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AT&T / service representatives and supervisors

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I have used At&t services for years. I have two cell phones with the company. Your company provides the poorest service and the most inaccurate service that I have experienced in a long time. I share the service with my daughter and granddaughters. Together, we have six mobile phones and two landline phones. Every time, we call and speak to the different representatives, a different story is given. I called to have my direct tv service transferred on October 3, 2018. I was told at that time by JR that the phone was needed for the direct tv service even though I told him I already had two cell phones. It said I could not use those phones because my service is under my daughter's name. I assist in paying the bill for the phones and never had a problem talking to the representatives concerning the service.
Since, JR proffered that the phone was free, I finally agreed after being on the telephone for a long time. I called back a few days later and cancelled the phone. They advised to send the phone back by the direct tv person when they came out to give me new service. I had reschedule several times. I did offer to send the phone back my mail the same day because I could not charge the phone because the phone is defected.
Today I received a bill for $169. 83 which the representative, Lubianca said the grace period was passed and I would have to pay the bill even though I never even charged the phone or used it.
Every time, I have called, I have received erroneous information which has cost me. They claim they are writing down what you say but when I called today, there was no record of me cancelling the service even though I in fact called and did so. Why in the name of the Lord would I need another cell phone when I currently have two.
Although, I can't even use the phone even if I wanted to, I am still being charged. This is outrageous and I am absolutely tired of all the misinformation that your representatives give out and cause people to pay more money. I am so disgusted with your company.
When I traveled internationally several weeks ago, I was told that I have a international long distance package which turned out to be a lie. Now instead of the package, I have a bill for over $400.00.
Of course, today I was told I still have to pay the bill but I would be give a credit of $80.00 because the time period was up for me to cancel. How very ludicrous. I hear people complain all the time about your service and I have wanted to change back to the old carrier. Today was the deciding factor. You treat customers like crap and it is totally irresponsible and rude.
I don't have any email correspondence because the representative claim they cannot send correspondence confirming what they tell you. This is why they can get away with giving out wrong information to the customer without the possibility of any liability on their part. I am fed-up. My number is [protected]. The main number is [protected]. The account number for the last transaction which is the subject of this complaint is [protected] and the number associated with this account is [protected]. If you check your records not one phone call was made on this phone because the phone is defective and could not be charged as I mentioned earlier.

Oct 23, 2018

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