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I had a home land-line through AT&T for several years. I only used it for dial-up internet service, and my internet was through a different company. I had the cheapest basic service through AT&T, all I had was a dial tone. I used my cell for phone calls, which I had through another company as well. My bill was less than $25 per month from AT&T. In mid-November 2008, I took advantage of a bundling package from my wireless provider and I purchased a cellular modem and wireless internet through Alltel. Once it was up and running, I called AT&T and cancelled my land line. When I got my bill, it was for the entire month of November. No big deal, but I didn't see anything about a cancellation so I called AT&T. They said they had no record of a cancellation, so they supposedly cancelled it at that time. I told them to send me another bill noting the cancellation. A month later I got another bill for 2 months of service. Again I called, again there was no record of cancellation of service. They supposedly cancelled it at that time. I told them I would not pay for December, but if they would simply send me a bill for November I would pay that. A month later I received a bill for 3 months of service. I called them, raging mad, and I told them I would only pay for November, not December or January. I told them that they could check their records and note that the line had not been used since mid-November, because I haven't had anything even plugged into the phone jack since then. I also told them I would pay for November if they sent me a revised bill only charging me for that month. Instead of trying to resolve the matter, they turned it over to a collection agency and now they are threatening to sue me for $75.

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      4th of May, 2011

    AT&T sucks. They overcharged me and cut the phone off. Then, AT&T continued to bill me after they had cut the phone off. Now, AT&T is messing with my cell phone bill. I looked and AT&T had lied and said that I went over my minutes by 344 extra minutes charging me .45 a minute which equals to $154 something plus an extra $10.00 for other charges.
    Note, I never ever went over my minutes since I had service with AT&T. AT&T has put the bogus house phone charges on my cell phone bill. When my contract is over, I am out.

    Of course, At&T turned it over to a collection agency.

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