was around February. AT&T is a joke and if it weren't for the same issue of them being the only DSL company in the area I wouldn't use them for anything.

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    Saun Aug 05, 2008
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    They are all a bunch of corporate jerks who want all your money. They are not interested in quality service or anything. Just the money. Remember in GOODFELLAS: "F*** you, pay me."
    THat's their motto.

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Resolved identity theft department

AT&T recently let someone open not 1 but 2 accounts using my wife’s identity. She has a 7 year alert on her...

Resolved frustrating company

I was a costumer of Cingular for an about 2 years and I never had any problems with them until AT&T came in the picture. You name it...dropped calls, low signals, while inside my apartment I had to talk next to a window. At work I could never get a call in...Imagine that! I called and explained to them the problems and the employees were not surprised.

I waited for my contract to end and went back to Sprint, my cell phone problems have been solved, I could be in a vault and all my calls come through.

  • Su
    Susan Jul 24, 2008
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    I have had an AT&T wireless phone from the first month they went digital. I was ready to drop them due to lack of service area, and dropped calls when Cingular took over. I decided to see what would happen. From the day Cingular took over I NEVER had a dropped call, not one time EVER. I rarely was without service anywhere. I know others who had billing problems with both AT&T and Cingular but billing has never been a problem for me. I was not happy to hear AT&T was taking over Cingular but was hopeful nothing would change, I was a fool to think such. From day one, and I am not exaggerating I have an average of 3 to 4 dropped calls per day and that is when I can get service. In the last 3 months I have to walk outside my home, my office, any building for that matter to make a phone call. I will be changing providers when my contract expires later this year due to such lousy service. I know of a least a dozen co workers (We all depend on our cell phone to conduct business while on the road) who will be doing the same for the same reasons. I can not believe a business would want the reputation of offering sub par services.

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irrevirsable merge between att&yahoo

I had a yahoo account for over 10 years. In 2007 I subscribed with AT&T DSL high speed internet. When I was installing DSL, I responded yes to merge my yahoo. Now I found many issues with the merge. AT&T forces me to buy domain from their portal. I can't buy domain from yahoo anymore. Yahoo doesn’t move my existing websites to a new yahoo account. AT&T portal is very poor and does not meet my needs. AT&T won't reverse the merge with yahoo. I have no options. This is clear monopoly. I can't accept that. What should I do? I've been calling them for over two weeks now and wasting long time on hold but no results. I bought a domain called saplessons.com from AT&T portal because I have no other options but I can't forward it anywhere. I am losing income because my domain is frozen for two years with AT&T portal.

poor service at the bottom line

After an idotic service and slow voice mail messages "Thank you for choosing ATT.. lister carefully as our menu options are changed... your call is monitored for quality.. ###" what an idiots who came up with this type of messages.

it takes 5 minutes to get thorugh the menu.. then the poor service comes. After the damn poor service, you need to participate in their call satisfaction service. What a company still exisit in this 21st century. Will go out of business soon. Don't annoy people. If you can't serve better get out of the business. Pave way to others.