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AT&T U - Verse / credit card

1 34470 CLINTON PLAZA DRClinton Township, MI, United States Review updated:
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Phone: 313-399-3091

I've been a established customer for at least a year and half... I even have automatic bill pay on my account. I cancelled my internet b/c my computer had a virus. I called today 02/17/10 to readd it they said they need a credit card on file not a debit but a credit card. Per matt the rep their not going to use it but, they need it to complete my order. I told him I didn't have one he sugguested that I ask someone I know??? Wtf y would I do that... I wouldn't feel comfortable doing that and if ur not going to use y in the hell do u need it. Let me us ur credit card then. Matt transfered me to another person who said the exact same thing... If this is ur policy why transfer me to someone who is going to say the same thing... Wasting my dam time!!! I will be looking for a new carrier!!

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  • An
      8th of Dec, 2010
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    I totally agree with this complaint!!! Most words that come out of the reps mouth is [censor]...How are they so quick to swipe your card but when you need your refund than they take months to give it back. I swear it took like ten minutes for them to take the money out but now its taking weeks which are turning into months.

  • Li
      28th of Jan, 2015
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    ‎Wednesday, ‎January ‎28, ‎2015
    At&t U-verse billing complaint,

    I am very disappointed in you. I have cancelled out my services because you overcharged me for your mistakes, but would not admit to it. When I first received your services a few years ago, I got the due date changed from the 1st of every month to the 8th, so I would have time to pay my bill, since I do not receive my check until the 3rd of every month. Everything was fine for a couple of years. My bill was not due until the 7th or 8th, and it was always the same amount of $46.00. Let me repeat that, the only changes I made were several years ago, not now, and my due date and amount have been the same for several years now. I have been paying $46.00 every month, due around the 8th, for around two years, until recently you made changes to my bill, not me.

    Now all of a sudden, you mess up and change my due date back to the 1st, and then charge me extra for asking you to put it back. Then you say I am paying the different amount, not acknowledging that it is more, because I had the due date changed. I did not have the due date changed, you did! I am simply asking to put it back.

    Why am I getting charged extra for your mistake, when they did not even change it like they were suppose to until this next month? I asked for about three months in a row for them to change it, and every time I asked, they said it would take effect the following month, but never did. Now you are screwing up worse by charging me more for your mistake of changing my due date, when I never told you to. I just asked for you to put it back.

    If I pay $46.00 every month, which I tried to explain in chat online, but they would not acknowledge I was right, and I know I am. $46.00 every month added up for a year equals $552.00. Correct? You take 46 times 12. $46.00 added up over a three month period equals $138.00. Correct? You take 46 times 3. $46.00 for a two month period adds up to $92.00. You take 46 times 2. See where I'm going here? The chatline person could not seem to understand it at all, but kept saying I was wrong. Hmm? Really? Sounds like pretty simple math to me.

    How can At&t claim they are not overcharging me for their mistake of changing my due date, when over a two month period that should only add up to $92.00? How can they say that adds up to $99.67? I don't care how you figure it out on your time schedule, that is more than what I normally would have to pay in a two month time period. You are wrong for doing that to me! You refuse to acknowledge it, or fix it, but only want to argue with me about it. I have been nice and patient, but now I'm fed up. I should not have to be writing this letter to you. How can they claim it's because I changed my due date, when I did not? I only asked for them to fix what they changed, and put it back. Now they are charging me more to fix their mistake, and won't make good for it, when I call their attention to it. A good company would reimburse me for their mistake. You obviously are not, so I am dropping you. It is not the amount, but the fact that you have lied to me on the phone, didn't know what was going on, and now will not make good for your mistakes or acknowledge it. I cannot trust you. You are unreliable.

    Normally, if you were billing me like you have the past couple of years, January would be a charge of $46.00 and then February would be a charge of $46.00 which equals $92.00, but they are claiming I owe $99.67, over a two month period, which is $7.67 more. Then they claim that they are not charging me more, and that I don't know what I'm talking about. Last I knew about math, $99.67 over two months, is more than $92.00 over two months. Call me crazy if I differ from their twisted thinking, for overcharging me for changing my due date that they never should have touched, and now blaming me for changing it, and will not acknowledge that I am paying more for their mistake, and will not make good for it. That is why I terminated my services with you, and will no longer use you as a provider, because you were unwilling to admit your mistake and make good for it. I am writing like this because the chat person seemed to have so much trouble understanding this, that I am making sure it is perfectly clear.

    You changed my due date without my permission, charging me an extra $7.67 over a two month period. Then you refused to take off those charges for your mistake, when you should have, and blamed me for making changes to my bill. I did not. You did! I simply asked you to put it back to the correct due date, and then you screwed up everything by charging me $44.47 on January's bill. When I called you, they didn't know why. I asked if I would be charged more later for the difference, and they said no. They lied, because I ended up getting charged more than what just the difference should have been. The difference should have only been $1.53, not $9.20. ($46.00 - $44.47 is $1.53, not $9.20.) They not only charged me for the difference, but added more to it. Then on February bill #1, it says I owe only $9.20. When I called and asked why I was only being charged $9.20 for February, they could not clearly explain why. They acted just as confused by it. Instead, they led me to believe that's all I owed for February. They did not say that later I would get a second bill for February (Feb. bill #2), adding the $9.20 to the $46.00 on top of it, equaling $55.20. On Feb. bill #2, it says the $9.20 is late, even though Feb. bill #1 charging the extra amount of $9.20, shows it is not due until Feb. 1st. It is not late if it is due on Feb 1st. Last I looked, it was January the 27th at that time, so how could they say this extra fee that I should not even be billed for, is late, when it is not due until February 1st? Wow.

    January's bill of $44.47 plus February's bill of ($9.20+$46.00=55.20) = $99.67. I usually only pay $92.00 in a two month period, not $99.67, which is $7.67 more. I don't care how you figured it out. You figured wrong for what you did to me, when I made no changes. You made all the changes, and then tried to charge me more later for all of your mistakes, and would not make good for them, but blamed me for what you did. I will not deal with a company as ignorant as that, when your chatline people just try to talk in circles, and when I call you directly, no one knows why this all happened, and can not make good for it. I am done talking and trying to work this out with you. That is why I am dropping your company. I cannot count on you. Your word is not good, and you do not acknowledge your mistakes, but try to make me pay the penalty for them. I will look for someone else to deal with, and tell all of my friends about you, and advise against using your services.

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