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Hello my name is Amber Kinstley and I want to file a complaint with At&t on their store in Vicksburg ms. I went into the At&t store in vicksburg ms on 3/9/17 to file an insurance claim on my phone. The man that helped me was very helpful and filed the insurance claim and told me I should receive my phone on Friday afternoon which would of been 3/10/17. I did not receive my phone on that Friday like promised. So I waited until Monday and still no phone. I found out the name of the insurance company and chatted with them online to figure out what was going on and check the status on my phone. They proceeded to tell me that the claim had never been filed and that I needed to file it. So I went back up to the store to figure out why my claim was never submitted to the insurance company when they told me it was all taken care of. Mind you I had already agreed to pay $215 because that was what my deductible was for my phone. I have been without a phone with 3 small children going on day 4 day, when I was told this was taken care of and had already agreed to pay for it on my next bill, so if I wouldn't have caught this I would of been charged for a phone I never received. So when I went up to the store this afternoon 3/13/17 I talked with another guy and he proceeded to tell me that the claim had never been filed and that he could do that for me, I told him that I had already come up here for this and that I needed a phone because I am going out of town in the morning and this was already suppose to be taken care of, he then told me after he filed the claim for me that he or the other guy was not responsible for filing the claim and that the other guy should not of helped me in the first place and that he should not help me either and was not going to help me with my problem because its not his job and that it was my job to file my own claim. If this is the case when you purchase your insurance the customer needs to be given the contact information that is needed to file the claim if ever needed and also be told that it is their responsibility to file it if need be. I was never told that or handed any information on that if this is true I have always gone up to the store if I needed to file an insurance claim with no problem. He then proceeds to tell me that all he can do for my troubles is that I can buy a go phone and use it while im out of town other wise I should of never been helped in the first place and that he will not continue to help me. So not only was I told to fix my problem I needed to spend more money on a go phone but and that I need to take care of my own phone because its not his job to help me and I should of never been helped in the first place. He got very ugly with me and was pacing back and forth putting his hands on his face and was being very unprofessional. Thanks for listening to my concerns and my email address is [protected] if you have any questions

Mar 13, 2017

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