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AT&T / u verse

1 Tulsa, OK, United States

At the end of August I got a bundle deal with AT&T and Direct TV and 2 weeks later I decided to cancel it. When I called they said I would have to pay x amount of money to have it cancelled and I asked why it should not be a contract and they said it is a contract. I later went down to Direct TV and spoke with a manager, I told them about how the man who came to install everything was harassing my neighbor, I did not want the dish in the middle of my front yard, and he never explained how to use anything. They also charged my credit card in the amount of $460 without my permission. I returned my equipment with him and they told me to take the UVERSE to AT&T to return it, which I ended up mailing it in (I have confirmation of return). After speaking with the manager he gave my information to his assistant to contact me and get it resolved. They refunded my $460 and his assistant called me 3 or 4 times to make sure it was being resolved properly and that my account had been cancelled. As of Oct 5 it was all refunded and cancelled on both ends (AT&T and Direct TV as they are saying they are combined) of my knowledge. Then the beginning of November Direct TV sent me a bill for $460 and I just assumed it was a mistake because the week after I got a bill that stated my $460 had been credited to my account. Then on 11/11/16 I got a call from a debt collector saying AT&T sent me to collections and I owe $537.27. Not once did I ever hear from AT&T or get a bill from them during this whole situation. So since October 5, 2016 I've been under the impression my account has been cancelled I owe nothing, then when I spoke to a representative on the phone from AT&T they said yes I do have an amount due but they couldn't figure out what they were charging me for since it was sent to a collection agency. They were unable to help me over the phone and recommend I go into the store and speak with a manager. I tried calling again and even spoke to the collection agency telling them the situation and they said I need to be on a conference call with them to AT&T to have it voided. This whole ordeal is causing me a lot of stress and I just want it resolved. Having them send something to collections when I never received a bill from them and was under the impression this account has been closed for over a month with no amount due angers me. It is ruining my credit having this sent to collections!!! Please help me get this resolved!

Nov 17, 2016

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