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AT&T - Rewards For Referrals / refusing to pay getting then customers

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AT&T - Rewards For Referrals

I am a disabled senior that lives in a manufactured mobile home community and the assisted manager. I have been assisting the residents with getting ATT as ISP verses what we have here as a alternative Charter Communications. We have 420 residents and a potential for AT&T many of these switching due to dissatisfaction with Charter.

I was told after I had already set up 5 or so accounts that AT&T had a rewards referral program and I would get $25 for each completed subscription or $50 if both Telephone and PC were added. I have since assisted 6 people and have received one reward of $25. I have called and informed them, it even shows 4 of these people on my account, and the people that have switched have made numerous calls in my behalf which some are in their late 80's and God bless them but this is not right for them to have to do this.!!!

3 of these are over a year. 2 of them not showing up at all. And one showing they received it on the 10th of Sept.

I just placed my last and final call to them spoke to a female Jay, I have the names of each person and I have called 9 times. Jay told me that since there is nothing on the system basically too bad. And there is nothing that can be done that I must not have turned them in.. LOL. totally bizzare.

I feel that I have been frauded and stolen from. I also do not charge for setting up people's account and tell that I get $25 if they respond to the email. Therefore they are more than willing and are not ignoring these they are looking for them. My last customer Roy wrote me yesterday and asked if I had heard anything as he has called and so have I and nothing we both have heard nothing. He was upset and put $25 in my mail box. This has caused embarrassment for myself and these people, plus its not fair to them at all to do this to them.

I do not know where to turn,

Thank you


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