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AT&T / time, money, and inconvenience lost over installation

1 Hartselle, AL, United States

To whom it may concern,

I originally called to switch from Charter (Spectrum) to DirectTV (AT&T) on Sept. 7th with a representative of DirectTV (AT&T) to schedule a time to install Internet and TV with DirectTV. The call with the Representative was very pleasant and everything went well. I requested the installation date to be that Saturday (Sept. 9th) but the date was unavailable. I understood the delay but the Rep stated that although he could not get it set up on the 9th he informed that he had never seen an installation go over 7 days (and did I ever find out this not to be true). At that time I scheduled the installation date on Sept. 12th, 8am-12pm (or so I thought) and scheduled off to be present for the installation technician to come out on that Tuesday. I did receive a few emails from DirectTV, however, most were the basic "Welcome to AT&T and Confirmation emails" that were sent as well as the installation date that was also scheduled.

On Sept. 12th I waited for them and finally around 2 pm that afternoon I reviewed the multiple emails and discovered the installation date and time was scheduled on Sept. 19th. I called the customer service number provided in the email and spoke with multiple Representatives who spoke "BROKEN" English as well as transferred to multiple individuals. Finally, after nearly an hour and after canceling the initial installation and reschedule another installation date...the earliest date they could come out and install my Internet and TV was Sept. 19th. I wasted an hour canceling the Sept. 19th date ONLY to reschedule it back on the 19th. I was advised after inquiring if there was an earlier date the Rep stated NO and that if I wanted to try for an earlier date to call 2 "1-888" numbers in order to check and see if someone had cancel in my area. So, in other words, AT&T's mistake, but I had to call to correct it. I did in fact call twice but BOTH times the automated voice informed me that there were no cancellations in my area, so instead of trying an earlier date, I rescheduled for a later date. I rescheduled the installation for Sept. 21st. At that time I canceled, rescheduled, and called into work to be available for the second attempt at installing DirectTV and Internet (oh it gets better).

The night prior to the 21st, I received emails and text of the upcoming installation for the 21st, and at that time I double checked to make sure it was the date that I scheduled for. However, the morning of the 21st I was sent a text that the Internet Technician would not be there until OCTOBER 6TH. Immediately, I called the toll-free number provided in one of your emails and spoke to "yet again" someone with broken English and was transferred to multiple departments. I don't believe the Rep understood my problem because she kept apologizing and stated that the earliest date to install Internet would be Sept. 29th. I did demand to speak to a supervisor at that time (I do apologize for not knowing names due to the fact I really did not understand what they called themselves, but I'm sure you can call and verify who I spoke with). The supervisor stated that there was an issue with the Internet cable and that it would take at least 15 days to fix it. I stated to the supervisor at that time if that were the case then why did her employee try and schedule it on Sept. 29th (Sept. 21st minus Sept. 29th equals 8 days, clearly within the 15 days needed to fix the internet lines). After some reluctance, the supervisor informed me that her employee was incorrect telling me that the Internet install could occur on the 29th. By the way, my Internet was installed FINALLY on Sept. 25th, so clearly the supervisor lied and not the Rep. I did inform the supervisor that if they could not get anyone on the 21st to do the installation then I wanted to cancel (hoping that would motivate them to do so), however, after several failed attempts with the supervisor I just hung up (I know, very rude, but I was just frustrated at that time). Here's the irony of it all, the DirectTV Tech showed up on my door, ready to install TV, but after hearing that the Internet would not be installed until Oct. 6th. he informed me that if he installed TV that it would kill my Internet with Spectrum and that I would not have Internet until Oct. 6th. I informed the Technician that I could not go without Internet due to my wife taking an online course and my children doing homework on their computers. I did call back after I had calmed down, to ONCE AGAIN, reschedule on another day.

Keep in mind at this point, I never talked with the same person twice nor did speak to someone who could speak good English. The Representative I spoke with once again had to cancel my SECOND installation date and time and reschedule on Sept. 25th. So, once again, I canceled, rescheduled, and called into work to be available for the installation Tech on that Monday. The AT&T Tech showed up as scheduled on the 25th and installed Internet and TV (U-Verse TV, but more on that later). I would like to say, all the Technicians were very professional and very polite and could not have asked for better individuals working for your company, my issue is with your Customer Service. After 6 1/2 hours and 3 days wasted, I finally got Internet and TV installed.

I thought at this time that everything was said and done until the morning of Sept. 29th when the DirectTV Tech showed up at my residence READY to install TV. I informed him that I already had TV and Internet and that I did not need his services. My confusion at this time was how was he scheduled on the 29th??? I know we had talked about it but the supervisor stated that there were issues with the Internet lines and I never agreed to anyone coming out on the 29th, but I'm glad he did. The Tech stated that he had a work order to set up DirectTV and if I had DirectTV where was my Satellite Dish??? I informed him that the AT&T Tech installed U-Verse and the DirectTV Tech informed me that AT&T was doing away with U-Verse in December and if he did not change it out today then he would have to come back in December to do so anyway.

In addition to the multiple problems that I have had to deal with, the original agreement of the channels that i requested have not been made available through DirectTV. What’s strange is that i receive the channels that i requested through U-Verse TV but not DirectTV. Which of course due to this error I missed some college football games this date.

The 4 days I had to cancel appointments, reschedule work details, and lost and called into work has been in the dollar amount of around $350.00.

I said all that to say this, I need $350.00 in credits from AT&T to compensate for the loss on my part, I'm tired of hearing apologies, I'm tired of spending countless minutes on the phone and being transferred multiple times to individuals that do not speak adequate English to carry a conversation that AT&T has employed and contracted to handle these situations. MOST OF ALL I'm sick of hearing "THERE'S NOTHING I CAN DO FOR YOU" which frustrates me to no end in dealing with AT&T so far.

Sep 30, 2017

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